TWB (Novel) Chapter 20

Partially corrected MTL Novel

Zachary's voice, as he took a breath, dispersed like a leaf carried by the wind. It was calm, unwavering, with the serenity of someone speaking the truth. If this was acting, then Bianca would have discovered Zachary de Arno's new talent. He seemed very, very sincere.

Bianca's lips twisted. Why bother giving him an excuse or a confession? What is she supposed to respond here?

She never thought that. She hadn't even considered it shameless. Should she say that?

But really, has she never thought that way?

Bianca wasn't sure. Besides, she couldn't easily believe that he didn't have a lover. There was no reason not to have one, and there were many reasons for it to exist. After all, Bianca doesn't care if he has a lover, so there's no need to do this.

She thought she had explained her intentions well to Zachary, but he may have felt she was ridiculing him by continuing to talk about it. Thus, in this way, she would describe her disgust in an elegant and noble manner, indirectly.

Without fully trusting Zachary, Bianca tried to respect his intentions by putting an end to the mistress debate. If she tells a lie anyway, Zachary will soon discover the truth. Because he's a clever man.

"... I see. I will never mention it again."

"... Ha."

Zachary's ironic sigh was filled with disgust. His hand didn't even move, but when Bianca saw the cutting air piercing her skin, she realized she had given the wrong response. Ah, the response he was expecting wasn't "I won't mention the mistress issue again," but rather he wanted her to say, "I admit you don't have a lover." Bianca swallowed her saliva. Her tongue was stiff.

"You're very stubborn."

Bianca couldn't say anything and just sighed. Whether she didn't want to talk anymore or the notification had ended, Zachary's hand covering Bianca's eyes slid away.

Expressionless face. Calm gaze.
Just like a person in a portrait, there were no tremors. There was no trace of anger in his voice.

Perhaps it was Bianca's misunderstanding that Zachary was so disgusted that he was angry? It may have been an invitation to pretend to be angry so that Bianca confirms that she won't talk about the mistress. Bianca's ears turned red at the thought of being balanced in that way. It was due to the anger and embarrassment of being mocked. Even if she hadn't made a ridiculous play like this, she would have listened to his demands. Bianca's goal is to solidify her position by giving birth to the successor of the Arno family, and she has no intention of being hostile towards Zachary.

After reflecting for a moment, Bianca let out a sigh.

Ah. He doesn't believe in the fact that she has no intention of being hostile. He understands that too. Since they got married, she has been consistently averse to him.

Well. Even though Bianca approached him suddenly, her new beginning had just started yesterday. She had just taken a step, so there was no need to rush. As the emotional wound that has been engraved until now is deep, there is no way it can be resolved all at once.

She understood it in her head, but as it was a frustrating situation, her chest tightened. Bianca lightly bit her lower lip.

Contrary to Bianca's confusion, Zachary took a step back when he heard the response he was expecting.

When the huge man who had almost pushed Bianca against the wall moved aside, the air felt as if it had been ventilated, like opening a tightly closed window. She tried not to show her relief, but she couldn't hide the slight flutter in her chest.

"You don't know what will happen again, so from now on, don't walk alone. You got hurt here..."

Zachary murmured softly. A sadness filled with remorse slid across his face. What is he so worried about? Perhaps he's concerned that Bianca's father, Count Blanchefort, will take advantage of Bianca's injury. It's clear that Bianca thinks that today's matter will be brought to Count Blanchefort as it is.

He really doesn't trust her. Although she provoked it herself, it was inevitable to be disappointed. A bitter smile crossed Bianca's lips.

By the way, if he says she shouldn't walk alone, with whom does he want her to walk? Bianca's face hardened as she realized what Zachary was trying to say a second later.

Originally, a countess always had maids with her, but Bianca was an exception. Considering that the maids were cumbersome, she didn't have a maid by her side and, as much as she tried, she often went out alone. After all, there is no other person to see, so wandering around the castle was all she could do.

Arno Castle was her cage. A bird doesn't need a leash to fly in a cage. Bianca hurriedly added words so that Zachary could reconsider his decision.

"There hasn't been any problem walking alone until now. This is your castle. If nothing had happened today..."

"It's not my castle, it's ours."


"I'll get someone to act as an escort. Always go out together. They will stay by your side. They won't bother you."

What do you mean by adding someone? It's more of a watchdog than an escort. She hates that. It's cumbersome and uncomfortable. There are only a handful of people in this castle who are not hostile towards her. Bianca knew well that Yvonne was an unusual case.

Bianca, who didn't want to walk with someone who would frown and point out her flaws one by one, closed her mouth and turned her head. Zachary's words were direct and determined.

At that moment, a person came to Bianca's mind. Bianca smiled widely and raised her voice. She was determined to make it difficult for Zachary to refuse.

"I can go with Yvonne. We decided to go for a walk together tomorrow."

"... Is that the maid you mentioned before?"


She had no idea that Yvonne could help so quickly. Bianca was truly grateful to Yvonne in that moment.

As if her inner feelings were revealed, her light green eyes shone brightly and a smile formed on her lips. As soon as Zachary saw Bianca's smile, his lips twisted. In the face of disapproval, Bianca forced an awkward smile.

The reason he wants an escort is for Bianca's surveillance, but if Bianca goes with Yvonne, it won't make any sense.

But since it wasn't an escort assigned to Bianca out of concern, there wouldn't be a satisfying response. As expected, Zachary rejected Bianca's words.

"But she's just a maid. Listen to me."

Zachary's words were nothing short of a notification or an order. After expressing his argument in a strong tone, he turned away as if he wouldn't listen to Bianca's objection. His rigid back was unwavering, and it seemed like he would never be willing to give up his argument.

After saying those words, Zachary left Bianca's room. Bianca, who was left alone in the room without realizing it, sat on the carpet. The tension was gone, and there was no strength left in her body.

"Every time I talk to Zachary, I get so nervous."

Bianca chuckled bitterly. In front of him, she instinctively became stiff as if she were a mouse in front of a weasel. It was fortunate that her tongue worked smoothly.

"I wondered why you came to see me, but I suppose it was to tell me that you were going to give me an escort. Such a persuasive argument. Didn't you like what I did today? Perhaps what you said about your successor raised your suspicions. It definitely wasn't like 'me' at all..."

Bianca murmured as she sat with her knees on the floor. The more she looked back, the more confident she felt.

"Yes, I guess you were wondering what I was thinking when I said that. Ha, when I went out with Fernand in my past life, you didn't even think about monitoring me, let alone giving me an escort. It was so strange to say the word 'successor'."

Bianca chuckled to herself. Well, an escort. He's confident. He'll never know what she's really thinking anyway. He couldn't even imagine that it all started with a divine miracle called regression.

Rather, it might be an opportunity. If he discovers that she's not hiding anything special, he might be willing to accept her.

Bianca took the situation positively, as there was no place to choose anyway. Believing that the results will be positive.
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