TWB (Novel) Chapter 89


—Ahem.... The young Count Blanchefort also had great success, but he competed with the Count in the quarterfinals. Still, the young Count did his best. When he is a little older, he will become a well-known knight.

Bianca inwardly clicked her tongue. To be honest, it was because she never thought Johaseng would make it to the quarterfinals. Given that his opponent was Zachary, he was defeated, but reaching the quarterfinals was not easy.

Sauveur, who had been talking about the details for a long time, looked at Yvonne. The fact that Gaspard had confessed to Yvonne had already spread throughout the Count Arno's group. Sauveur smiled mischievously and spoke to Yvonne.

"The maiden keeps watching me... I will talk about Gaspard. You must be wondering what happened to him, right?"

"Oh, no."

Yvonne denied it, but her flushed cheeks took away her credibility. Sauveur described Gaspard's match in a more exaggerated tone than before.

"Fortunately! Gaspard made it to the semifinals. To be honest, Gaspard is the best among the three of us in jousting, so it's natural. If that size accelerates and runs, dear God... It would be better to be chased by a herd of buffalos."

Yvonne silently patted her heart at Sauveur's story, which continued to make a fuss. But as everyone was looking at Yvonne, it was evident that she felt relieved by Gaspard's victory. Bianca smiled a little, and Sauveur became more energetic and continued speaking.

"It's a pity about Robert... His opponent was Prince Jacob. Of course, he didn't give up and relinquished his pride, but unfortunately, he ended up playing two matches in a row. Prince Jacob kept winning by abstention, so he was in a situation where he was in a normal state. Ugh. Honestly, do you avoid shit because you're scared? Clearly, you do it because it's dirty. Everyone who faced the Second Prince previously abstained with a white flag, but Robert had to fight quite a bit, but..."

Sauveur shrugged. In summary, he had lost.

Although Robert was sometimes mean to Bianca, he was a much more agreeable opponent than Jacob. Bianca would have preferred Robert to win. But the match results had already come out.

"In the match between the Second Prince and the Count, of course, the Count will win, so don't worry too much, Madam. The tournament winner is, of course, the Count, isn't it?"

Bianca also nodded. It's not that she was worried about Zachary's victory, but she didn't want Sauveur to distract her by telling her not to worry.

Bianca noticed that while Sauveur was talking back and forth, he didn't mention his own results. She, who had been tormented by Sauveur's story until now, sarcastically asked.

"So, Sir Sauveur. How did it go for you?"

"Oh, do you really need to unearth something so painful? I did my best, but... I was defeated by the knight from Castile I mentioned earlier. No, how can he be as tough as a rock? Tomorrow, he will face Gaspard, so it will be an interesting match to watch."

Sauveur rolled his eyes and excused his defeat with a stern voice. Bianca didn't ask any more questions. She wasn't curious enough to dwell on Sauveur's defeat, and she was also tired. Bianca's body was exhausted. Just listening to the story was draining. Bianca, unable to bear the surge of fatigue any longer, blinked slowly.

It was Yvonne who quickly noticed Bianca's condition. She was curious about Gaspard's opponent, the knight from Castile who was as tough as a rock, but her mistress's health came first. Yvonne interrupted Sauveur's story and said,

"Oh, now that I think about it, if the Madam wants to attend the Count's match tomorrow, she should go to bed early. Thanks to Sir Sauveur, I heard the story well."

"Yes. I will come to escort the Madam tomorrow instead of Sir Gaspard, so until then."

"There's no need for you to come."

Bianca shook her head as if annoyed, but Sauveur asserted with a voice that was completely different from his usual kind attitude.

"It's an order from the Count. As soon as he learned that I fell in the quarterfinals, he ordered it."

If it's an order from Zachary, it can't be helped. Bianca nodded, saying she understood. Sauveur immediately left Bianca's room, and Yvonne began to prepare her bed.

Meanwhile, Bianca leaned against the window, with her forehead against the wall. It was a spring day, so even though it was night, the wind was warm. Bianca took a deep breath of fresh air with her eyes closed.

She was tired, but her head was spinning. It would have been better not to think about anything. Bianca went to bed earlier than usual, trying to shake off her worries. But she tossed and turned for a long time, unable to easily fall asleep.

When Bianca finally fell asleep, a nightmare awaited her as if it had been waiting.

A nightmare where Zachary was struck by an arrow in the chest in the midst of war.


The last day of the tournament took place in the most spectacular manner. The number of stands doubled, and the spectators were so numerous that the wooden barrier separating them from the knights wavered.

Only four knights could enjoy this glorious moment today. The old king was delighted that three of the knights were from Sevran. In the face of the king of Sevran's clearly noticeable joy, the Castile delegation coughed in vain.

The Castile delegation anxiously looked at their only hope. Even the Castile delegation knew Zachary's name.

The young hero who defended against numerous invasions from the Kingdom of Aragon!

They didn't want to make unreasonable demands like winning the championship, but at least touching it once with the tip of the lance could save Castile's face.

Rather, if they had competed against Prince Jacob, they would have presented an abstention in the name of respect for the royal family of Sevran, but since that was not the case, their position was very embarrassing. They have to win this time, at least. God bless them. Everyone in the Castile delegation prayed to God in their hearts.

Bianca, who couldn't sleep, sat among the audience with a more relaxed expression than usual. Behind her, Sauveur escorted her, so Fernand didn't dare to approach her. Thanks to that, Bianca was able to catch her breath a little. If she had faced Fernand in such a miserable state, she might have done anything.

The match between the Knight from Castile and Gaspard began.

If Gaspard was like a towering mountain, the knight from Castile was as dark and enormous as a rock. He was more of a sailor than a knight.

The truth was that both of them were enormous.

The two knights charged forward as soon as the flag was lowered. It was as powerful as watching a buffalo fight rather than a joust.


There was a collision, but the match wasn't decided in an instant. The lance tip of the knight from Castile struck Gaspard's stomach. 1 point. Two more points were needed to determine the victory.

In the second clash, Gaspard's lance pierced the helm of the knight from Castile. This time, the 2nd point went to Gaspard! It was the decisive moment. At the moment of the third clash, Yvonne tightly closed her eyes, unable to watch.

In the end, it was the knight from Castile who emerged victorious. His lance accurately shattered Gaspard's shield. The Castile delegation shouted with their hands raised high, forgetting that they were now in a tournament taking place in another kingdom.

As the knight from Castile approached the stands to hand a lady his victory rose, Gaspard looked at Bianca and Yvonne and turned his horse.

Yvonne felt quite uneasy about his resolute attitude. She seemed on the verge of worrying herself to death over Gaspard. Bianca didn't ask about the reason for her concern, but instead took Yvonne's arm and whispered,

"Go ahead, Yvonne."


"It's an order."

Bianca said firmly. Yvonne, who couldn't be stubborn anymore because it was an order, nodded and disappeared towards the tent where Gaspard was staying. Bianca wasn't there, but she felt like she knew what they would talk about.

"The Madam even worries about her maid's love affairs, she's truly very busy."

"...I only do it because I'm concerned."

Bianca muttered gloomily. It was still unclear whether connecting Gaspard and Yvonne was a good choice. Moreover, the issue she had agonized over all night yesterday resurfaced.

Bianca gently pulled her cheek with her fingers. Zachary would compete soon, but she couldn't help but keep thinking about it. At the very least, she should smile in front of him when he wins.

Bianca forced her lips to curve upwards. It was an uncomfortable smile for anyone who saw it, but that was the best Bianca could do.


When the knight from Castile approached the stands, everyone in the audience paid attention to whom he would hand his rose.

Until now, he had never handed a rose. That was because there was no such target. There were no women in the Castile delegation, and the only lady, the Princess of Castile, was absent from the tournament due to her young age and health condition. It would also be strange for him, a knight from Castile, to hand a rose to a noblewoman from Sevran.

Who the hell...? While everyone was skeptical, the knight from Castile headed towards the central podium.

"To Princess Odelli, I offer a rose."

The attitude of handing out roses with a resolute voice was too harsh for a knight. It couldn't be said whether it was a performance as part of political goodwill with Sevran or if he genuinely considered Princess Odelli as a lady to whom he wanted to dedicate his victory.

Princess Odelli, who has received more roses than anyone in the Kingdom of Sevran, accepted the roses with a composed attitude despite her opponent being a knight from another country. All the spectators watched them with their hearts racing, but the two parties exchanged roses in a dry manner, and the atmosphere of excitement cooled down in the meantime.

From a distance, outside the arena, Jacob observed the battle between Gaspard and the knight from Castile, and muttered with a smile.

"I want my sister to get married now that Albert is engaged. But that shameless and lazy woman will never marry."

The king adored Princess Odelli, who resembled the first queen.

Although there were many who said they wouldn't accept her dowry, which is famous for its beauty, she didn't even consider marrying them. That's why the king lived with her by his side. Everyone talked about it and thought that perhaps he would keep her by his side until the day of his death.

The first prince, Prince Gautier, also loved his only blood sister, so even if Prince Gautier becomes king, the situation won't change. Princess Odelli will remain in Sevran for the rest of her life without marrying.

But Jacob was different. If he ascends the throne... The corners of Jacob's lips twisted and lifted. That sister, whom he thought was the most beautiful girl in the world, was a thorn in his eyes. It was also because of the first queen that the king chose Prince Gautier as the next king without hesitation, so he couldn't like Princess Odelli, who resembled the first queen.

Where should he sell her, even with a costly dowry? To a place that is as lowly and humble as possible. The thought of the audacious Princess Odelli looking at him humbly made him feel better.

Although the defeat against Zachary in this match will drown out this good feeling, it was a match that was taken into full consideration from the very beginning. Jacob looked at Zachary beside him.

No matter what the knight from Castile did, his gaze was on his wife. The clear longing on his face was notorious, as he always maintained an indifferent expression. Jacob didn't know that he loved his wife so much... In addition to Jacob's taste for Bianca, he also anticipated Zachary's reaction when he seduced and conquered her. The corners of Jacob's lips arched in a deeper arc than before.

But Zachary couldn't afford to worry about Jacob's plans. It was because he was busy watching what Bianca and Sauveur were doing. He needed an escort to protect her from the jester-like fly that buzzed around Bianca last time.

However, since Gaspard reached the semifinals, it was impossible to escort her, and Bianca didn't like Robert very much, so only Sauveur remained.

However, this time, he was worried about the relationship between Sauveur and Bianca. He felt a bit jealous because Bianca and Sauveur had become so close without even realizing it.

Sauveur talked to Bianca all the time, and Bianca nodded silently as she listened to the story. He couldn't see Yvonne, who was always by her side, and their relationship seemed quite intimate.

He didn't feel as bothered when Bianca was with Gaspard...

Zachary chuckled under his breath. What does he mean by not being bothered? When Gaspard set out to become Bianca's escort, he was sullen. He only felt inwardly relieved by Gaspard's attitude of drawing a line.

However, unlike Zachary himself and Gaspard, Sauveur was a good conversationalist. Bianca seemed to smile more often when she was with Sauveur.

The advantage that Sauveur had that he didn't.

Zachary had never compared himself to anyone else, and he never fell into feelings of inferiority. Other people's strengths were purely accepted as strengths, and when there was something to praise, he praised it selflessly. However, at this moment, the negative emotions boiling inside him repeatedly struck at Zachary's heart.

That being said, it was impossible to distance Sauveur and leave Bianca alone, so in the end, there was no answer.

He would be displeased with any man who was by Bianca's side.

"As expected, I don't like it."

Let's win as quickly as possible. That will do.

Zachary was not aware that he was stepping closer and closer to an obsession bordering on the unhealthy. But even if he had been aware of it, it wouldn't have been much different because there was nothing he could do about it.

Zachary involuntarily touched the handkerchief that Bianca had given him, which was tied around his forearm. The handkerchief touched by the glove was as thin as a cicada's wing, so he wouldn't have felt much, but for Zachary, its presence was bigger than anything else.

As Zachary's expression was serious, Robert, who was serving Zachary in place of a servant, became nervous.

Even before the war, Zachary didn't change his expression. In the bloody environment that surrounded him, it seemed that no matter what happened, something big was going to happen.

Robert wasn't the only one who noticed Zachary's unusual gaze. As the arena sprinkled water to settle the dust after the match, Jacob rode his horse alongside Zachary and said cunningly.

"Just looking at Count Arno's face makes me feel like he's going to kill me in this match. He looks fierce."

".... How could I dare to have such a thought?"

"Then it's a relief."

The response was calm, but the eyes sparkled with murderous intent. The fact that he didn't intend to kill him didn't mean he wouldn't. It was an impure gaze, but Jacob didn't even acknowledge Zachary's expression.

Apart from that, there were many, many materials to provoke Zachary. Despite Zachary's fierce tone, Jacob spoke softly with a bright smile on his face.

"Now it's our turn, Count Arno. Let's have a good match between us. By the way, your wife... Was her name Bianca?"

"I hope you don't mention my wife's name in public."

Despite Zachary's blatant disgust, Jacob didn't back down. He chuckled again and smiled brightly. His smile was deceptive, to the extent that Jacob's handsome appearance had faded.

"Why are you so demanding? I always wonder, but you're so straightforward. Aren't courtship affairs a trend these days? Even Gautier is flirting with other ladies. He doesn't talk to other women and doesn't let other men talk to his wife."

"...I have no intention of putting others and myself in similar standards. The prince is the prince, and I am me."

"Does Bianca believe that?"


"If you have the intention to give Bianca a rose, regardless of who wins, Bianca will receive a rose."

Although courtship affairs were evident, it was terribly disrespectful to approach each other's spouses and remind them of it. Zachary's mood calmed even further, and his dark eyes burned like a slow fire. Enraged, Robert raised his voice.

"He's going too far!"

"...Oh, Sir Robert! I was there. I think I saw you on a horse yesterday... I didn't notice because I was behind like a servant. As a lancer, I apologize for my lack of respect. By the way, Count Arno is great. One of his honorable commanders acts as a servant."

The intention to distance the relationship between Robert and Zachary was transparent. At this point, it was more an intention to bother Robert and cause disturbances. Robert knew it too. A sound slipped through his teeth.

"My honor lies not in victory but in taking good care of the Count."

"Oh, an eloquent talker. Isn't it surprising for a knight to be so good at talking?"

He said it in a disdainful tone, as if he had to speak well because he lacked skills as a knight. Zachary, who had been listening silently, slowly turned towards Jacob. Zachary's face, which had not yet been covered with a helmet, was as motionless as a statue. Zachary asked quietly.

"Are you trying to provoke me?"

"It's too late to figure that out."

"There's no good reason to provoke me."

For the prince, his calm voice penetrated his ear like a whisper.

His wild response, predicting his own victory, was dry enough to be no different from reciting the breakfast menu. His eyes looked at him so calmly that he couldn't even tell if he was angry or annoyed by Jacob's words.

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