TWB (Novel) Chapter 79


The same happened when they bought clothes. It was the first time Zachary called a tailor to buy clothes with him, but he certainly wasn't a good companion when it came to choosing clothes.

Still, it was a bit incredible to see him meticulously checking the quality of the fabrics. It wasn't something Zachary would judge, except to please Bianca. He examined the fabric chosen by Bianca with hawk-like eyes. Searching for minor stains or dust marks on the fabric, faint signs of mold, loose fine threads, etc.

Zachary's atmosphere, as he whispered, "Do you plan on giving something like this to my wife?" was quite fierce, and thanks to that, Bianca was able to hold fresh and unblemished fabrics in her hands.

However, Zachary didn't care at all about choosing his own fabric. He didn't openly say that the clothes only needed to be warm. But he said he would like anything Bianca chose, so he wasn't an ideal companion when it came to shopping.

Is it fortunate that he looks good in everything? Because he was tall, with long legs and strong muscles, he could easily pull off daring designs. Additionally, his shoulders were broad and his chest muscular, so he could get by without the thick clothing others used to puff up their chests. Some would wear warm pants even in the middle of summer to make their thighs look thicker, but Bianca is a little relieved that her husband doesn't have to do such ridiculous things.

Being a man with such a good figure, he looked good in anything Bianca chose.

The dark green shirt collar was adorned with silver details slightly more dazzling than the color of his hair. The long and wide shirt collar was elegant, but it was a design hard to digest for ordinary people as it seemed to float above their necks.

But Zachary was a man with a long, muscular neck. The oblique muscle of the neck, running from the collarbone to the back of the ear, seemed to have been drawn with a brush, and the trapezius muscle surrounding it supported the shoulders and chest from the back. Even the design that others seemed to struggle with was a natural fit for him. The delicate silver hair scattered over his forehead was quite beautiful.

He knew that women passing by would blush when they looked at Zachary. Even in the Arno castle, all the maids reacted the same way. In the past, Bianca couldn't understand what the hell was Zachary's charm that made them flutter like that.

When the maids praised Zachary's solid body and sharp nose, Bianca would only be frightened thinking that he was much bigger than her and had an indifferent expression on his face.

But now that the fear of Zachary is gone, and she can observe him calmly, she can clearly see why the maids are attracted to him.

A masculine but delicately drawn face. A body like a weapon, trained and sharpened. Unlike the men around him, who were filled with lazy fat, his body, tempered to the limit without releasing tension, was praised as a living work of art.

"He was like this even when he walked around in rough clothes, but now that he's well-dressed, women's eyes will be even more piercing."

When she thought about it, Bianca's lips tightened for a moment. It was an unfamiliar reaction for Bianca, who in the past would even ignore the fact that Zachary could have a lover. However, Bianca herself couldn't understand what had changed within her.

If Bianca didn't know, let alone Zachary. Zachary was not a very clever man. Especially because Bianca had become much more passive after observing him for too long. As reluctant as she was towards him, it was quite easy to notice his state. But even now, Zachary, who knew nothing about Bianca's disturbing thoughts, simply repeated his request like a parrot.

"Anyway, if something happens, please tell me. Even the smallest things."

"If someone hears it, they'll think I never stop talking."


Zachary called her name as if urging Bianca. The eyes that stared at her gleamed with a will to obtain confirmation from Bianca. Bianca, who had no choice but to give in to his stubbornness, responded with a sigh.

"Alright, I'll tell you. Even if I don't, Sir Gaspard will tell you anyway."

"I didn't assign him as a guardian. As an escort, he..."

"I know."

Even if she knew what he was saying, she thought the idea of having a guardian was correct, so Bianca's voice was a bit firm.

Since she had to continue with Gaspard anyway, this topic was a problem that wouldn't have an answer no matter how they continued with it. It would be pointless to feel bad about it. Bianca, who thought this way, changed the subject.

"By the way, is it true that the Count will also participate in the tournament?"

"Where did you hear that?"

"Yvonne told me."

Although she received confirmation from Gaspard, she thought she would have to ask Zachary once again to be sure. Bianca stared at Zachary intently. This time, Bianca was the one seeking an answer.

Zachary's expression was strange. Bianca knew something she shouldn't know, and he seemed happy about it... Although he didn't give her an answer, from his reaction, it seemed that he would participate in the tournament. Bianca widened her eyes and asked.

"Is it true?"

"Yes, it is."

Bianca's face hardened as soon as Zachary nodded. Her hand on the armrest of the chair trembled slightly.

"Why? It's dangerous."

"It's not dangerous."

"People die..."

"It may be dangerous for others, but not for me."

Unlike Bianca, who was full of worries, Zachary not only seemed relaxed but also filled with conviction. It was as if he was about to play a game of chess instead of a jousting match. Seeing Bianca worried, Zachary smiled.

"And there are reasons to participate."

His molars gleamed menacingly between his parted lips. When he thought about the tournament, his fighting spirit soared.

Indeed, Zachary didn't even have to participate in the tournament. Nobody doubted his ability, and he had accumulated enough honors to be forced into it. He was at his peak, so there was no need to showcase his status.

Still, going to the tournament was a kind of declaration to firmly show the buzzing flies around Bianca who her husband was. Yes. Flies like Jacob. Zachary's black eyes gleamed like hot coal.

Of course, it wasn't that he wanted to boast about his performance in front of Bianca. But wouldn't Bianca be happy if he won the tournament?

He wasn't sure.

Zachary also knew that Bianca didn't value victory or the power of war.

What kind of dangerous wars hasn't Zachary won? So the tournament shouldn't be any different.

Zachary looked at Bianca. Worry couldn't be erased from Bianca's face. What on earth is she so worried about? Is she afraid that he might get hurt?

As soon as he thought that, warmth spread like a mist on Zachary's fingertips on a spring day. It was hard not to move his body because a part of his heart felt anxious.

But Bianca seemed too serious to be worried simply about him getting injured. Zachary shook his head with a sigh. To think that Bianca is worried about him is a very arrogant illusion.

It was likely that Bianca was simply worried about Zachary going to the tournament, so she would also have to attend the tournament. She always hated the sand and dust that Zachary brought from war, and the smell of blood in between.

Tournament matches took place in places where horse hooves were covered in dirt and often splattered with blood. Knowing that Bianca didn't like it, Zachary looked at her and added sadly.

"I will participate, but if you're not feeling well, you can rest in the bedroom."

"My husband is participating in a dangerous tournament, and his wife is lying in bed. Everyone will point fingers and laugh at you. Your honor will be tarnished."

"It's not more honorable to worsen your wife's health just because of what others say about it."

As Zachary continued, Bianca's eyes widened and then she frowned.

"I don't know why we're even arguing about this in the first place. I'm not that unwell."

"I'm not participating because of you, so don't overexert yourself."

In response to Zachary's insinuating words, Bianca looked at him with narrowed eyes. Her face seemed gloomy. Yvonne said that Zachary was participating because of Bianca. Who was lying? Of course, he didn't intend to claim it's a lie because he says it's not about her, but...

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