SYS (Novel) Chapter 193

C193 - Operation Compass Capture (5)

Kozek's absence meant that Kinzelo and Zipple would have to fight for their lives.

How many warriors and mages have gathered here, and how powerful are they? There are many 7- and 8-stars, with some 9-star Grand Wizards mixed in.

If they fought with all their might, it will only be a matter of time before this small island disappears from the map.

It wouldn't end with the island disappearing either. Instead, there would be explosions, whirlwinds, tidal waves and all sorts of disasters as a result of the aura of the warriors and the magic of the scattered mages.

How many humans could survive that? Not even the Great Wizards can breathe underwater, and not even the strongest warriors can swim against such a whirlwind.

Even assuming you manage to escape the chaos (by riding a dragon, for example), it's a bad end for everyone if the island gets to that point. There's no way Runcandel and Vermont wouldn't be able to spot such a big fight.

Zipple and Kinzelo were to hide that they were allies and the existence of the compass. Kinzelo's loss would be indescribable, especially if the compass was broken or lost during the battle.

Jin and his companions were also in trouble if their true identities were revealed: they would lose their home on Tikan, and would not be safe anywhere else in the world.

"I thought the threat to kill us all was just a ploy to buy time, but was it to check if the Kozek really wasn't on the island?" thought Karl as he took a smack to the back of his head.

'Come to think of it, that black helmet he's wearing is undoubtedly the object the Twilight Mages who went to Columbus mentioned. Talaris protected his daughter and the man wearing that helmet from Kozec. Damn, how come I only remember it now?"

Midol Elner and his companions on the ship had also talked about the same thing. They said that the man with the black helmet was also the one who killed Muron Zipple.

There was no sense in repenting now.

Besides, knowing beforehand would not change Jin's inaction.

Why was he in Columbus then? Did he know about the existence of the holy relic? What was his relationship with the Master of the Hidden Palace? Could it be that he was the one who destroyed Kozek instead of the Master of the Hidden Palace?

What grudge does he hold against Zipple? How does he know all of Zipple's secrets, including the Columbus relic and compass?

These are just a few of the questions that were swirling around in Karl's mind.


An electric shock enveloped Sigmund. The Sword Lightning of Legends, now Jin was trying to control the fight.

'I will fight and escape at the right time.'

The best outcome would be to kill Chukon, Karl, and all the minions on the first floor and outside the game room.

But that was not possible. It would be difficult even for him to break Chukon's protection magic, and they wouldn't be able to fight with all their might if they had to take care of themselves.

So what would be the outcome of this fight when it was over?

Before even unsheathing his sword, he came to a conclusion.

'The best move is to incapacitate Karl and force Kinzelo to take him hostage. If he is Chukon, he would have no reason to leave Karl behind after he fell and escaped.

Jin could sense that both Zipple and Kinzelo avoided fighting each other thoroughly. Even if they hadn't shown it on the surface, in Jin's eyes, Kinzelo was a group that could be a pillar of a great force.

But here, Kinzelo did not receive the compass as agreed and suffered only heavy losses.

It would be in Kinselo's best interest to take Karl hostage and demand something from Zipple. There was no reason not to do so.

Of course, deepening the grudge between Kinzelo and Zipple also favored Jin.

'Interesting. You will soon understand my will, Chukon Toldererer. And you'll have to follow my will, unless you're a fool.'


Lightning began to strike and, at the same time, Chukon struck his staff creating a large barrier where Kinzelo's remaining minions gathered.

But the shield was no match for the lightning, which rained down on Karl and his men.

"Don't underestimate me, you fucking bastard!"

"You change your nickname often - is that a habit?"

Zipple's five gentlemen escorts were the most senior of the veterans. They seemed to be a bit more adapted to lightning after having faced it before and were now defending themselves better.

They used their magic shields, or anticipated where the lightning would strike and dodged it. Some knights would strike back with their swords.

Chukon and his men remained behind the shield, watching and waiting.

"Lord Chukon, will you stand still?"

When Karl showed his anger, Chulon raised his head, but with an expression that seemed to say that his alliance was already over and that he had just tried to hit him from behind.

Chang! Pachang!

The sword energy of Karl's knights struck Sigmund. Zipple's mages, including Karl, were too busy shielding themselves to counterattack.

They were eager to counterattack, but feared leaving a gap by casting a hasty spell and being attacked. Besides, apart from Karl, they seemed busier blocking the lightning than anything else.

"Lord Karl, evacuate, we'll stop it!"

"Stop talking nonsense! Aren't your gangs on the second floor? That said, the special mages on the second floor still hadn't gone up. Lord Chukon, we must fight together!"

Chukon gave no reply. It seemed that he was now focused on understanding Jin's true ability instead of dealing with Karl.

'I was confused because of his special lightning power, but from his aura, he seems to be 8 stars or less, and perhaps in the beginning stage. However, his actual combat ability seems to far surpass 8-star warriors.''

If so, there was no reason why Karl couldn't subdue Jin even if he took away some of his power.

On the other hand, according to Chukon, the probability of Karl defeating Jin was low.

'Still, it should be enough to hurt him. I'm afraid I'll have to activate the Magic Tower Master's Staff if the battle escalates'.

The Magic Tower Master's Staff had runes on it. When activated, reinforcements would immediately fly from the Fourth Magic Tower, and Runcandel and Vermont would smell it.

That would pose a great danger to both Kinzelo and Zipple, but if they cornered him, it was clear that Karl would prioritize his own life.

'As much as I hate to say it, I think I'm going to have to help Karl subdue the unwelcome guests first...'

Chukon thought for a moment.

Suddenly, the lightning ceased.

The knights took the opportunity to charge Jin, and Karl began to cast attack spells.

Jin unsheathed his other great Sword of Legends Technique.

"Balance Oppression."

Sigmund pulled the swords of the five knights who charged at the same time.

It had been less than a minute since they had started clumsily dealing with the lightning sword, but another unknown sword technique was thrown.


The heads of two knights twisted as they were caught off guard by Sigmund's unexpected tug. The other three reflexively closed the distance again, and Jin lunged at Karl as soon as there was an opening.


Karl shouted, extending his staff. Just as countless ice blades were about to rain down from the staff....



Sigmund threw a slash at the staff's head, but the ice blades kept raining down as planned, but Jin didn't dodge.

He believed in the Rune of Myulta and the Breastplate of Black Light, and thanks to that, although his clothes were shredded and his arms covered in wounds, he managed to avoid any broken bones.

Thud, thud......!

In an instant, blood and flesh dripped from Jin's bloody arms and shoulders.

If not for his masterful armor, he would not have escaped death.

"Are you panicking? You're not even worthy of being a Magic Tower Master."

Crunch! Jin stomped on the fragments of the staff that had fallen to the ground. The runes inscribed on the fragments also shattered and Karl trembled with a deathly pallor.

It was no big deal to use magic without the staff, but it was safe to say that he had lost his last resort of safety.

"Don't feel so bad, you would have been in trouble anyway if you had activated the runes."

The words sent a shiver down Karl's spine, as well as Chukon's.

Not because of Jin's swordplay and daring. It was because of the feeling of being read, especially Karl was in a state of total shivering.

It was as if he could see through his mind, and as soon as he recognized the staff, he cut it off.

It was then that Jin tore off the ice blade stuck in his arm and stared at him. With a look that said 'Have you figured it out yet?

'The wound is deeper than I expected. I'll have to finish Karl and get out of here.'

The wound wasn't fatal, but his arm was a wreck and he couldn't use the sword properly.

Karl hadn't expected the sword to cut the staff either, but his first attack, 'Ice Blades', was a sham. What he really prepared was something else.


Blue flames formed in Karl's eyes.

This was Zipple's arcane magic, Mystic Blue Flower Flames. It was a magic that held an opponent with an inextinguishable blue flame just by looking at him....

It was the same magic Muron Zipple had used on Columbus.

Fighting in flames that burn your entire body.

He wanted to taunt Jin by telling him to writhe in agony in the blue flames. He wanted to see Jin's face as he slowly lost his composure.

But the confident smile on Karl's lips froze in less than a second.


For he was summoned Tess, the owner of the fire, the true master of the blue flames.

"Tess, Tess...!"

Chukon's mouth opened wide. No matter how skilled he was at mind reading or foresight, he hadn't imagined Tess. He knew he was an occult Sword Master, but after the Photon Cannon he hadn't used any magic spells, which had led him to be confused.

Probably, his magic was only "acceptable".

Although his aura seemed to have diminished and his arms were soaked with blood, Jin's aura and magical powers were still sharpened.


Karl let out a self-deprecating sigh, and Jin's blue flames were extinguished.

That Jin's Phoenix was Tess was unknown even to the Twilight Mages and Midor Elner, who had fought Jin in Columbus. Tess' only other witness, Muron Zipple, had died before they arrived.

"What the hell... are you...?"

A broken voice. Karl still had enough magic to fight, but his will was broken.

This meant his defeat. No matter how incredible his magic or magical power was. No matter how hard he tried, Karl could not defeat Jin.

"There's no need to know who I am, so I'd rather talk about something else," Jin said.

Jin's eyes shifted to the position where Chukon was standing, "You'd better be careful from behind, Karl."


A bolt of magical energy shot by Chukon pierced Karl's shoulder.

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