TWB (Novel) Chapter 67


Coming to the capital this time, she had hoped to share a room with him.

Although he is not attracted to her, he is also a man, so if their bodies stay close, there will come a day when their desires ignite.

Indeed, she didn't give up her expectations when he said he would go to work. Because he might come back at night.

But will we see each other tomorrow? After all, his room was in another place.

Now that she thinks about it, he even refused to lie down with her in the carriage, so it was unlikely that he would change his attitude just because they came to the capital.

Because once he made a decision, Zachary was consistent and stubborn.

"Does he plan to keep this distance for a while? Maybe Jacob could be of help..."

Bianca clicked her tongue as she remembered Zachary, who was visibly worried about Jacob's unexpected behavior.

Isn't the best way to change an inherently fixed relationship through external stimulation?

If she wasn't entangled in some way with Jacob, it would have been a very good idea to use him.

"Why don't I pretend that Jacob likes me and awaken his jealousy? Because even the maids said that jealousy is the cure to make a man act..."

However, she didn't know how to unfold that scenario skillfully and smoothly. Bianca let out a heavy sigh.

"I don't have to lie to pretend that he likes me. But to be honest, there's no guarantee that Zachary will be jealous... Besides, flirting with a political enemy? No, it's too risky... I'll only get in trouble if Zachary doubts me for no reason."

Bianca's head was spinning. But the most important thing was that Jacob had to "move". Because it was a pointless imagination if he didn't even make a move.

"Still, I'm free to think ahead. After all, all I have left is time."

Bianca struggled to figure out how to make better use of this situation. She had been so immersed during this time that she didn't even realize Yvonne had arrived with dinner.

However, even with such concentration, she didn't come to a clear answer.

Instead, the fatigue from the long journey and the sudden rotation of her head overlapped, causing her to develop a fever.

In the end, Bianca fell ill, experiencing body aches and headaches, and time passed smoothly while she remained immobile in the room, unable to move.


When he separated from Bianca, Zachary had a somewhat human expression mixed with shame and excitement, although still expressionless.

However, as he distanced himself further and further from Bianca, his face hardened.

Zachary immediately summoned his vassals. The three commanders of Zachary didn't take long to gather.

Zachary's expression, after meeting with the king, became terrifying, causing all the commanders to become nervous, thinking that something serious might have happened.

"Maybe something big happened at the estate."

"Could it be a sudden attack from Aragon? We just arrived in the capital today, it would be foolish to go out with a group right away..."

"If he asks me to increase taxes this time, it will be a big problem."

While everyone was on edge, Zachary's tightly closed mouth opened.

What bothered Zachary wasn't the territorial issue, the war issue, or the tax issue. It was a problem they never thought of. It was about Jacob.

"Is he talking... about Prince Jacob?"

"Yes. He observed Bianca very suspiciously. I don't know what he might do, so be careful."

A burning anger loomed over Zachary's face as he calmly recounted what happened in the reception room today. The commanders swallowed their saliva in the face of his passionate appearance that was not easily shown even on the battlefield.

Did Jacob's eyes look suspiciously at his lady?

Jacob and Bianca. It was a combination they had never thought of.

Jacob was a handsome and single man who had the blood of the royal family of Sevran. As the best candidate of Sevran, there was always a woman around him, and he was a man who had never had difficulties in taking a woman to bed.

So why would he do that with Bianca?

Of course, Bianca was a very attractive woman, but even considering that she was the wife of his political enemy, her appearance was not special enough to catch his attention. They felt sorry for their master Zachary, but wondered if he was mistaken.

They needed to know the situation in more detail. Robert looked at him and asked.

"Why the hell would the second prince say to the lady...?"

"Maybe he's trying to get on my nerves, or else... anyway, make sure to protect Bianca."

Zachary's lips twisted in disgust. When he thought of Jacob's gaze towards Bianca, it made his stomach churn. The desire was clearly visible in his eyes. Even though Zachary was watching, his gaze was directed towards Bianca.

Zachary, who didn't want to say that Jacob was lusting after Bianca, hesitated.

However, Zachary added with a sigh in response to the looks of his foolish subordinates that made him feel like the situation hadn't been conveyed well enough with that.

"He told Bianca some shit about telling her to let him know if she feels uncomfortable."

"What? Why?"


"When did we become so close?"

At that moment, the faces of the commanders who felt the gravity of the situation distorted one by one. Zachary's expression, as he looked at the three commanders showing hostility towards Jacob, was also grim.

Didn't Zachary consider how Jacob would turn out?

Jacob felt that he was not properly evaluated due to Gautier's shadow, and he hated Zachary, who helped amplify that shadow.

Because Zachary was Gautier's closest confidant, and Zachary's victories were no less than Gautier's victories.

Every time they met in the capital or on the battlefield, their sides and Jacob's side confronted each other, so he expected him to make one or two unpleasant remarks when he met Bianca.

However, the remarks were more than unpleasant. If he intended to upset Zachary, he had succeeded.

Of course, Jacob was not just acting, he could have genuinely fallen in love with Bianca. Either way, it was bothersome, so it wasn't any different for Zachary.

No, he would prefer it to be the former. He didn't even want to think about the latter.

"How dare he show such contempt for the Arno family by flirting with the lady in front of our lord?"

No matter how many times he thought about it, it was absurd, even Robert, who disregarded his lady, was angry.

Sauveur also clicked his tongue. He was the one who said that other bastards could get entangled like bees when they went to the capital, but the second prince? The opponent was unexpected.

In Gaspard's case, the corners of his mouth remained as closed as ever.

"Gaspard. If Bianca and Jacob meet, take Bianca to her room immediately."

"Yes, understood."

Upon Zachary's order, Gaspard nodded silently. Gaspard was as honest as his closed mouth. Zachary couldn't stay by Bianca's side all day, so only Gaspard could alleviate his worries and anxieties.

Sauveur, who was silently observing the situation, asked.

"Did the Count guess that this could happen?"


"I wondered if the Count feared that there might be a situation where the lady would need an escort. To be honest, it was a bit surprising when he first said that the lady would need one."

"Even if this didn't happen, she would need an escort. Because the capital is a place where you never know what will happen."

Sauveur nodded in agreement with Zachary's calm words. Without having to go far right now, he could agree with the saying that unexpected things can happen in the capital city just based on today's events.

Zachary gritted his teeth.

Did he guess it would turn out like this? If he had known this was going to happen in the first place, he wouldn't have brought Bianca. Even when he suggested that Bianca come with him to the capital, he was only thinking about letting her get some fresh air. The escort was just in case something happened to her...

At that moment, Zachary didn't even think that Jacob's existence would be a problem.

Blood oozed from the back of his hand as he gripped the windowsill.

A tapestry with the Arno family crest hung behind Zachary's back as he held back his anger. The Black Wolf, the crest of the Arno family, was another title bestowed upon Zachary, known as the Count of Iron Blood.

A black wolf on the battlefield that bites anyone who invades its territory!

It was necessary to inform the arrogant prince that the title was not in vain.

And wolves are very patient. They awaited the moment when they would undoubtedly take the enemy's breath away. Zachary's eyes gleamed intensely.

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