ITDHL (Novel) Chapter 84


"Let's go to the next city!"

On their third evening in Fusian, Lariette shouted with a satisfied expression after finishing a large chicken and a plentiful side dish. Doha, gracefully sipping his coffee, raised an eyebrow as if it was unexpected.

"Wouldn't it be a pity? On the first day I arrived, I only slept. We've only been sightseeing for two days."

"Yes! I've seen everything I can see, and I've eaten everything there is to eat, so it's enough now."

Lariette happily patted her stomach. She was the one who had eaten most of the traditional food. There can be no regrets. Although Fusian was a fairly large city, it had a stronger identity as a port city, so there wasn't much to see in particular. Moreover, time was running out to visit the other cities. As she wrote in the letter, she thought she should quickly finish her journey and return to the capital to apologize properly to Asrahan again. Of course, she never imagined that the letter would have been torn in Doha's hands and thrown into a trash bin in Suran.

"Well, I was just going to suggest leaving as well."

Doha smiled and agreed. The Duke of Candel will likely surpass them if they delay any longer. He sent the letter from Suran, so he's probably heading there. At the same time, he wanted to show Lariette his sweet and charming appearance in his eyes, but there was still a long way to go. Unfortunately, because he considered himself a "best friend." Doha continued, thinking that he had to hurry up and move forward.

"But there's a problem. It seems that monsters have been appearing more frequently these days in the direction we were originally going."


While the content was impatient, Doha's face remained calm. It was like saying that earthworms appear on the road these days. He was often called to fight monsters, so he wasn't impressed. And it was clear that the monsters around the city didn't pose a great threat. No wonder there were so many mercenaries. Doha briefly thought. The level of the mercenaries wasn't very high either, so he was convinced that the level of monsters would be low.

"So, if you want to go there, you're obliged to go in groups. There must be a mage or a priest in the group, and there's a limit to the number of people going out in a day. That's why there's a lot of competition to join a group..."

"Oh, I see. Wouldn't it be fine if we had a mage and a priest?"

"It would be better not to reveal our identities. Because we won't look good unless we're very strong. Didn't you know and use magic yesterday to not be noticed?" Doha praised her good choice and took a sip of coffee. Although it was a good inn, the taste of the coffee was terrible. Lariette reflected on his advice. As he said, she could use magic quite well, but she couldn't claim to be a strong person. It was because she didn't have much experience in real combat. Doha didn't seem as strong as a young priest, although he had excellent healing skills. That meant he could be in danger at any moment. It wasn't wise to showcase their abilities in such a situation.

"We still have some money left, so let's pay and rent a place. Even if it seems like too much money, it will be dangerous, so I'll have to offer it sparingly. Monsters..."

"Why are you scared?"

"Of course! I've never seen one before—monsters. I was so nervous just hearing the words."

"I can't believe you saw that with that expression on your face!"

Fear precedes novelty. Unlike her trembling body, Doha laughed quietly. Then, with a languid look, he suggested to Lariette.

"Would you like to sleep with me if you're scared? Like last time." His whispering voice was playful. Lariette, who was so accustomed to this flirtation, snorted. Even his confident appearance was ridiculous.

"Did someone hit their head on the train?"

"Why are you telling me that now?"

"Or were you harassed by mercenaries at the inn?" Doha fell silent. She was unfair, but he couldn't even say that he had killed them.

"Nice, call me when you wake up scared."

Lariette cunningly hit Doha on the shoulder. He was stunned as he wanted to ask if she would actually come if he called. She left her seat first, leaving him bewildered. She was going to sleep in her own room adjacent to the suite. Doha smiled bitterly as he watched her back.

"Do you really think I'm your girlfriend... Where did it go wrong?"

Doha reflected with a heavy heart. Although his own face is handsome, his long hair is also beautiful. The eyelashes are a bit long, and the legs are slim! Those are not women's standards. Beautiful or whatever, he was a man, but Lariette felt comfortable like that.

"I can't be any less handsome..."

No matter what he did to his face, he couldn't match natural beauty. Besides, Lariette wouldn't like it if he were less beautiful. Even before Doha fell asleep, he thought about how to look a little different. That's why he even dreamt of becoming a woman.


The next morning. After a simple meal, Lariette and Doha packed their bags and headed to the mercenary guild. Apparently, you can apply to join a group there. It was a system where a group of mercenaries, including priests and mages, first requested the day's expedition and then accepted others into the guild. Of course, to enter the group, a condition was essential. Sometimes it was money, and other times they received useful items like recovery potions. It all depended on the group leader's mindset.

"Doha, you don't look well... Did you not sleep well?"

"Oh, yeah... I had a nightmare."

Doha distorted his expression and remembered last night's dream. Calling it a 'nightmare' was not enough. Although it was. Perhaps from overthinking before sleeping, he turned into a woman in his dream. His strong muscles were nowhere between his legs, and his strength weakened, making him so uncomfortable. Even if he wasn't, it was better to confuse the right direction. He was glad that was all. He even had a lover. It was also the Duke of Candel.

"—Doha, I've always had you in my heart."

In his dream, the Duke whispered with a sad voice and clasped his hands. It was so terrible that he threatened to kill him if he didn't let go immediately, but he treated him with a cute whimper.

"—Please give me a vow kiss."

"Just kill me instead!"

Doha struggled to escape. But strangely, his body didn't move well. It was because Asrahan clung to his arm tightly and pulled him. And his face drew closer and closer.

Fortunately, the dream ended there. If he had actually kissed him, Doha wouldn't have been able to show his face today. They arrived at the guild shortly after. Unlike the capital's mercenary guild, it was a very colorful building. Lariette took a deep breath and opened the door. She also hardened her expression, thinking that she shouldn't be underestimated. As she entered the guild with a creak, people's eyes were on her. There were several mercenaries, traders, and gatherers. Those who looked at the newcomer for a while quickly lost interest and began talking again.

"I'll give you a potion! You know you can't get it anywhere else!"

A trader snorted and raised his voice. Seeing him shout that he had to leave today, he seemed eager to join the group. Meanwhile, a giant mercenary standing in front of him flicked his ear with his pinky finger as if bored. Then he responded with a different look.

"What will you do if you can't find it anywhere? I already have plenty."

"Even if there are many, it would be good to have more! It's a consumable!"

"Hey, don't you understand?" The mercenary slowly tilted his head and looked at the trader. It was a very threatening attitude. "I'm not interested."

Only then did the trader understand the situation and trembled. It went against his will because he had an urgent schedule. He shouldn't have thought about hiring him later.

"You see, Garren. I made a mistake..."

"It doesn't matter, next."

Garren, a massive mercenary and the leader of the group leaving today, brushed aside a trader with his thick hands. Due to his strength, the trader almost fell. Similar things happened since then. Applicants presented money and other items and asked to be included in the group, but only a small fraction of them were accepted. Unexpectedly, none of the applicants who prepared a large sum of money passed. Some of the accepted cases were really unusual. Garren disregarded the objects they presented and asked for something else that he himself had. Something was very diverse and unpredictable. For example, the plaintiff's son had a cute, large teddy bear and a lovely bracelet made of peculiar seashells.

"What's wrong with his taste?"

"Shhh! He might hear you!"

When Doha muttered with a grumpy face, Lariette hurriedly covered his mouth. She thought the same, but she didn't want to look so bad. Doha thought about telling her that he wasn't capable, but then gave up. It was because the sensation of his hand touching her lips felt good inside. And there was something he wanted to do. Doha's tongue licked the palm of Lariette's hand. It was revenge for last time.

"Crazy!" Surprised, Lariette quickly pulled her hand away and without hesitation, slapped him on the back. A snort sound echoed in the guild, and then Garren's gaze reached them.

"Hic, hic."

Lariette started to hiccup after a long time. There was no way not to be surprised when a large mercenary, who seemed like a crazy person who loved everything pretty and cute, stared at her intently. Even Garren ignored the next applicant and started moving towards them. It was disheartening.

"I'm ruined. I wondered if there was something that had to please him! I haven't found it yet!"

Lariette cursed Doha, who startled her and made her scream. Even in such a situation, Doha was busy laughing because he was happy with his revenge. As soon as he left that place, he promised to sharpen his back once again.


"Yes, yes! ...! Yes!" Lariette responded trembling. She was nervous for no reason compared to Asrahan's spirit. Garren asked slowly, ignoring the surrounding laughter. It seemed like his eyes were shining strangely.

"What did you bring?"

"What do you want?"

She heard someone breathing. It was because she didn't dare to ask him the question in reverse. Unlike her trembling body, Lariette's eyes were calm. She didn't avoid Garren's gaze and immediately faced him. Garren laughed at her proud appearance. It was a success if he wanted to bring his interest.

"A young priest from the capital and a mage capable of generating elements. Two mercenaries, one class C and one class B." Out of nowhere, Lariette blinked. She followed Garren's explanation.


"It's the specification for my expedition that departs at two o'clock today. Exceptional compared to other groups. There's a high chance of safely reaching the next city. That's why many people gathered to apply."


"What can you give me to join this expedition? How much will you invest in your safety?" Garren added with a smile.

"You only took a bracelet and a plush toy!"

Lariette was stunned and turned her head. Then she smiled brightly and responded. It was a social smile.

"Up to the point where it's not excessive?"

"Yes, then..."

Garren slowly approached her. Lariette stiffened in surprise. But before his fingers were fully close, Doha stood in his way. It was him who had been watching with delight.

"Give me your hair."

"Isn't he a pervert?!" Lariette abandoned her decency and spoke. She was prepared to receive a blow, but unexpectedly, Garren showed a positive response.

"Maybe because I love beautiful and shiny things. So, are you going to give it to me?"

Lariette's pupils moved from side to side. It didn't mean much, but it was hair that had been cherished for a long time. But if they missed the opportunity now, they might have to wait for a few days because the next group was already at full capacity.

"I can't be late anymore..."

To return to Asrahan in a timely manner, she had to leave today. So Lariette nodded with a gloomy expression. Just as she was about to say that she would cut it, Doha's audacious voice took the lead.

"Yes, it's fine." At the same time, Lariette gasped as her hair was immediately cut. She looked at Doha with wide eyes due to the sudden situation.

"Come on, very beautiful and shiny hair."

Doha, who was left with short hair, smiled happily and handed over the silver hair that had been cut. He had an incredibly beautiful face that could be mistaken for a woman.

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