LWTG (Novel) Chapter 208



A black light fell to the ground.

In an instant, the light consumed everything on the earth.

No light, no color, no sound.

The enormous Arcane Power moved like a living being.

The vision turned black.

Amaterasu saw a monster writhing inside her.


A ray of light appeared in his darkened vision.

Until then, he hadn't realized that the vision in front of his had stopped.

And the next moment...

"Holy sh*t..."

Before he could finish the expletive that had come out of his mouth...


Once again, a thrilling electricity ran through Amaterasu's body.


The electricity pulsed through every inch of his body, as if it were alive.

Moreover, it was imbued with the power of darkness, just like his own fire.

The combination of Lightning, one of the most powerful attributes alongside Fire, and the rare attribute Darkness.

Unusual attributes were one thing, but that wasn't the only problem.

"How much Arcane Power..."


A second lightning bolt.


Amaterasu felt his body gradually wearing down and corroding.

The impact of the first strike had thrown his off balance.

Amaterasu clung to his staggering body with his mental strength and managed to increase his Arcane Power.


A curtain of flames unfolded above his head.

Thanks to this, Amaterasu was able to protect herself from additional lightning bolts.


Amaterasu's body trembled.

When he looked up, Susanoo had distanced himself from her, perhaps to avoid the aftermath of the lightning.

-What did I say?

The corners of his lips curled up as if he were amused.

-I said you would regret it.

"Just because the mosquito is a little bigger, are you calling that a warning?"


Amaterasu gritted his teeth.

His pride was wounded, and he was furious.

Just when he was about to bond with Susanoo, he was interrupted by this nuisance.

Amaterasu remembered the dizzying shock from a moment ago.

"I can't ignore it anymore."

Even now, he felt a tingling sensation throughout his body.

It had only lasted for an instant, but it was enough for his to feel his consciousness slipping away.

How the hell was such a thing possible?

he had ignored it for too long.

This was no longer a one-on-one fight with Susanoo.


Susanoo, who had grabbed the Totsuka sword, charged once again.

With his sharp sword, he aimed precisely at the man's throat.

"Do I avoid it?"

No, he couldn't anymore.

"Should I stop him?"

Looking up, his gaze narrowed.

The fluctuating Arcane Power charging in the sky.

He didn't know when or how it would fall, so his movements were limited.


A sword of fire formed in Amaterasu's hand.

And it clashed with the Totsuka sword.



The sword of fire swung unsteadily.

A collision of sword against sword.

The result, of course, brought a smile to Susanoo's face.



Swinging a flame that was so volatile he didn't know when it would break, Amaterasu had no choice but to look up.

"If it weren't for that..."

Amaterasu's gaze naturally turned towards the giant of fire fighting against Yamata no Orochi.


Kwaddup, hwaddup-.

The eight heads of Yamata no Orochi scratched the giant's body. Undisturbed by the scorching flames, it devoured the giant's flames and sank its sharp fangs into its nape.

It took too much Arcane Power to sustain the giant.

There was a limit to the amount of Arcane Power that could be used at the same time.

The giant of fire was his only means to deal with Yamata no Orochi.

To deal with a Yamata no Orochi of that stature, he had to use his powers on a similar scale.

If it weren't for the Arcane Power used to sustain the giant, the eight heads would have turned towards her.

And that was a disaster worse than having eight undead Susanoo wielding their swords against her.

"What's happening?"

A voice came from afar.


The figure of Susanoo in front of his disappeared like a secondary image.

In an instant, the distance had grown.


Then, a power-charged lightning bolt struck Amaterasu's head as he looked up.



The lightning struck before the sound.


Amaterasu's body trembled once more from the impact of the lightning that cut his body in half.


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"This... damn it...."



Flames burst from Amaterasu's skin, enveloping his body, blocking the next lightning and restoring his health.


Up above, YuWon began to charge his lightning again.

The Arcane Power started to condense.

A part of his wanted to jump and set him on fire right now.


"If that happens, his sword will come flying towards me from behind."

He engaged in a close-quarter battle and unleashed a powerful lightning bolt from a long distance the moment he created an opening.

It was a perfect combination. Even the synchronization was perfect, as if they had been working together for years.


"They are naturally compatible."

As if aware of YuWon, Susanoo moved aside just in time to avoid being hit by the lightning.

But it was YuWon's job to ensure the timing was right.

Moreover, the hit rate of the lightning bolts was quite high.

"For them to have such a connection between the two..."

But that didn't mean there were no setbacks.

"Just hold on and wait."

YuWon's Arcane Power was not infinite.

No matter how skilled he was, he couldn't use an ability of this magnitude indefinitely.

Furthermore, time had a definite limit.

No matter how high YuWon's stats were, the amount of energy needed to control an undead like Susanoo would be considerable.

"Time is on my side."

Amaterasu's eyes gleamed as he looked up at the sky.


YuWon floated in the sky.

Sky Steps was the only ability that allowed him to float, but he had other aids.

"Not bad."


The warrior who, along with Athena, was in charge of the battlefields of Olympus.

He was also skilled in the art of javelin throwing and possessed the floating ability to throw spears while floating in the sky.

Thanks to that, YuWon was able to launch his Lightning Bolts from above.

"Ten minutes."

YuWon calculated the time that had passed since the battle began.

Too much time had passed.

He had almost half of his Arcane Power remaining.

Moreover, Amaterasu had already shifted his attention away from him.

"I have to hold on."

That's why it was difficult to provoke a flow by simply spreading lightning bolts.

"I have to make a decision. Retreat for a while and use Yamata no Orochi to turn this into a prolonged battle. Or push this to the end within the assigned time."

Rationally, it was the right thing to do the former.

That's why he tried to use Yamata no Orochi in the first place.

As long as Kusanagi is inside it, Amaterasu will never give Yamata no Orochi to another Ranker player.


"I think I can do it."

For some reason, he didn't want to do it.

There wasn't much time left in this state, but it was enough.

It was dangerous.

It was a kind of confidence, not conviction.

YuWon sought the reason.

And then...


The lightning in his right hand, and the Uranus Heart that created it.

He was speaking to it, telling it that he could do it.

"This is a little dangerous."

Fazik, fazik-.

The lightning in his hand grew larger and larger.

Feeding incessantly on his energy, condensing into a true spear.

['Tartarus' is open]

Mana flowed through the Uranus Heart.

Deep underground, deeper than hell, the Arcane Power of Tartarus began to be absorbed by the lightning.

Certainly, the Uranus Heart surpassed Kyneē and Rayo by far.

The power flowing through Tartarus was many times more potent than that of Kyneē.

"It's not unfounded."


YuWon gripped the lightning and recalled the events that had taken place not long ago.

"This spear wounded Hercules's body."

That was clear confidence.

Furthermore, Amaterasu was currently using a significant amount of his energy to confront Yamata no Orochi.

With Amaterasu in that state.

He might be able to pierce through.

YuWon thought about the strongest spear he knew.

"What did Gungnir look like?"


Odin's Spear, the strongest in the Tower.

It was one of the five unique objects in the entire Tower, and it was jokingly said that Odin's Spear could reach beyond the world, to other levels of the tower.

YuWon had seen the spear fly several times.

"It was definitely powerful."

He imagined Gungnir in his mind.

The unstable form of the lightning gradually began to take on the shape of a proper spear.

That in itself was a difficult task. But one of the requirements for working with the Uranus Heart in the first place was imagination.

To conjure the appearance of a lightning bolt.

So far, YuWon had shaped the lightning based on what Zeus threw.

But it didn't have to be that way.

"Unlike Zeus, who was born with the power of lightning and could wield it freely, I only use it to throw it."

If he wanted to use this with all his strength, he would need a form that suited him.

Pajik, Pajijiji-.

As the size increased, the wild-running lightning gradually became smaller.

However, it was still large, but it measured about 4 meters in length, much smaller than before.

['Lightning-Gungnir' has been created.]

Pajik, Pajiji-.

A black light flashed through the spear.

Although the color was different, the black light Gungnir didn't look much different from what YuWon knew.

Moreover, even the system recognized the resemblance to Gungnir.

"The skill has been created."

It was a skill that could only be activated through the Uranus Heart, but it was still important to have it registered as a skill.

It must mean that its power has increased since before.

Unlike Lightning, which was a wide-area weapon that spread its power over a large area, Gungnir's shape had the power of a spear piercing through a single point.

"I can do it."


His grip trembled.

It was a phenomenon similar to the previous time when he had unleashed his power against Hercules.

The power flowing from Tartarus was more than he could handle, and it was hurting him.

That meant that this single strike was beyond his capabilities.


YuWon didn't release the spear.

Amaterasu's head jerked at the flow of energy from above.

It was because the Mana he felt from YuWon felt more threatening than that of Susanoo in front of her.

"Too late."

The sooner one recognizes a crisis, the better.

But now, Amaterasu was one step too late.


The spear trembled as if it was about to burst.

YuWon no longer had the strength to hold it.

"I'll throw it."

YuWon's body arched like a bow.

Amaterasu raised his Arcane Power.

And in that moment.


Gungnir left YuWon's hand.

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