TWB (Novel) Chapter 111


Hundreds or thousands of men's heads were severed on the battlefield, but the weight of Bianca's life on the tip of his finger was heavier.

So he should have done well. However, in his youth, Zachary was shy and had many shortcomings. While he rushed to the battlefield to get ahead, Bianca was left alone in the castle.

While Zachary looked away for a moment, Bianca grew.

Time flew by, and Zachary became a Count and the undisputed hero of Sevran.

When he looked back thinking he had some free time, he felt a sense of rejection in Bianca's eyes that looked at him as she grew. That was when Zachary realized it was too late.

How lonely Bianca's childhood must have been. Zachary, who was 20 years old, didn't know it, but now that the years have passed and he is about to turn 30, he can see it clearly.

A husband who never returns. She who stays alone in the castle... Thinking about it, Zachary wasn't a very good guardian.

Zachary, with a sense of debt, tried to do everything Bianca asked of him. That was his atonement for Bianca, who had sacrificed her childhood for Zachary.

His own childhood was a mess as well, so it might seem unimportant... But on the contrary, he didn't want Bianca to suffer like that.

Zachary, who had already spilled water and wanted to fix it even though it was too late, was always concerned about giving something to Bianca.

When Bianca said there was something she wanted, Zachary felt quite relieved. If he didn't even have what she wanted, he would have sunk not knowing what to do. He was happy to know that he could do something for Bianca.

Bringing all sorts of gold and treasures was not enough, but it was ridiculous to receive something from her. Even if it was an emotion, it was the same. It was not reasonable for Zachary to cling to the slightest expectation from Bianca. He didn't want Bianca to be swayed by his tumultuous feelings. So Zachary hardened his face even more in front of Bianca.

But he is jealous.

Zachary ran his hands over his face.

It seems he is very greedy. As a Count and the hero of the kingdom, he doesn't remember his days as the 16-year-old knight who was driven out with a sword. But when Bianca smiles at him, he seems to have a desire to monopolize her.

Zachary apologized quietly.

"I'm sorry."

"Why? For being jealous?"

"... just for everything."

"It doesn't make sense."

Bianca pursed her lips. He was a man more ignorant of his emotions than she thought. Does it make sense that he doesn't even know he's jealous?

From the beginning, it would have been ridiculous to use Jacob to provoke Zachary's jealousy. At that time, she was going to use jealousy to try to bed Zachary... But Jacob was crazy, and Zachary was a fool who didn't know he was jealous.

Eventually, jealousy ended up pushing Zachary into Bianca's bed, but Bianca, who didn't know it, internally complained that Zachary was ignorant and foolish.

Fortunately, Bianca only thought of using Jacob but didn't put it into practice. Reflecting on how foolish she had been once again, Bianca patted her chest.

Zachary looked at Bianca.

Unlike in the past, when she was very nervous with stiff shoulders in front of Zachary, she was now lost in thought and grumbling. It was much better to see that image.

Zachary, who was gazing at Bianca's thick, red lips while she murmured and lamented, unknowingly leaned in towards her lips.

Just before the tips of Zachary's fingers touched Bianca's soft lips, he realized what he was doing and stopped. Bianca looked at him curiously at Zachary's sudden action.


"...your lips."

"My lips?"


Zachary, who unconsciously opened his mouth, couldn't speak. Because even he didn't know what he was thinking when he approached her.

He wanted to touch her lips.


Because she looks cute when she pouts.... Ah, he himself didn't know what he was doing.... But will that answer really please Bianca? Won't she think it's too childish? Wouldn't it be better to say that there's something on her lips? Won't she misunderstand that he's causing a scene with her dignity at stake?

Zachary didn't trust himself to speak fluently. Until now, Zachary had kept his mouth shut in front of Bianca and remained silent because he feared hurting Bianca with his words. In fact, there have been several occasions in the past that angered Bianca because of that.

Now, the distance was close enough for him to wrap his hand around Bianca's waist without hesitation, but he still felt weak in such a sudden situation.

While Zachary closed his mouth and racked his brains for a good response, Bianca responded with a smile.

"In moments like these, you should say that my lips are beautiful. Then I will shyly close my eyes and gently open the lips that you praised."

Bianca's eyes closed, and the lips that mesmerized Zachary parted, revealing a glimpse of white teeth between her red lips. What she wanted was clear and explicit. To the point that even the clueless Zachary could no longer misinterpret it.

"Then you... ah."

Before Bianca could finish speaking, Zachary leaned in towards her, sitting on the chair. Zachary's shadow fell over her, and his lips touched hers. His tongue moved between the slightly parted lips, gradually making its way in. Bianca closed her eyes and felt their lips overlapping. She was always in a hurry and couldn't afford this.

"Agh, hngh..."

Zachary's tongue grazed Bianca's sensitive areas. The inside of her gums, the base of her tongue, the palate.... Gradually, her legs lost strength and her thighs twitched slightly. Bianca felt fortunate to be seated in her chair.

Zachary's hand held Bianca's arm on the armrest of the chair as if binding her to it. It didn't feel wrong to be dominated by Zachary, compared to the horror of being forced by another man. No, rather, she felt like she was being completely embraced by him, causing even the lower part of her body to tingle.

After devouring Bianca eagerly, Zachary pulled away after a while. Desire was evident in his impressive eyes.

"...I really can't bear it for you."

Zachary smiled bitterly as he took in Bianca's overly sweet response. This was too great a reward for him.

However, Zachary was a man who always knew he was greedy but had restrained himself from what he desired. No honor, no title, no victory... Even though the other person was the one who surrendered, the first night with Bianca could have been avoided. And yet, before turning 18, he fell to his knees in desire.

Bianca's face reflected in Zachary's black eyes. Bianca, unable to catch her breath, gasped and smiled brightly. Her face, as white as wool, was flushed, but her appearance ignited Zachary's dwindling patience.

An odd atmosphere passed between the two. It was Zachary who broke the ice and made the first move. Zachary's hand, which was on one of Bianca's knees, moved to her back. The sunlight spilled over their heads as he undid her clothing, relying on the sensation of his fingertips.

The sun still shone through the window. It wasn't that he had much experience in having a rendezvous in broad daylight. He mostly did it with Fernand. Their secret meeting was always urgent, with no place for discretion. Bianca had thrown her pride in the face of love, as she couldn't afford to think whether it was day or night.

She allowed it with Fernand, so there was no reason not to allow it with Zachary.

But the reason she couldn't do it was that Bianca couldn't keep her reason when making love with Zachary. As if she were... some kind of beast. Even a prostitute wouldn't be as lascivious as her.

Her face burned at the thought of displaying such an unseemly image vividly in broad daylight.

What should she do if Zachary felt disappointed by her immodest appearance? Anxious and timid, Bianca lightly bit her lip and resisted with a growl.

"The sun is still high."

"It will set soon."

"But it's still bright. A little later..."

"Even the goddess who gazes with the sun will understand."

Zachary, who read the faint emotion mixed with Bianca's voice, didn't back down. His voice was firm as he responded clearly to Bianca's words implying rejection.

Zachary knew all too well how Bianca responded when she said no to something she truly hated. First, she puffed up her cheeks, then clenched her teeth, and stared at him as if spitting out every word. In comparison, Bianca was now refusing, but at the same time, she didn't seem to reject him.

But this could also be an illusion born out of his greed... As doubts arose, confidence quickly shattered. Zachary's shoulders slumped as if the vehement insistence from just a moment ago was a lie.

"...If you really don't want to."

Zachary carefully said, looking Bianca in the eyes. Then Bianca burst into laughter.


She laughed out loud, expressing her joy in a way that would be difficult for a simple smile, and Zachary stared at Bianca, stunned as if slapped in the cheek. It was so funny that Bianca even held her stomach. Zachary opened his eyes, blinking in confusion.

Bianca, who had been laughing for a long time, said, wiping tears from her eyes with her fingers.

"You know I'm not as weak to your gaze as before, right?"

"... I know you don't like it much."

Zachary responded in a murmur. When Bianca was young, she would cry when he looked at her. No, she seemed to cry even without him looking at her. There were times when he stopped walking towards Bianca because he felt like crying when she appeared in his sight.

Not knowing what Zachary was thinking about when he was young, Bianca assumed he was talking about the recent years. It wasn't particularly important at that moment.

Bianca said sternly.

"It's because you always look at me like that. Smile a little more."

"... Like this?"

Zachary obediently smiled as Bianca had instructed. The corners of his mouth, raised higher than usual, began to hurt.

His cheekbones trembled, and he didn't know whether his eyes were closed or if he was smiling. It was a ridiculous expression, unlike that of the dignified knight of Iron Blood, Count Arno, but Zachary practiced an uncomfortable smile, repeatedly raising and lowering the corners of his mouth for a while.

Bianca looked at him and smiled a little. Furthermore, while shaking her head, Zachary's mouth, which was worried that she might have been disappointed, hardened again.

Bianca reached Zachary's cheek. Lightly touching the still trembling cheekbones with her finger, as if plucking the string of a lute, she quickly cupped his cheek with her palm. Bianca's palms were slightly cold, but the temperature was pleasant, like a cool autumn breeze. Bianca whispered softly.

"Still, today is better than before. It's not as threatening. Your lips are beautiful."


Zachary, not understanding, looked at Bianca with a blank gaze, his thin lips twisted in disapproval. It seemed like he was going to die of frustration. Bianca said softly, like a teacher teaching a child to count.

"So, since your lips are beautiful. When I praise you like this, you close your eyes and also part your lips."

Zachary clumsily did as Bianca told him to do. When he closed his eyes, his vision darkened, and a flame like lightning flashed in his sight.

Zachary was an exceptional warrior. Even if he closed his eyes, he could vividly feel Bianca's movement in front of him, as if he could see it. But Zachary's heart pounded, not knowing at all how Bianca looked now. Cold sweat ran down his hands. Was Bianca mocking him? No...

Fortunately, his conflict didn't last long. It was because Bianca pulled Zachary's collar and kissed him. The sensation of their lips touching was exceptionally vivid and warm even amidst the scattered flames.

Under the bright sunlight peeking through the window frames, their bodies entwined once again.

A little longer this time, and more lasciviously.


The day after the victory banquet, Catherine returned to her bedroom with a face as red as her hair. Her indecision tarnished the honor of the Count of Davoville.

She knew better than anyone how her husband had come as a resident son-in-law and how much he had dedicated himself to the Davoville family. As such, she couldn't bear the fact that she had hurt her husband instead of helping him. Catherine apologized in a murmur.

"I'm sorry."


Marceau, the Count of Davoville, known as the Serpent's Tongue, looked at her with a composed expression. His curved eyes looked at her as affectionately as always. His hair and clothes were neatly arranged. He always looked perfect. In contrast, she... Catherine shook her head sadly.

"It's my fault that the family's name has been tarnished. You will be seen as the husband of a countess who just lets herself be carried away."

Marceau urged Catherine with a sweet voice.

"Is that so? The problem... wasn't that young lady? My wife simply couldn't refuse the request of the young Viscountess of Volne. Didn't Countess Arno do the same? My wife is considerate."

Marceau hesitated for a moment, unable to recall the name of the young Viscountess of Volne, but he could remember the title. Marceau filtered and remembered only the pleasant words of Bianca's sharp sarcasm. He had a talent for extracting concise key points from others' long words, but at the same time, he also had a talent for remembering only what he wanted to remember.

As Marceau's consolation didn't help much, Catherine sighed again.

"But I couldn't even protect Ante... What will happen to Ante now?"

"Don't worry about that person anymore."

As expected, Marceau's words were firm. He always gave Catherine the answers she wanted, but this time he had to stand firm.

This was because Ante was a thorn in Marceau's side.

One day, she suddenly arrived at Davoville County. She said she was looking for work, and she searched everywhere, and in an instant, she got a job at the castle. It wasn't Marceau's concern until then, but it became a problem after she got a job at the castle.

Catherine, knowingly or unknowingly, liked beautiful things. Even if it was a person, it was no different, and it was the same even if it was a woman. Her appreciation for a beautiful woman was more contemplative than erotic.

And Ante was a typical beauty. Catherine encountered Ante and made her a maid. It was because it was a pity to see such a beautiful girl washing clothes.

If Ante had been a little kinder or more sensible, there would be no reason for Marceau to consider her as a thorn in his side. But she didn't even realize it.

Ante openly flirted with Marceau. Marceau's eyes could clearly see that she looked down on Catherine in her heart.

As if to ridicule Catherine's red hair, every time she saw Marceau, she would sweep her own blonde hair.

Catherine, beside him, praised her blonde hair, saying that she was really pretty, and for that reason, Marceau's insides burned violently.

However, Marceau left her alone for one simple reason: Catherine liked her.

Upon hearing Bianca's story, it seemed that the same had happened in the Arno territory, and even after hearing that story, Catherine still felt sorry for Ante.

She didn't seem to think that Ante would try to seduce her husband. Otherwise, she must have a lot of trust in Marceau. That was a bit cute.

Anyway, she had to take this opportunity to completely eradicate Ante.

It would be a different story if Catherine truly begged desperately for Ante, but fortunately, his charming wife knew how to listen. And the Count knew very well how to lead such a wife to the desired solution.


"The Countess Arno is not wrong. She is frivolous and has already been seen by all the nobles. It's not good for your reputation to have someone like that around you."

Catherine's eyes fluttered with anxiety. She was about to dig a tunnel. Now was the time to offer carrots.

Marceau said with a smile.

"How about spending time with the Countess Arno instead?"

Catherine's eyes widened at the mention of the Countess of Arno.

Although Bianca scolded Catherine, she didn't seem particularly upset. From Marceau's perspective, it seemed like she wanted her to be a little more cautious. Rather, he was more worried that Bianca might have been disappointed in her.

There were always women with strong voices around Catherine. They were the ones who tried to raise their voices with the excuse that Catherine was too weak. Catherine was the cousin of the Crown Princess and had a good lineage, so she was perfect to elevate the group. And that group was none other than the gang of the young Viscountess Volne.

Compared to them, Bianca was much better. The incident at the banquet hall was enough to know her character.

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