TWB (Novel) Chapter 91


Bianca got lost in her thoughts but belatedly regained her senses. Bianca's and Sauveur's eyes met.

Sauveur's eyes looked at Bianca without wavering.

There must be a reason why he, a subordinate, dared to tell a story that would be offensive to her heart.

Why the hell did Sauveur say that?

However, unable to ask, Bianca's lips remained closed.

In the face of Bianca's silence, Sauveur chuckled under his breath.

A lot has really changed. At this time last year, Sauveur himself would never have dreamed that he could tell Bianca such a brazen story. Not because of the subject of conversation, but because of the fact of having a conversation with her in the first place.

It wasn't because he was afraid of the young lady's atrocities. It was because he thought it was pointless.

The prejudice that Bianca won't be able to communicate, the misconception that Zachary only feels responsibility towards Bianca...

"I like madam. That's why I regret telling that to the Count in the past. If I had known that madam was such a person, I would never have said anything about a mistress... That doesn't mean I'm asking for your forgiveness. If madam wants to punish me, she can do so."

Sauveur knew that Bianca would not like his words.

How can I welcome a subordinate who openly requested her husband to get a mistress?

Knowing that the relationship that had been good until now could be ruined, he dared to mention it due to an indescribable guilt and the concern that Bianca might have misinterpreted Zachary.

On the surface, Bianca and Zachary seemed to be a good couple, exchanging roses and handkerchiefs at the tournament. But in reality, they were a couple who hadn't even consummated their marriage and could break apart at any moment if they wanted to. However, the marriage remained because the political unity of the two families was necessary.

Regardless of politics, Sauveur was very aware of the precariousness of such a relationship.

Furthermore, Bianca openly requested a successor, and Zachary refused, saying that Bianca was young. He thought he might change his mind when they reached the capital, but upon closer observation, it seemed far from happening.

They always floated at a certain distance.

Meanwhile, many men approached Bianca. For example, the Second Prince Jacob.

It was fortunate that Bianca had no interest in Jacob, but that didn't guarantee that she wouldn't fall in love with another man. At that point, it was clear how precarious this marriage would be.

If Bianca fell in love with another man, Zachary would tremble without being able to say a word.

Zachary loved Bianca more than expected. If it were just a sense of responsibility, there would be no reason for the Count to blink to control Jacob or others.

But what's the point of blinking at other men? He has to reassure Bianca. To the wife he loves, saying that he feels worried because she's too young... No wonder Bianca misinterpreted that Zachary had a mistress.

But who could tell such a story? The silent Gaspard? Yvonne, who argues that everything her lady says is correct? Zachary himself? Robert didn't even need to be taken into consideration.

In the end, it was something that only Sauveur himself could do, even if he was cursed.

But the opportunity never came. He thought about when or how he should bring it up, and finally, the day arrived.

Fortunately, Yvonne was not present, only the two of them. Moreover, they were in an open space, and the moment seemed right.

"But know that the Count has no one else but madam. He truly cares for his wife..."

"...So do I."

Bianca's words overlapped with Sauveur's. Bianca took a deep breath. It was even difficult to utter a single word.

"I know."

She knows he is an upright man. That he will take care of her now and in the future with a unique sense of responsibility. Even if Bianca doesn't fulfill her duties, he won't force her, and he will be the only one with duties and responsibilities...

Bianca doesn't believe in a man's love. But she could trust Zachary's sense of responsibility. That was the result of what Zachary had shown before he died.

Bianca's determined eyes never wavered, showing how strong her trust in Zachary was. Embarrassed by her unwavering gaze, Sauveur smiled and lowered his head.

"...I made a senseless intrusion."

Sauveur mumbled timidly and scratched his head. It was amusing to see how he talked about it without knowing. That's why one should not meddle in the relationships of others. Still, he doesn't regret it because if he had the chance again, he would do the same.

Sauveur reflected for a moment on what he had said and then realized he hadn't uttered anything too important.

He contemplated for a moment whether he should say that the Count loves madam but kept his mouth shut because he thought it would be a futile intrusion.

At that moment, a shout echoed once again.

Finally, the climax of the tournament, the final match had begun.

Zachary and the knight from Castile entered the arena. When he faced Gaspard before, he couldn't recognize him properly because they were of the same size, but the size of the Knight from Castile was truly enormous. Bianca's heart raced terribly.

The great skill of the knight from Castile could be perceived in the match against Gaspard. No matter how capable Zachary was, it could be dangerous.

She had seen several people leave the tournament injured, so Bianca felt terrified that Zachary could get hurt.

It was pure concern, not a fear of what would happen to her if Zachary died.

The moment until the flag was lowered felt as long as an eternity. Bianca unconsciously tightly grasped her skirt. The skirt was soaked with cold sweat.

Bianca held her breath. She was so nervous that she couldn't even breathe, her eyes wide open as she saw them collide.

Thump, thump, thump. As they drew closer, Bianca's heartbeats grew stronger, like a drum.

Fragments of wood flew through the air with a roar. People stood up like waves and cheered. A deafening shout echoed throughout the stadium. Bianca was confused about the situation. Unable to objectively analyze the situation, her gaze turned to the back of Zachary, who rode to the other end.

Robert hurriedly ran, waiting for Zachary.

Fortunately, Zachary didn't seem to be injured. Bianca let out a small sigh of relief. Beside her, Sauveur applauded and cheered. That's when Bianca realized that Zachary had won.

"As expected, the Count won. I can defeat that knight from Castile in a single battle... Despite his appearance, he was a cunning opponent, so he moved the shield out of the reach of the lance tip, but in that short time, the Count adjusted the trajectory of the lance tip to precisely target the shield."


Bianca shook her head as if exhausted. And she said while straightening her wrinkled skirt.

"I hope he never participates in a tournament again. I feel like my nerves are on fire."

"The Count will always win anyway."

"It's something you can't know for sure."

Bianca's lips slightly pursed. She spoke more than usual, as if trying to hide her emotions while pouting. Her heart still beat strongly. Sauveur's lips twisted as if he was struggling to contain his laughter.

"The final winner of the tournament is Count Arno!"

The cheers of the people continued. The King of Sevran stood up from his seat and saluted the victor. Although it was the expected outcome, it seemed that everyone was happy. Zachary approached the grandstand where the king was, and the king's messenger, who had received the king's golden-adorned wooden box, stopped in front of him.

"The prize for the victor is the golden rose symbolizing Sevran. Winner, Count Arno, remove your helmet, dismount from your horse, and receive the prize."

Zachary dismounted his horse and removed his helmet. The sun shone brightly on his tousled silver hair. Despite the victory, there was no emotion on his face, and his expression was as cold as the winter in the north.

With a helmet on his left flank, Zachary knelt in front of the messenger as if he was in front of the king, covered his heart with his right hand, and whispered softly.

"May the eternal sun dwell in the shining rose of Sevran."

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