TWB (Novel) Chapter 74


As expected, Bianca fell ill again. The dinner with the Blanchefort family also decided to be postponed for the time being. Gustave, who learned of the situation, agreed to do the same.

While Bianca lay motionless in her bed, Yvonne remained by her side. At first, Yvonne wasn't very talkative, but she did her best for fear that Bianca, who lay motionless, would get bored.

It was because Gaspard, who seemed to have no mouth, and Bianca, who had no energy, were both silent, so if Yvonne kept her mouth shut, the room would soon be filled with silence.

"Why is she so ill? I think the air in the capital isn't suitable for Madam."

"The air is the same everywhere. How can it not be suitable?"

"Or maybe it's the water that's the problem. The water in our Arno estate is famous for being clear and clean."

Yvonne listed the reasons why Bianca was sick. Hearing Yvonne, Bianca felt like an aristocratic woman who was very particular about water and air.

Of course, she wasn't wrong.

Considering her current low resistance, she could only wonder how her past self had wandered barefoot from city to city. She couldn't believe that she collapsed just because she met someone she didn't want to see. Bianca bitterly laughed at her pitiful physical strength.

"Maybe it's because I'm in my room all the time. When we were at our castle, we used to take long walks."

"That's right. It might be that your health worsened because you haven't been moving. Shall we go for a walk in a while?"


Bianca softly groaned. A walk was a very appealing proposition, but she was afraid of running into Jacob or Viscount Huegh if she went out.

She didn't expect to see them yesterday.

Still, she couldn't easily give up. It had been a while since she came to the capital, but the only places Bianca visited were the reception hall, the bedroom, and the Blanchefort family residence. She was curious to see how beautiful the capital's gardens would be. If she continued like this, spring would soon come to an end. Realizing Bianca's hesitation, Yvonne persuaded her a little more.

"Nevertheless, you will need energy to watch the tournament. There are four knights in our territory, so how can Madam inspire the knights' morale?"

"Four knights? Who else will participate besides the three commanders?"

"Oh, of course, the Count!"

Yvonne, frustrated by Bianca's blinking eyes as if she had never expected it, hit her chest. After a while, Bianca opened her eyes wide when she understood what had been said.

"The Count is going to participate? Why? He already has enough honor and glory. There's no need for him to do such dangerous things as jousting..."

"This time, I disagree with Madam! The Count must be eager to deliver the glory of victory to his wife. Given that the Count is an undefeated military commander, winning the joust will be easy. The Count who defeats all the knights will ride towards Madam and... Oh, I'm already excited."

An expression of excitement spread across Yvonne's face. Her eyes gleamed as if she were dreaming. But for Bianca, it wasn't easy to believe.

It is often said that jousting is a kind of competition that requires skill, spirit, and energy. However, riding a horse at full speed and thrusting a lance into another person's shield was dangerous enough to risk one's life. In fact, many died in such competitions.

Is he participating in such a dangerous competition just because Bianca came? Bianca looked at Gaspard as if to confirm Ivonne's statement about Zachary's participation.

Gaspard silently nodded.

Yvonne, mistaking Bianca's bewilderment for shyness, chuckled softly. Though mature and graceful, Bianca was still just a 17-year-old girl.

Bianca should also be pleased inside, Yvonne, who was firmly mistaken in thinking that she couldn't express it to avoid losing her dignity as a noble, humbly added.

"By the way, a man tends to take pride in looking good in front of the girl he likes. It's no different for the silent Count."

"Does the Count like me?"

"Are you asking that seriously?"

Yvonne burst into laughter. Bianca's mouth hardened at her evasive and unanswered attitude.

Zachary, whom Bianca had seen so far, had not shown such a sign, but why did Yvonne feel that way?

She felt a strong urge to ask, but it wasn't very dignified. Besides, isn't Gaspard here?

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