TWB (Novel) Chapter 29

Partially corrected MTL Novel


She thought she heard him swallow for a moment, but Bianca decided it had been an auditory hallucination. Could that person, resembling an iron wall, do such a thing? Bianca snorted and laughed.

Even for a moment, the idea of taking this opportunity to seduce Zachary was ridiculous. Zachary couldn't be moved by someone with a body like hers.

Bianca, objectively looking at herself, smiled with self-contempt. Bianca pretended to be fine and made a calm grimace, then got out of bed and stood up. Her bare legs, which had been revealed for a moment, were hidden by the hem of the sliding skirt.

Bianca crossed her arms, pulling at the skin that was about to fall off her shoulders. As soon as she stepped out, she missed her warm bed. Why now? Bianca's words, unable to hide her irritation, came out.

"You don't need a successor, but you come to my room at this hour."

Usually, it was rare to see him once a week, but today was already the second time.

Zachary remained silent in the face of Bianca's brazen words.

Bianca was confused in her own way. What is the reason he is in such a hurry to come here to talk about something that can be done tomorrow?

Bianca shook her head but couldn't think of any good reason. She was assuming it might have something to do with Gaspard. Although he was by her side under the name of an escort, Zachary attached him to monitor her. He may have a story to tell after receiving his report.

That was annoying. Bianca sighed a bit.

"... How was Gaspard?"

Zachary's voice was blocked. His dark voice was blurry, making it difficult to understand what he said at first. It was only after a couple of reflections that Bianca finally realized his question. What should I answer? After thinking about her response for a moment, Bianca simply answered honestly.

"I liked the fact that he didn't have enough presence to bother me. Of course, I didn't like the fact that he was so big that he often drew attention, but..."

"... I'm glad you liked it."

He said he was glad, but Zachary's face didn't look happy at all. Bianca tilted her head while looking somewhat disgusted. Her brown hair fell over her thin white neckline. Bianca ran her hair back behind her neck. It seemed that it would be better to change the subject rather than continue with the topic of Gaspard.

"Therefore, why did you come here?"

"It seems like you're telling me that I shouldn't come to you without a reason."


"Well, it has been like that before. No wonder you're upset."

He wasn't rushing her, but to Zachary, it sounded that way. Maybe it wasn't that he didn't want to rush her. His discomfort at intruding in the night may have come out unintentionally. Bianca replaced the embarrassing response with an awkward smile.

"I came to you just as you said because I have something to tell you."

"What is it?"


He spoke first and then closed his mouth. Bianca blinked at Zachary's hesitation. Is he doubting? Was he always authoritative and only said what he wanted to say? Even when he said she should have an escort, he spoke as if he had no intention of listening to Bianca's opinions. Does he doubt because what he has to say is so terrifying? Concern outweighed curiosity.

After hesitating for a moment, Zachary carefully opened his mouth as if he had made a decision.

"Next spring, I have to go to the royal palace."

"Oh, is that so?"

Bianca responded with a furrowed brow. He will go to the palace next spring. And then what?

The fact that Zachary would be absent was important, but not so important as to hesitate to come and talk so late at night. She was very worried about what would happen, but it faded in the face of trivial content.

But it wasn't bad to know. Thinking back to her memories before the regression, she remembered that at that time Zachary had been away for quite a long time. Bianca smiled with a furrowed brow and asked, pretending not to know.

"I don't know why you came to inform me, but thank you for letting me know early. Thank goodness it's not because of the war. When will you be back?"

" the autumn."

"Until the harvest? You'll be away for a long time."

Even in her memory, Zachary was absent until around autumn. She doesn't remember exactly when he returned, but after that year's winter, when Bianca turned 18, she had her first night, so it was the right timing.

After all, if she spends her first night with him this winter and doesn't get pregnant, it's the same story as before the return. That's right, unlike before the return, many things will change as she will stay with Zachary as soon as the opportunity arises. Still, if Zachary himself has no thoughts about it, there's nothing she can do. After all, she has no choice but to wait for him to come to her bedroom, pressed by his vassals.

Bianca smiled bitterly.

"Next spring will be Prince Albert's engagement, and next summer will be the 50th anniversary of the king's ascension. It's difficult to come and go repeatedly, so I will stay there. Working and building friendships in the capital."

"If it's Prince Albert... Is he the son of Prince Gautier? He must be..."

"He's ten years old. The bride is the second daughter of the princess of the Kingdom of Castilla. I think she's twelve now."


Although ten years old was a young age, it was an accepted age in the marriage market. Wasn't Bianca herself married at seven years old? Bianca recalled her marriage. Now that she has returned, it seems like it was a long time ago.

Bianca, who had been married in the castle of Arno, used to decorate her room like the Blanchefort castle, to soothe the nostalgia for her hometown. However, decorating the room has become almost a habit, and the current Bianca can only vaguely remember what the Blanchefort mansion was like. As such, Bianca's life before marriage feels like a long time ago.

Still, an unknown roar shook her from within. Maybe it's because she's sleepy. Bianca smiled softly in response.

"Then there's nothing we can do. Still, it's good to know that."


Zachary asked bewildered. It was as if he didn't expect Bianca to respond that way. Bianca understood Zachary's attitude. To him, Bianca must be a little girl who only knows how to get angry, so it would be uncomfortable to see her respond with a smile.

First and foremost, it's more important to let Zachary know that she is no longer as immature as she used to be. Bianca smiled happily again and spoke in a mischievous tone.

"Yes. Last time, I didn't even know that you went to war, so I asked Vincent where you were. You should have seen how Vincent looked back then."

"Did Vincent offend you?"

"No. Rather, my question offended Vincent."

"Did he show his displeasure? To the extent that you recognized it?"

"No... no. It wasn't like that. He's a loyal butler who does his job well."

At Zachary's question, Bianca trembled and trailed off her words. It was a light joke, but Zachary was unusually sensitive.

Perhaps Vincent's attitude at that time had slightly offended Bianca. But now, she had completely forgotten about it, and above all, it seemed like she would be in trouble if she told the whole story.

No matter how ignorant Bianca was, there was no way she couldn't read the atmosphere in a situation where it was just the two of them.

It's just that she doesn't understand why he's doing this. Vincent was a trusted vassal of Zachary and had no reason to doubt his loyalty, as he had always acted according to his will.

Bianca smiled awkwardly and looked at Zachary, believing that Zachary would take Vincent's side even if Vincent openly scolded her.

Zachary's face hardened. He spoke with firm caution, like an adult leaving a small child alone at home with a nosebleed.

"I'm away, and Vincent is always with you. If he offends you and you don't inform me, I have no way of knowing."

"I understand."

Bianca nodded meekly. The complicated thought that Zachary doubted Vincent's loyalty was set aside. In short, Zachary came to see her because he will be away next year, so if Vincent offends her in the meantime, she must inform him.

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