TWB (Novel) Chapter 22

Partially corrected MTL Novel

"Gaspard, you?"

"I thought this year would pass without a single joke... Yet, in this situation. You can't joke in a place like this."


As if they were quite surprised, Robert and Sauveur jumped in and asked. As if it were a lie that Gaspard had kept his mouth shut until now, as if he hadn't been able to speak, Sauveur's words telling him not to joke were relentless.

He couldn't believe that Gaspard actually wanted to take on the escort mission. There was no way it was a task to be welcomed and chosen. To be the escort of the lady? It was obvious that it would eat away at his wit, ignore it, and have to deal with all the troublesome things.

No matter how Ante deviated from the topic, when they thought about his willingness to raise his hand against his cheeks, it was clear that it would never be easy.

Despite his colleagues' concerns, Gaspard silently shook his head. Even if it wasn't a joke anyway, it seemed that Robert or Sauveur had no intention of believing it. And Gaspard had a reason to accompany Bianca...

Gaspard looked up and locked eyes with Zachary. Zachary also faced Gaspard. Under the silence, the eyes of the two men clashed in the air. Zachary's eyes were too dry to see a loyal subordinate claiming to be his wife's escort. Zachary's black eyes scrutinized what Gaspard thought when he supported the decision to be his escort.

Though the intention was clear, Gaspard couldn't speak. Embarrassed by the reputation of being a knight of iron walls, he didn't have the courage to speak. Gaspard looked at Bianca. Realizing how things were going, Bianca shrugged. In a heavy atmosphere for everyone, only Bianca's voice was light and fresh.

"If it's Sir Gaspard, I'm also in agreement."

"... Are you really fine?"

Zachary frowned. It was Zachary himself who forced the position of escort onto Bianca, but he didn't seem very happy when Gaspard was chosen as her escort. Was there any reason why he wasn't suitable for the job? However, from Bianca's perspective, Gaspard was a sympathetic and welcome opponent.

Gaspard, whom Bianca saw, was a man always reluctant and silent. She doesn't know what he's really thinking in his mind, but it's good that he's a man of few words. It would be impossible to pretend that Gaspard's large stature wouldn't be easily noticeable, but at least he wouldn't express his presence through sound.

If she's going to be watched over anyway, it would be better with someone less inconvenient. It was terrifying to even think of having the pretentious Robert or the rude Sauveur by her side. If Gaspard hadn't volunteered, Bianca would have chosen him. Bianca smiled, affirming that she was not dissatisfied with this decision.

"Yes. He's not noisy."


Zachary didn't respond as if he didn't understand. He just stared at Bianca for a while. As if trying to figure something out.

"If you have any complaints, shouldn't you speak up? I don't know what the hell you're looking for."

The corners of Bianca's lips, which had slightly lifted in the uncomfortable silence, twitched.

Anyway, she had already chosen the watcher, no, the escort. So she could leave this uncomfortable place now. Bianca couldn't bear the atmosphere and stood up first.

"Well then, I bid farewell."

Bianca said her goodbyes and left. Yvonne also bowed to Zachary and followed Bianca.

Zachary, who was watching Bianca's slender back disappear, pointed with the tip of his chin at Gaspard. Gaspard, who read his lord's will, bid a polite farewell and followed Bianca. Thump, thump.
The sound of Gaspard's footsteps followed Bianca's back.

It is also impolite for men to remain in a room where the host has long since disappeared. Zachary, Robert, and Sauveur also immediately left the room. They had their own work to do.

They headed to Zachary's office. Vincent, who was waiting with the documents that needed to be inspected by Zachary, greeted them.

"It seems Gaspard-nim is your escort."

"Will Gaspard be alright?"

"Because he has no experience, he might go against the lady's wishes."

She is the Countess who is famous for being tough.

Wouldn't it be too difficult for Gaspard, who has no experience with women? Robert and Sauveur expressed their concerns and worries one after another.

Zachary, who had been silently listening to his subordinates' words, turned towards the desk and smiled.

"Although they're talking now, they didn't say they would take the position."


"Gaspard will be fine. He's a man who doesn't disappoint in what he does."

The words were resolute, but Zachary's eyes gleamed brightly as he said that. Whether they blamed Sauveur and Robert for not stepping up or if he was offended by Gaspard's departure, Sauveur and Robert fell silent and lowered their heads to the ground.

Vincent pushed the chair back, but Zachary didn't sit down and looked out the window. From his office, he could see the garden where Bianca often walked. As expected, Bianca, dressed elegantly, was seen leaving the castle. Her breath was clearly misty between her lips.

"...What the hell are you thinking, Count? Escorting the lady... Of course, something could happen in the territory, but there's no need to attach a commander. Gaspard has his own work this time..."

Robert gathered the courage to ask. Zachary looked at Bianca disappearing among the trees in the garden and responded without hesitation.

"Anyway, there are no plans to send troops this winter."


"I have to go to the capital next spring."

"Yes. When heading to the capital, you'll have to go with all the commanders, anyway..."

So, of course, Gaspard will also have to head to the capital, thus Bianca's escort will be over. Only during this winter. It wasn't understood why he wanted to use a deputy commander as an escort for such a short period of time.

At that moment, an idea suddenly crossed Robert's mind.

"No way."

Robert murmured in disbelief. Nonsense. No way... However, as he looked at Zachary's casual face, the anxiety that what he was thinking might be correct slipped in.

Sauveur closed his eyes as if he still hadn't grasped the situation, as if he didn't understand why Robert was being so fussy. Robert, swallowing his saliva, cautiously asked.

"Will you go with her?"

"If I go this time, I'll probably have to stay in the capital for about half a year."


In the face of Zachary's seemingly natural response, Robert muttered under his breath. Sauveur, who realized the situation late, was astonished. Now, Zachary was talking about going to the capital with Bianca! Vincent remained calm, as if he had already known.

No, if you thought that, you should have told us right away!

Only now was it possible to understand why Zachary dared to appoint a close aide as his escort. To move freely in the royal palace, a certain level of title was required, and there were only a handful of knights skilled enough to protect Bianca in the dangerous capital. So, to become familiar with their faces in advance, he would accompany her early.

In conclusion, the current escort was supposed to protect her in the capital next year. Does Gaspard know about this? Of course, he doesn't. Robert and Sauveur let out a sigh of sadness.

It's questionable whether Bianca wanted to go to the capital in the first place. Because the Countess they knew would lock herself in her room in Arno Castle, acting as if she were the center of the world.

When one question is resolved, another question arises. No, why does he suddenly plan to take Bianca to the capital with an escort? It's troublesome, and it's clear that there will be many unpleasant noises. They don't know if she can endure the journey to the capital. However much they thought about it, Zachary's decision was questionable.

Lately, he's been acting strange. Exactly, since he returned to Arno Castle this time.

If it had been the usual Zachary, he wouldn't have gone too far in the Ante affair. As much as he trusts Vincent, he leaves all the problems of his servants to Vincent.

But this time, he requested to call a doctor and got involved in this and that, so that there wouldn't be any commotion in the castle, and suddenly, he tried to take Bianca to the capital...

It was clear that Bianca was the cause, but they didn't know which of the underlying emotions it was.

It was clear that Bianca was the cause, but it wasn't clear which of the two underlying emotions it was. At first glance, it seemed favorable to him, but... They didn't know why such "favor" suddenly arose. They have been married for 9 years, right?

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