TWB (Novel) Chapter 34

Partially corrected MTL Novel

It's funny that Vincent was obsessed with Bianca's plan. Bianca's hidden motive wasn't a big deal.

It wasn't to pretend to be kind and hit the back of Vincent's head to make him suffer, nor was it because she suddenly grew up and realized she had to take responsibility for the Arno family.

It was simply the result of considering how to get Zachary into her bed. Going a little further, it was just a means to her end.

She found out that Zachary favored her, but that was it. He still kept his distance from her. Even if he came to her room at midnight, it was because he had business matters, not because he had something in mind. He didn't touch Bianca at all.

That was heartbreaking for Bianca, who kicked and struggled hoping to join Zachary as soon as possible.

But what could she do if Zachary didn't move even if she asked him openly?

She wanted to put a rope around his neck and drag him into bed and bring him down, but it was impossible due to the huge difference in physique. So, for Bianca, the best option was to persuade Zachary.

Maybe she's too young to be to Zachary's taste. He might be attracted to a more voluptuous woman. Or maybe Bianca herself is not very attractive to him...

Bianca looked at herself.

Small breasts, thin lips, and clear eyes with a piercing gaze. Her straight hair that doesn't curl is difficult to even braid. Moreover, her hair color is a dull reddish-brown, like the bark of a tree in the middle of winter.

Bianca's appearance lacked beauty compared to the rich, wavy, blond curly hair that was in fashion.

Bianca sighed. She had a long way to go.

Still, she could be his political partner. The reason he doesn't come to her is because he still sees her as a child.

Bianca looked at herself once again. She wakes up late and eats when she's hungry, otherwise she skips meals. She takes her escort for a walk. Everything she wears on her body is new.

When it's time to sleep, she goes to bed early and avoids facing anyone she doesn't want to see.

No matter how you look at it, she seemed like a girl who just went shopping or did what was good for her, leaving all her duties to Vincent.

That's why Zachary must have thought Bianca's proposal to give birth to an heir was also child's play. That's why he didn't even listen to her.

Bianca bitterly laughed. It's not a very pleasant feeling to see that your past actions are suffocating you now. She still shudders when she thinks about how she got entangled with Fernand.

The memory that came up, while desperately trying not to go through that unpleasant feeling twice, made Bianca depressed.

Shaking her head to clear the memories that haunted her, Bianca lifted her head with determination.

"The present me is different from the past, where I only dreamed of Fernand's love and helplessly hoped to be taken out of aristocratic society."

After learning that Rapunzel's hair, which descended from the window, was fake and in the hands of a witch, the prince falls into a thorn forest and becomes blind. Bianca was the prince. Realizing that Fernand's love was false, she was expelled to the monastery, where she died, but returned to her childhood with a fairy tale miracle, just like when the prince regained his sight.

It's just that she is nervous about confronting Zachary. She still has many opportunities. There are many things that can be changed. Something has already changed. And that is that she will go to the capital... Bianca patted her chest to calm herself.

Do what you can do first.

Six years until Zachary's death. It's a short but long time. Giving birth to a child from Zachary is the safest way to protect her fortune, but even if she doesn't, if she shows her devotion to the Arno family... No matter how much the newly established king and Zachary's older brother, Viscount Huegh, try to take away the Arno castle, they won't be able to expel her.

Strike while the iron is hot.

Bianca, who added firmly, immediately called Vincent.

There was no one more suitable than Vincent for her to learn about the Arno castle. It was because he knew this castle better than Zachary or the others, who often left the castle. In fact, it was because Bianca delegated all her work to Vincent, but beyond that, Vincent was capable.

He knows. Even if Bianca were to inspect the estate herself, she couldn't work as much as Vincent. Still, it would be good if she could bridge the emotional gap between Vincent and herself by showing her enthusiasm this time, even if it's just a little.

To be honest, Vincent and she got along quite well, but that doesn't mean they are happy with each other.

For example, in her previous life, when Bianca was expelled from the Arno castle due to her relationship with Fernand, Vincent stood by and watched. Bianca didn't expect him to take her side either. Even though her husband had died, she was happy. At that time, perhaps the respect for her mistress had run out, and all that was left was disillusionment. In the first place, there couldn't have been a favor to hold on to until then.

As much as she understood his choice, Bianca didn't hesitate to decide to build a positive relationship with Vincent. If he had refused, she would have asked for the hand of anyone who was useful.

What truly worried Bianca was that if Vincent rejected her offer, in the future, she wouldn't be able to seek help from the man who once let go of her hand.

Fortunately, Vincent didn't reject Bianca's offer. It was blatantly obvious that he suspected Bianca due to her sudden request, but he didn't ask openly.

Although it must have been a sudden request for Vincent, he skillfully took Bianca and toured the castle. The bakery, brewery, farm, and so on. These were places Bianca had never visited before.

In the bakery, they ground the corn grown on the estate to make bread. In the brewery, they made alcohol. And on the farm, they made cheese and butter. Since the estate operated as self-sufficient, it would be a big problem if they didn't supply things on time. Those who cared about maintaining the estate took care of the equipment with more affection than their own children.

The moment Bianca, who had been traveling, arrived at a new place, a damp smell tickled her nose. Bianca frowned and hesitated unconsciously, but Vincent didn't hesitate to enter the building.

"This is a meat storage. We make candles and bacon."

Sausages and cured meat hung from the beams inside the building. The smell of blood, which hadn't dispersed despite being slaughtered in the slaughterhouse, and the scent of dried meat filled the air. But it was slightly different from the damp smell she had sensed earlier. Bianca tilted her head to find the source of the smell but couldn't figure it out.

The workers at the storage gave Vincent an uncomfortable smile and then stiffened when they saw Bianca following him.

No way, the thought simply appeared on their faces. At first glance, she is dressed in strange and precious clothes, her fingertips and the place behind her ears are neatly arranged, her neck is slender, and her eyes are straight. No matter where you look, she is a noble person.

And there is only one noblewoman in this castle.

Those who worked in the castle knew her, but those who worked outside couldn't see Bianca's face. They didn't enter and exit the castle, and Bianca didn't leave it either, so it was natural.

Only later did they realize Bianca's identity, and they looked at her with surprise and suspicion. Why the hell is the lady here? Did something happen? It was right after the story of how the maid, who was hated by Bianca, spread exaggeratedly and distortedly. That's why they rolled their eyes with anxiety and fear. There was even hostility in their eyes.

But for Bianca, the reaction of such servants was nothing new. Bianca didn't care and walked forward. In the bakery, in the brewery. She had already received this kind of look many times.

However, Yvonne looked at Bianca with anxious eyes, wondering if she was worried inside.

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