LWTG (Novel) Chapter 211


Kwadeuk, Kwadeuk-.

Numerous teeth bit into Orochi's corpse.

Seeing this scene, Tsukuyomi felt an unfamiliar chill.

'I don't sense any special Arcane Power.'

If it was just a menacing figure, she could discern that.

But she didn't sense any Arcane Power.

'Then why is it so eerie?'

It was a strange feeling.

Something different from Arcane Power.

It felt different.

Instinctive fear.

That was the identity of the strange twisting feeling as she looked at it.

Most Ranker Players would shudder just by seeing it. The average player would freeze, unable to move, or even be stunned.

'Why didn't he use that in battle?'

What if those teeth turned towards her?

She couldn't imagine what would happen. Fighting against something like that had never crossed her mind.

Tsukuyomi's gaze turned to YuWon.

Unlike her, his reaction didn't seem too disturbed.

Apparently, it was YuWon who had summoned it.

Odok, ohdodok-.

The appearance of the Predator chewing on Orochi's corpse was similar to what she had seen in the first-floor Colosseum.


It had become much bigger.

The size of the teeth covering Orochi's body was much wider than what she had seen before.

The more Orochi's body was consumed, the more YuWon felt his Arcane Power gradually recovering.

[The Predator devours the first heart of Yamata no Orochi]

[The Predator devours the sixth heart of Yamata no Orochi]

[The Predator devours the... of Yamata no Orochi]

The Predator devoured Orochi's hearts undisturbed.

Just like the hearts YuWon had coveted in the first place.

Of course, he didn't complain too much.

'It would be nice if it could eat it instead.'

YuWon's eating habits weren't particularly unusual.

But devouring the heart of a living being was not exactly something he enjoyed.

It wouldn't hurt if the Predator ate it and gave him strength.

And then...

['Danpung' level has increased].

['Danpung' leveled up]

['Danpung' leveled up...]

['Danpung's' Divine Power has increased by 7]

[Growth rate has increased by 10.11%]

[Arcane Power has increased by 4]


With the increase in his stats, YuWon once again felt a surging sensation flowing through his body.

It didn't feel as full as before, but the bowl itself was much wider than before.

'I have 4 stats.'

In no way was it a small number.

No, it wasn't.

With stats now above 120, the difference of four was significant, even compared to before.

'It went up one more than I thought.'

YuWon had already reached much higher levels than this.

As such, he firsthand knew the difference in each of his stats and had some idea of how much his stats would increase after consuming Orochi.

8 Hearts of Orochi.

He devoured both the heart and the torso, and four points of Arcane Power emerged.

It was worth all the hard work on the 44th floor.

'I also saved the Three Sacred Treasures.'

The Three Sacred Treasures were nothing more than bait for the 44th-floor clearance.

However, the performance of the Three Sacred Treasures themselves was one of the best in the Tower world among all objects.

Since he already had them, he would keep them as he would probably need them someday.

"Is it done already...?"

YuWon turned his head upon hearing a voice behind him.

Behind her, Tsukuyomi was observing the corpse of Orochi, on high alert.

"Well, it's done."

"I would ask you what the hell that was, but I don't think you'll tell me. No..."

Tsukuyomi's gaze turned complicated as she looked at YuWon and Danpung over YuWon's shoulder.

"You don't know either, do you?"


Danpung yawned, rubbing his belly on YuWon's shoulder.

That was correct.

YuWon didn't know everything about Danpung either. He was getting to know him little by little, but he was still well hidden like an onion with layers.

"Well, that's not important right now, is it?"

Tsukuyomi nodded at YuWon's words.

There was no shortage of unusual players in this tower. All the top players in the Tower had their own quirks.

This one wouldn't be any different.

That's why Tsukuyomi was certain.

"He'll reach the top."

The top.

The top 10 High Rankers, each one a king in their own right.

Like Zeus of Olympus or Odin of Asgard, she imagined YuWon among them, a unique being with the power of one of the great guilds.

And it didn't seem too far-fetched.

"Because you and I have someone we must meet from now on."

"That's right. The person you're going to meet..."

Tsukuyomi looked puzzled.

"Is it you or him?"

Aside from herself, she wondered who YuWon would meet.


YuWon's eyes turned red. After the Devouring ended, when his Mana was returned to him, his Cinder Eyes activated once again.

"Since when have you been watching..."

[The 'Cinder Eyes' resonate]

A familiar sensation.

A face above the clouds, seen through the Cinder Eyes.

"Why don't you come down a bit?"

In YuWon's field of vision, Son OhGong's figure appeared.


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YuWon had called Susanoo again to spend some time alone with Tsukuyomi.

And from the other side...

"Are you Kim YuWon?"

YuWon and Son OhGong stood facing each other.

He didn't recognize him. It wasn't the alter ego he had met before in the ruined city center.

Standing in front of Son OhGong, YuWon asked while sitting on the debris of a collapsed building.

"What rank are you?"

"The Third."

"That's quite a high rank."

The closer Son OhGong's alter ego was to number 1, the stronger he was.

Three was a very high number.

Of course, since the alter ego was an alter ego, he was much weaker than the main body.

"Where did he go?"

He was the twelfth alter ego that YuWon had first asked to gather them all.

He didn't know exactly how many there were, but he had asked him to gather as many as he could.

And now, in front of him, was the Third.

"He's busy now. Gathering the other alter egos."

He asked, but he didn't expect much.

If it were Son OhGong's alter ego, he wouldn't be very intelligent.

He figured it would be enough to gather a few to start...

"He's doing really well."

It seemed like he was moving so busy that he couldn't even come to see for himself.

YuWon thought it would be fine if he at least gathered around ten clones.


"We are many. We have almost gathered all, except for three."


It was more than expected.

If it was everyone except for three, the number was more than ten. With that many alter egos, it was definitely a considerable amount of power.

'The alter ego is slightly different from the main body.'

If the person he asked for was the main body, the outcome would have been different.

It was equally challenging to gather the scattered clones throughout the Tower.

"But thanks to that, it seems like the Heavens are slowly starting to notice. We don't have much time."

With those words, YuWon could understand why the third alter ego came to visit him.

The one in front of him seemed quite intelligent for a Son OhGong. It appeared that the Twelfth had sent him, the smartest one of all.

Shortly after, the alter ego looked around the 44th floor of the ruined city.

"Now we are on the 44th floor."

Son OhGong was the one who climbed the tower to the top.

Being an alter ego wasn't any different.

Not all the clones shared memories, but the clones shared the memories of the main body.

They had memories of having climbed this tower to the top.

"When do you plan to climb? I heard you've been here for quite some time."

"For now, I could only climb slowly."

He spent too much time clearing the 44th floor with the Three Sacred Treasures. He thought it would take a long time for the alter egos to gather, but the progress was much faster than he expected.

For now, he would probably focus on taking the Tests and climbing the tower.

"Six Tests to pass. It will take me about two months."

Of course, he could shorten the time a bit more if he took the Tests directly from the Administrator. But he wasn't in a hurry either.

"I still don't have all the alter egos together. The more power I have, the better."

There's no need to rush.


There shouldn't be urgency.

All except for three had gathered, but there was no need to rush until finding the three.

"You said you were going to save the main body, right?"

YuWon nodded at the alter ego's question.


"Do you have any plans? Even if all the alter egos gather, it will be difficult."

Son OhGong's body was currently trapped in the Five Elements Mountain.

And it was the Celestial Realm, also known as the Guild of the Sky, one of the world's largest guilds, who guarded and imprisoned him.

With Son OhGong, one of the Highest Rankers of the Highest Rankers, incarcerated, they were bound to be on high alert.


YuWon nodded.

"I don't have a definite one."

Saving Son OhGong was one of the most important things he had to do after returning to the past.

As such, a more defined plan was needed for this task.


Curiosity shone in Son OhGong's eyes.

At YuWon's request, Son OhGong seemed to have conveyed some information about YuWon. (?)


"Well, we'll talk about that later."

YuWon had no intention of discussing it immediately.

There was more than one way to save Son OhGong. There were many paths, and it would be difficult to decide which one to take until he reached the 50th floor and encountered the Celestial Realm.

Talking about this and that here without reason would only be a waste of time.

However, one thing...

"We just need to save the main body."

With the clearest possible words.

"Once we do that, don't think about waging war against the Celestial Realm."


On rough rocks.

The arms, legs, and the whole body of a person were trapped, and the entire body was tightly bound with strong chains.

A man with long white hair that reached the floor raised his head.

From his body, the only thing he could move was his head.


The man yawned out of boredom.

He hadn't had a conversation with anyone in a long time. Not only was he bored, but the frustration of not being able to move a finger was driving him crazy.

At any other time, he would have at least slept.

But now he couldn't even sleep.

"This is madness, it's insane, I really hate this..."

A man with long white hair.

Son OhGong tried to muster strength in his body just in case.

But it was in vain.


A solitary scream followed, but his body didn't budge.

He was the one who broke even the Eight Trigrams (palgwaro) and came out. However, even he couldn't escape from the rocks of this Mountain of the Five Elements.

"...They really went all out making this, so damn tough that it's hard to even move."

It had been so long that he had forgotten.

These weren't just any rocks.

Not only were they unbreakable even by the strength of a High Ranker, but they had the power to absorb Mana.

He regretted it, but there was nothing he could do about it.

All he could do now was wait.

"When are you coming, dude?"

Son OhGong murmured, yawning and sighing out of boredom at the same time.

"Kim YuWon."

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