SYS (Novel) Chapter 200

C200 - Identity of the Mysterious Person

The information agency "Chilsaejo" (칠색조: Seven-Colored Peacock) is one of the world's most important organizations.

It is a group that knows almost all the important information about powerful families in the world.

However, even the elite members of Chilsaejo (칠색조: Seven-Colored Peacock) couldn't guess the true identity of this noble woman with her brown hair tied up in an elegant bun.

It was understandable. She had arrived by ship, and there were no records of her identity. There was no family crest on her dress, and there were barely any facial details that could be used to identify her.

Furthermore, she had arrived with a large amount of gold coins on a massive ship, without any servants accompanying her. Even when the workers on the ship, sweating as they unloaded the gold, were questioned, the answer was always the same.

"If they're from the Seven-Colored Peacocks, bring carts to transport the gold as soon as possible."

Undoubtedly, she was an unusual person. Even the visit of the Special Division Leaders was insignificant compared to the appearance of someone like her in sequence.

In any case, the noblewoman approached the mansion with an elegant stride.

When Jet explained the situation, Kashimir and Jin shrugged.

"I suppose she's a great person who has already retired. Well, I never imagined receiving sponsorship like this when I was in the dark alleys, but I feel like I'm rising again. I guess one must live in the bright lights after all."

"If someone brings so much gold on a ship, they surely have some purpose, like delivering a request that is hard to fulfill or wanting information they can't get elsewhere," Kashimir said.

"Well, she could also be giving it in good faith, couldn't she?"

"To give as much gold as fills an entire ship? Even if it were less than expected, it would be over 100,000 gold coins."

"Well, the Lord beside me gave half of that money to a band of pirates recently. Wasn't that out of kindness?"

"That was the price, Jet."

"Well, if I were the Lord, I wouldn't have given them 50,000 but only 5,000. If they asked for more, I'd settle it with force... Ah, I envy that guy."

"Enough with the nonsense, and if you envy Cosmos, I'll give you a bonus. That's what I call goodwill."

"Wow, thanks! I'll never leave this place, even if I die in the process!"

"Well, she seems like a strange person anyway, so why don't you send one of the Seven-Colored Peacocks, Lord Kashimir?"

Jin pushed Jet, who had gotten too close, and said.

"That's what I have in mind. If she's a pure sponsor, we should treat her with great respect, and if not, just politely dismiss her."


Bran Pulley, the youngest member of the Seven-Colored Peacocks, stepped out of the mansion to greet the noblewoman.

And 30 minutes later, when Bran returned to the mansion after chatting and laughing with the noblewoman...

"Holy sh*t."

"Oh my god...!"

Jin and Kashimir, who were waiting for him on the balcony of the second floor, couldn't help but hold their breath. Not because, judging by Bran's mood, there was a possibility that she was a pure benefactor.

"W-Who is she...?"

It was because the elderly woman with neatly groomed gray hair was someone "truly formidable."

Her firm hands, which had clearly wielded weapons all her life, were covered by silk gloves, and tightly compressed muscles were hidden beneath a clean and elegant dress.

Jin and Kashimir had never seen her before, but they could immediately tell that she was someone formidable.

She wasn't simply a wealthy old woman. Though they didn't know her, it was evident that she had been legendary somewhere and at some point as a formidable warrior.

The elderly woman simply walked with a smile on her face.

And as powerful warriors often do, she concealed her power.

Her unique control of Aura was an art in itself, hidden from the recognition of those with senses below the eight stars.


The elderly woman looked up and smiled at Jin and Kashimir. She had located their position as soon as they crossed the mansion gates, despite Jin and Kashimir also suppressing their Aura.

"...It's surprising, isn't it? Do you know her, Young Master?"

"No, I have no idea."

"Hey, you two. What's going on all of a sudden? Is that old woman someone important?"

When the Special Division Leaders arrived, both the staff and the Seven-Colored Peacocks were in a frenzy, but the fact that no one recognized the appearance of this old monster sent shivers down their spines.

"It seems we'll have to go and see for ourselves."

"You go first, Lord Kashimir. I'll notify the other comrades. Jet, go and bring Lady Alisa quickly."

"Then I'll issue a special emergency order for the Seven-Colored Peacocks."

They had to prepare for the possibility of something unfortunate happening with the presence of the elderly woman, so their strong comrades were essential. Moreover, their instincts told them something.

"For some reason, it seems like this old woman knew I was here and came to find me. Who could she be?"

The question was answered as soon as Quikantel arrived.

"What is this aura? It's similar to the one emitted by the Terror of the Ante Mountains... No, it's her, I believe. This unpleasant energy can only be hers."

Quikantel said in a rigid tone.

"The Terror of the Ante Mountains?"

"Forty years ago, Dragons never approached the Ante Mountains because if they dared to set foot there, they would be crippled for life or die. Because of that woman."

"I've never heard that story before."

"Yes, it's probably the case. Dragons never speak of their shameful past to humans, and that woman, Vanessa Olsen, was not well-known in human society."

Why was someone of her skill unknown in the land of humans?

Vanessa Olsen rarely revealed her identity in human society. There weren't even witnesses to her few battles. Even the Dragons gave her the nickname "Terror of the Ante Mountains." Actually, it's not that they gave her the nickname, but rather, they naturally called her that.

She was a dragon hunter, so to speak.

"By any chance, is she here to attack Murakan and Quikantel-nim?"

"Umm... No, it's unlikely. After Vanessa ceased her activities, too much time has passed according to human standards, and I've never heard of her hunting someone down. I thought she was dead, but it seems she's alive."

Murakan, who was listening, raised his head.

"There are strange humans everywhere. According to what Jet said, she brought a lot of money. Did she do that as compensation to be able to kill us? If so, she's a very arrogant woman."

"Murakan, you need to let go of the memories of your golden age. Now, you can't even face Vanessa Olsen in a one-on-one fight."

"If you say it like that, it just makes me want to see how strong she really is."

While they were talking, Vanessa entered the first-floor salon with Kashimir.

Jin decided to confront Vanessa directly after thinking about it for a moment. He was also concerned about leaving Kashimir alone to face such an intimidating person.

"Murakan, don't make any more noise and wait right next to Quikantel-nim."

"Hah, I don't know how strong you have to be for my power to return. If it recovered even half, Quikantel wouldn't be saying such nonsense. Sometimes it feels like my recovery speed is too slow..."

Leaving the muttering Murakan behind, Jin descended to the salon.

He wasn't carrying a sword. It was better to approach the other as a "guest" until they showed their fangs.


Suddenly, he thought that this person might have been sent by his father. No matter how much he thought about it, it didn't seem likely that someone of her caliber would come to seek Tikan on behalf of a benefactor.

"Lord Kashimir must have already sent a report to my father about my achievements, and he would have included a mention of the Sword of Laws and the Shadow Sword. Maybe that's why he sent someone to assess my abilities."

Unlike Kashimir, who tried to maintain composure, Vanessa was relaxed and scanning the room.

The others in the mansion still seemed unaware of her abilities. That meant she had complete control over her powers.

For Bran Pulley, the first to greet her, Vanessa appeared to be a benefactor with a pure purpose. The journey to the mansion cleared any doubts about her intentions.

"I'm late in my introduction, my Lady. My name is Jin Grey, in charge of Team 1 of the Seven-Colored Peacocks."

"You must be the boy who was sitting with Lord Kashimir on the balcony. You're so young and already leading a team in this prestigious agency. You must be very talented."

"Haha, yes, although my title is team leader, most of my tasks are errands."

"Is that so? Well... I don't think someone running errands would try to join a meeting of the higher-ups in the Seven-Colored Peacocks."

"Haha, actually, Jin is my nephew. I made him the leader of Team 1 just to keep him out of trouble. It seems he also wants to show his gratitude as a member of the Seven-Colored Peacocks."

When Bran spoke, Jin nodded. At that moment, Vanessa stood up from her seat, indicating that it was time to leave. She then approached Bran to shake his hand.

"Anyway, it was a pleasure meeting you, Bran. I hope there isn't a statue of me in this city just because I donated a large amount of funds. That wouldn't live up to the name of Free City."

"Uh, are you leaving already? Oh no, at least we should eat something and chat. You can't leave like this."

"Hehe, lately I've been enjoying surprise donations, so I'm quite busy. Anyway, it was a pleasure meeting you."

"I feel the same way, but do you really not want anything else?"

"It's alright, Sir Bran. I would like to ask you a small favor in return, and oh, I don't intend to make any unreasonable demands in the name of sponsorship, of course."

"I was hoping you wouldn't do that. Please tell me what you need, Lady Vanessa."

Vanessa's gaze turned towards Jin.

"I would like to borrow your nephew for a while, as I need a guide, and I believe Young Master Jin is the right person. Even if we can't eat, I don't think it would hurt to take a stroll in Free City before I leave."

Bran glanced quickly at Jin and Kashimir, and Jin could be certain in that moment when Vanessa spoke.

'Now I'm pretty sure this is a person my father sent to assess my abilities.'

Even if he was completely wrong, even if he risked a total failure by following Vanessa alone, Jin had one last resort to escape from her.

So he responded, "I will serve you with all my heart, my Lady. The glorious moment has finally arrived for me, who usually does low-level work."

"That sounds splendid, Young Master Jin. I look forward to your service."

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