TWB (Novel) Chapter 26

Partially corrected MTL Novel

Her head throbbed after being out since morning. It had been a long time since she had been alone in her own world, and Bianca's resistance crumbled at the mere fact of mingling with other people. Especially if the other person is someone who makes her behave differently than she is.

Although she had no intention of flirting with Zachary, Bianca wanted to establish a friendly relationship with him as much as possible. And she was very aware that for that friendly relationship to be established, she had to suppress her personality a little. Bianca did her best not to be sarcastic about the surveillance or anything else.

Furthermore, she wasn't alone with Zachary. Didn't it happen while her subordinates were watching? The fact that his wife embarrassed him while the vassals watched was something that could anger even Zachary. So Bianca tried not to say anything unnecessary and quickly left, choosing Gaspard as her escort, like a roasted bean struck by lightning*.

It was only after she left the hallway that she could breathe a little. Bianca moved as if shaking her dizzy head.

While Yvonne followed Bianca, she quickly noticed that Bianca's complexion was not good. Yvonne asked cautiously.

"Madam, are you alright?"

"Yes. If I take a little fresh air, I'll be fine."

Bianca gracefully shook her head and brought her hand to her forehead. Yvonne, reading the tiredness around her eyes, quickly added.

"It's cold outside. I'll bring gloves, a coat, and a heater. Please wait a moment."

"Then, I'll wait."

She wasn't prepared to go out and left in a fit of anger, so her clothing was a bit thin. Bianca got goosebumps. Bianca, who was pleased with Yvonne's clever suggestion, gladly accepted.

Yvonne hurried to the bedroom where Bianca's clothes were, not to the reception room where Zachary and the other commanders were.

Bianca, who was left alone, hugged both elbows as if embracing herself. The wide sleeves exclusive to the dress partially covered the coldness of her fingertips.

The dress had a slightly outdated feel compared to the fashion in the capital, but what Bianca wore had a vintage elegance rather than a rustic feel, as it was of high class. The collar, rising up to the bottom of her ears, wrapped around her long, slender neck like that of a white deer. And the fabric of the dress was carefully draped around her slim body. The hem was adorned with fur, and from the neck to the chest, it was adorned with jewels and embroidery, with a delicately carved gold belt hanging over her pelvis.

Just as Bianca was waiting for Yvonne, the footsteps of a man could be heard from behind. It was Gaspard.


Bianca looked at him but remained silent. Gaspard also stood behind her, as if expecting such treatment.

A strange silence followed in the hallway. In an instant, a cold wind blew through a crack in the wall and wrapped around the hem of Bianca's skirt.

Gaspard was as silent as one would expect. There wasn't even a slight movement, which made it even more unnerving. Tight lips and a firm jaw. Tall in stature. The dark gray hair that resembled dark clouds and the indigo blue eyes that resembled the night sky gave him a sense of heaviness.

He was by no means a cheerful man.
He wasn't even small enough to look at once and ignore. As Bianca originally thought, it was difficult to pretend not to see him. Bianca looked out the window, hoping for Yvonne to return quickly. But it would take a long time to bring the heater.

Bianca looked at Gaspard with a sigh. His indigo blue eyes stared directly at Bianca. However, since they would be together from now on, it would be useful for each to know what the other is thinking. Even if Bianca was the only one thinking about it. Bianca opened her mouth silently.

"I have no idea what you're thinking. I don't think it's very pleasant."


"Honestly, it was a relief that you volunteered. Because I don't want to have someone by my side who looks like a cow forced to the slaughterhouse."

No matter what she said, it was just Bianca talking to herself. If Gaspard hadn't blinked with his indigo blue eyes in response to Bianca's words, Bianca wouldn't even have been sure he was listening. Anyway, it wasn't something Bianca had said hoping for a response. Having said everything she had to say, Bianca waved her hand at Gaspard as if nothing had happened.

"I'm grateful."

Because the madam accepted me, murmured Gaspard.

His voice was slightly soft compared to his presence. Bianca, who didn't expect Gaspard to say anything, was startled but tried to hide it and secretly looked at Gaspard. But Gaspard kept his mouth shut again, and Bianca could only see him looking as indifferent as before.

What the hell is he grateful for? Bianca, who couldn't understand, opened her mouth to ask the reason but stopped when she saw Yvonne rushing over while carrying furs and other things like a mountain. Instead of asking Gaspard the reason, Bianca turned to Yvonne and greeted her.

"Madam, are you feeling very cold? Here's the coat...!"

Yvonne approached Bianca with a wide smile. Yvonne is probably the only person in this castle who favors her. Seeing the winter sunlight reflected in her wheat-colored hair warmed a corner of her heart.

Her broad smile awkwardly stiffened when Yvonne saw Gaspard standing obliquely behind Bianca. She didn't know how to deal with Gaspard. As much as she sympathized with her uneasy feelings, Bianca urged Yvonne, pretending not to know.

"Yes, you're here. It's a bit cold for me too."

"You're wearing a red dress today, so I brought a black coat."

"Great. This coat is very warm. It's lined with sable fur. I bought it last winter."

"It's really luxurious."

Yvonne draped the coat over Bianca's shoulder and smiled. Of course, Bianca's coat was just as good. The clothes Bianca wore were outdated, but the quality was so good that it was hard to find even in the capital. Bianca smiled and ran the back of her hand over the sable fur. The black fur caressed the back of her white hand.

Bianca glanced at Gaspard for a moment while talking to Yvonne. To be honest, she was curious to see how Gaspard would react.

Zachary's vassals usually didn't like Bianca's luxuries. Vincent buys her whatever she wants and sometimes even orders things that Bianca misplaces, but that's about it. As Zachary allowed Bianca's indulgences, he didn't hide the signals that he would only listen.

Of course, Bianca didn't care much about that attitude. It's not a face she sees often. First of all, if she says something out loud like Robert, it would be out of the question.

However, Gaspard is someone she will see often in the future. If he was bothered because he couldn't hide such a small thing in his heart, it would have been obvious in the future. If there were any signs of displeasure, she would tell him to take it up with Zachary.

Gaspard, as seen by Bianca, remained silent, with a look on his face that couldn't express what he was thinking. It was the same expression he had when he arrived alongside Zachary before. She figured he wouldn't be able to say anything, but that was quite alright.

Bianca shook her head and sighed. White breath flew through the space between her lips. Yvonne, mistaking Bianca's attitude for unpreparedness, asked anxiously.

"Madam, are you cold?"

"I'm dressed like this. It's not possible for me to be cold."

Bianca smiled faintly. It's been a long time since someone cared for her in this way.

After the death of the nanny, Jean, there were maids who came to take care of Bianca on her behalf. However, they didn't listen to Bianca's instructions properly and often were unsatisfied with their work. If there was something Bianca wanted to wear, they would say it wasn't suitable for her or that the clothing was too excessive.

They ignored Bianca's advice to braid only one side of her hair and instead braided her hair on both sides or gave her milk, when she used to drink honey water before bed, saying it was bad for her body.

Yes, they were trivial matters, but they kept piling up, so she became annoyed.

Furthermore, the longer they spent one or two days with Bianca, the more they tried to climb up. It must have been because they thought she was still a child, but Bianca was a girl with great pride and stubbornness as a noble from an early age.

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