TWB (Novel) Chapter 24

Partially corrected MTL Novel

Even though Vincent said he would, Zachary couldn't erase the worry from his face, as if he wasn't relieved. Zachary's fingers tapped the desk once again.

"So, nothing happened before she locked herself in the room?"

"Yes. No matter how much I think about it... There really was nothing."

Vincent looked back at his memories, but no matter how much he pondered, he couldn't guess anything. How was the day when the lady locked herself in the room? It was something he had completely forgotten until recently, but as he remembered step by step, the memory turned into a clue and came to his mind.

She woke up late and skipped meals, saying they weren't to her liking, went for walks and then took naps... Then, suddenly, she locked herself in the room and screamed. He knew it wasn't like the lady, who was always quiet and valued her dignity as a noble, but Vincent thought she was just acting on a whim. To be precise, he didn't want to pay too much attention to her. Because he wasn't idle enough to cater to her whims. In any case, what Vincent can assure is that she was the same as always until she suddenly locked herself in her room.

But Zachary couldn't believe Vincent's words that nothing had happened. Without something happening, she suddenly locks herself in her room and tells Zachary she wants to have an heir...? It was absurd. There must surely be an event that was the starting point. It's probably just that Vincent didn't realize it.

"Nothing happened, and she suddenly thinks like this? Who whispered nonsense to her...?"

"The lady has always been alone."

"Then she must have thought those nonsense because she was alone."

Despite Vincent's interruption, Zachary just shrugged in response.

Normally, Zachary would simply overlook Bianca's matters and say, "Please, follow whatever she wants," but he wouldn't think deeply about it. That's why they can't believe he's so insistent. What ridiculous suggestion did the Countess make?

Robert, who was listening to the conversation between Vincent and Zachary, started to break out in a cold sweat. In the end, the conclusion is...

"S-So, you will take her to the capital?"

"I intend to. She enjoys seeing art and furniture, so she will love going to the capital. If I let her buy many things she desires, she will feel a bit better."

If you take a look at what she likes, you will realize how ridiculous it is to think that he could abandon her. Zachary sighed deeply and sank into his chair. He seemed to think that his decision was very good.

But Zachary was the only one who thought that. Vincent, Robert, and even the clueless Sauveur thought that Zachary's ideas weren't very good. The words, "Isn't that the Count's misunderstanding?" reached the back of their throats, but they had the good sense not to spit it out.

Travel to the capital? That's definitely not something the Countess would enjoy. If Bianca had desired a trip to the capital in the first place, she would have done it a long time ago. Whether Zachary is at war or not, he would recruit people and gather manpower. But until now, she hasn't even flinched. She hasn't even gone to the Blanchefort territory, which is closer than the capital. That meant she had no interest in leaving the castle!

Hesitant, Sauveur suggested.

"Wouldn't it be better to ask her? The lady may not want to go to the capital."

"... She wouldn't want to go?"

Upon Sauveur's suggestion, Zachary groaned and clicked his tongue. It seemed like he hadn't even thought about it. Zachary harshly scratched his head, his silver-gray hair disheveled between his fingers. Zachary let out a long sigh.

"Well, she might not like having to face me for half a year."

"No, that's not what I meant..."

Sauveur awkwardly smiled and tried to console Zachary, but his words were blurry as there was no sincerity in them. Sauveur's lips trembled. Zachary muttered, not listening to Sauveur's excuses.

"I'll have to ask you..."

"I think that would be better. If she goes to the capital and other nobles find out, it will be troublesome. There's no way the lady would consider the count's face to that extent..."

Robert quickly added. Even if everyone in the world knows it's a arranged marriage, there's no need to openly reveal that the marriage is not good. It would have been nice if they could pretend in front of a banquet hall or other nobles, but Bianca wasn't that kind of woman. Frankly, Robert was desperately against Bianca going to the capital.

But that feeling was too apparent. Zachary's eyes gleamed fiercely at the hostility towards Bianca that was evident in Robert's words. Zachary reproached Robert with a short but resolute expression.


"... I made a mistake."

Robert quickly bowed. Normally, he would have been cautious about blaming Bianca in front of Zachary, but since he recently confronted Bianca over the Ante case, he couldn't contain his anger.

Certainly, it was the maid's fault, but that didn't justify his behavior of hitting the other person. As a Countess, Bianca had no grounds to not be defended, but once she offended, she entered his view.

"I trust you, Robert. In that regard, don't undermine my trust with a word or action like this."

"... Yes."

Robert responded slowly. He has been looking after Zachary for longer than Bianca has been married to Zachary. Meanwhile, he protected Zachary's back in the midst of war and didn't hesitate to do all sorts of dirty things with his sword.

How ridiculous it is to undermine Zachary's trust over Bianca's affairs!

If Bianca were truly dedicated to the lord, wouldn't she know? Yet, she is merely a woman who puts all her duties as the lord's wife behind Vincent and only cares about luxury.

Robert's face contorted in pain.

"Anyway, Robert, that guy always utters useless words."

Sauveur clicked his tongue. Gaspard doesn't even say the necessary words, and Robert utters useless words out of concern for Zachary. "As expected, I'm the best." Sauveur was very proud of himself.

After all, Zachary doesn't listen to other people's stories. He listens to any advice he needs, but he has a unilateral disposition to go ahead with decisions that have already been made. He is so assertive that he must have escaped like a wandering knight, ignoring his father's advice to become a priest.

And Zachary's stubbornness about Bianca couldn't even be defeated. In the end, as vassals, there is nothing they can do about it. Either Bianca decides not to go, or they will have to go to the capital with Bianca as Zachary ordered. No matter what they say, it's useless.

Sauveur sighed. Just thinking about it was annoying.

"I'm sure the carriage is shaking, isn't it tea time? I don't like the bedding at the inn."

She will definitely complain a lot. Rather, she was small and cute when she got married at the age of seven. Even now, she is still small, at 16 years old. The age when a woman, who was still sensitive and finicky, becomes even more sensitive and finicky.

Right. Bianca is sixteen years old. The age of a woman's bloom. Old enough to have children....

That's right! The successor!

Sauveur clapped involuntarily. The three pairs of eyes turned towards Sauveur.

"What's the matter, Sauveur?"

"What? Oh no. Haha... When I think about going to the capital with the lady, my motivation arises. I thought I should do my best, so I got motivated!"

Robert looked at Sauveur with astonished eyes, as if he was crazy. Zachary also seemed to not believe Sauveur's words. Another wrinkle appeared between Zachary's brows. Hahaha... Sauveur laughed awkwardly. He knew they wouldn't believe him, but he had no choice but to get out of the situation.

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