TWB (Novel) Chapter 47


After she said that, it only got worse. If she is the rightful hostess of the Arno family, why does she have to desperately beg to give birth to an heir? She's not doing this because she wants to. How long does she have to repeat the same thing over and over again?

When she realized her pitiful situation, tears welled up as if a dam had collapsed. Her eyes were watery, and her neck was tense as if her throat hurt, and then her pale green eyes shone like a blade of grass soaked in morning dew. Bianca, who didn't want to show herself crying to Zachary, closed her eyes.

She knows that tears don't solve everything, but she also knows that there are moments when tears can help. But never, never in her life has anything been resolved with tears.

Even when she clung to her father crying, saying she didn't want to get married. Even when Jean died of an illness. Even when she shed tears as if begging for Fernand who had abandoned her.

Some people in the world were chosen to evoke pity from others with tears, but Bianca was not chosen. Even if she cries, she will only lose her pride. It was something terrible for Bianca, the only daughter of the Blanchefort family, who never bowed her head to anyone and lived with great pride.

For this reason, Bianca was desperately trying to hold back the tears. But she couldn't prevent the tears from welling up. Without Bianca realizing it, tears streamed down her cheeks.

Tears welled up from Bianca's face, and Zachary panicked and didn't know what to do. Did he say something so harsh that made Bianca cry? What did he say? Clutching his hair, he stammered until the end, trying to appease Bianca.

"...Why, why are you crying?"

"I'm not crying."

"You're crying...!"

First of all, it was uncomfortable because it was the first time he tried to console someone who was crying. Zachary's hand, unable to reach Bianca's shoulder, just hovered around her. His face turned pale in that brief moment.

Bianca stubbornly closed and opened her eyes. Even if tears welled up, she didn't blink once and looked at Zachary. Her slender hand held her skirt. Perhaps due to force or the cold weather, the back of her hand was unusually white. Tears obstructed her vision, so Bianca wiped her eyes with the palm of her hand.

It was Zachary who gave up. It was a game with a fixed answer to begin with. He sighed and raised his hand as if he couldn't help it.

"Ah, it's fine. I won't ask. I won't ask again why you made that decision now, so stop crying."

Bianca, who admitted that she was crying only after Zachary relented, actively tried to stop crying. She sobbed and wiped the tears from her eyes, but the crying didn't subside easily. After sobbing for a while, her tear glands dried up, and the tremor in her voice diminished. She shed many tears, but that didn't mean she forgot her purpose.

The persistent Bianca added, looking provocatively at Zachary.

"...then, let me have a successor."

"That's not possible."

Zachary's response was quick and decisive, as if it were a lie that he had been nervous just a moment ago. Such determination, Bianca read it as if he had no intention of seeing a child of his own.

What kind of wind blew, that he came to see her two years later, after having such a strong will? In two years or now, she wouldn't be much different.

Not really knowing what Zachary was thinking, Bianca became saddened again. Fearful of Bianca's tears, Zachary became restless once more. He couldn't understand what the hell he was trying to do.

"...Not the successor, but I'll give you whatever you want. Okay?"

"What I want is a successor. It's not a big deal. It's just a matter of routine between husband and wife..."

"It's not a big deal."

Zachary smiled bitterly. His gaze towards Bianca felt as if he were trying to appease a child by giving them candy.

Even though she returned to her sixteen-year-old body, her mental age was thirty-eight. She was nine years older than Zachary. The moment Bianca opened her mouth to retort, Zachary's hand touched Bianca's cheek.

She could clearly feel the sensation of his skin touching her wet cheeks and the characteristic musky scent.

"You don't know anything."

Bianca had a lot to say. When it comes to sleeping together, maybe she knows more than him. Besides, isn't it something that has already passed? The only thing she doesn't know is Zachary's thoughts...

But Bianca couldn't move her lips, as if she were bound by Zachary's fingertips that were encircling her cheek.

Zachary stiffened as he realized his behavior while pressing against Bianca's cheek.

Zachary's hand fell as if he had touched something he shouldn't have, and a different kind of embarrassment, different from when Bianca had burst into tears, appeared on his face.

"...So don't go overboard."

After adding that, Zachary quickly left. His gait was serious, but due to his long strides, he quickly disappeared down the long corridor.

After Zachary left, Bianca let out a long sigh. Yvonne approached Bianca with quick steps and looked at Bianca's complexion. Bianca waved her hand as if she was fine and looked out the long window in the corridor. It had been a long time, and the sun was setting.

It didn't seem likely that Zachary would give in easily. This time, she promised herself to make a good marriage deal, but shouldn't the other person respond as well?

Judging from the situation, it seemed that after waiting for two years, she might only be able to sleep with him when he decided to spend the first night. Two years later. Even if she has a child in the meantime, she can have two more. Then...

Should she seek an opportunity and attack...?

It wasn't a bad idea. No. It was quite good. She felt as if the fog that had covered her eyes had instantly dispersed, and her vision cleared. It was much better to do that than to look at Zachary and panic.

Bianca's eyes, gazing at the sunset over the corridor, sparkled with defiance.

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