TWB (Novel) Chapter 118


Zachary's face twisted at Sauveur's unexpected response.

Sauveur looked more at Robert, who was beside him, as if he didn't understand Zachary. Robert also showed signs of not understanding Zachary's reaction. Sauveur scratched the back of his neck and said timidly.

"Of course, we knew the Count would sleep with his wife. They are on good terms these days."

Sauveur added and laughed awkwardly.

Zachary couldn't deny Sauveur's words. Rather, he felt as if he had been hit on the back of his head. Zachary waved his hand and turned around. Something seemed very unsettling, but he didn't feel a bad omen.

The exhilarating feeling that seemed to have encountered the wind that had been hiding in an unknown place until now... Unlike before, when they were just a couple in name, the feeling of recognizing Bianca as his wife was accompanied by great pleasure. A burning sensation deep in his stomach. It was more of an aspiration than a desire.

That being said, he couldn't board Bianca's carriage with these feelings. Facing an awake Bianca, it seemed that if their eyes met, this impulse couldn't be extinguished.

Zachary paced around the camp, focusing on the carriage. Even if there were many eyes around him asking why the Count was doing this, he firmly ignored them. And much later, when he thought Bianca had fallen asleep. Only then did Zachary cautiously make his way to the carriage where Bianca was.

But life is always different from what is expected. Contrary to his expectations, Bianca greeted Zachary with her eyes wide open.

And what embarrassed him even more was the fact that she was naked, seductively lying on a fur.

Zachary, who entered through the open door without thinking, was startled and almost raised his voice unconsciously. But he restrained himself. Zachary, gritting his teeth and climbing to the top of the carriage, tied a knot tightly to prevent the door from shaking in the wind.

Once the door was securely fastened, never to be opened, he took a deep breath, composed himself, and slowly looked at Bianca. But his attempts to maintain composure were futile. His face reddened, terrified to see Bianca like this again.

"What is this?!"

Zachary barely spoke in a low, hoarse voice. His muffled, hoarse voice showed how perplexed he was, and his face was so contorted that he couldn't even control his expression.

"Don't I look good?"

Bianca raised her body and asked softly. Zachary was left speechless as she asked the question with wide eyes. The pure white skin wrapped around the dark gray fur shimmered like moonlight in the darkness. Zachary, who groaned softly, could only respond a second later.

"It's not...! What if other people see it?"

"I am your wife, and those outside are loyal vassals who fear you. This is not the capital city, darling," Bianca responded as if she didn't care. Her slowness contrasted with Zachary's nervousness. Unlike Zachary's anxiety, she seemed rather relaxed. It was as if she was trying to assert who had control in this relationship.

Zachary also knew that there was no one big enough to dare to covet his wife here. Still, his heart trembled terribly at the mere thought of it.

Her pure white skin contrasted with Zachary's black attire and the dark fur on the ground, instinctively capturing Zachary's gaze. Zachary gritted his teeth and muttered in the face of the irresistible temptation.

"I just don't want anyone to see you."

"Neither do I."

"But why...!"

"But if I don't do this, you'll sleep beside me like a corpse."

Bianca's pale green eyes provocatively looked at Zachary. Her lips were stubbornly pressed together, but only her eyes made him anxious.

Now that he thinks about it, he forgot about it for a while when he was in the capital.

He felt this from the moment she suddenly asked him to have a successor, but she had a bold side. And that point mercilessly shook Zachary. Even if Bianca herself didn't know it...

Zachary took a step closer to Bianca. The darkness concealed his dizzy mind. Zachary's neck moved violently.

Even when he climbed into the carriage, his body flowed according to his desires to such an extent that it was insignificant that he had promised to sleep peacefully beside her today. The promise once made had long disappeared as if washed away by water.

Was his resolve even that feeble? No. Now that he thinks about it, it has always been like this when it comes to things related to Bianca. Despite promising to protect her until she grew up, didn't he succumb to jealousy and desire?

Bianca approached Zachary. Zachary leaned towards Bianca like a puppet. Zachary smiled bitterly as he looked at Bianca lying on the ground.

"I am a man with a weak mind, so I would like you to refrain from doing this for a while."

"Don't you like this temptation?"

"I do, but not to this extent. It will even take away my will to consider rejecting you."

"Rejection is not consideration, Zachary."

Bianca softly laughed and whispered. Bianca's voice calling his name has always been sweet to hear. Just like the first taste of honey.

At that moment, when Zachary had almost given up, indistinct voices from people could be heard from beyond the carriage. It was only then that Zachary could come to his senses. It was as if someone had splashed cold water on his head.

Leaving her without a roof to sleep under wasn't enough. Trying to have sex in a place like this... No matter how much Bianca desired it, it was something he had to refuse.

He knew that his self-control was as thin as a piece of parchment when it came to Bianca, but it was absurd to confront a situation that had almost crossed the line.

Still, he had to back away. Zachary tried to put his lower body to sleep and tried to retreat.

"But this place is a carriage... Ugh."

But as soon as that happened, her white legs entwined around Zachary's waist. Zachary's lower body sank between Bianca's legs. Bianca seductively enticed Zachary by gripping his neck.

"The leather and fabric covering the carriage are quite thick... if you do it... slower, no one will know."

Bianca smiled.


It was an uncharacteristic aggressiveness from her, blushing because she was embarrassed to do it in broad daylight. Zachary's heart raced at the fact that he desired her so much.

Bianca ignited Zachary's limited self-control. Zachary was not mature enough to endure such a situation.

Zachary kissed Bianca. The tip of his tongue that passed through Bianca's lips seemed desperate, as if unsure of what to do.

Zachary's body covered Bianca, concealing her naked form. Seen from the carriage, the only evidence of Bianca's existence was the legs wrapped around Zachary's waist.

Zachary's hand quickly grasped Bianca's waist. The weather wasn't that cold, but because she was naked, Bianca's skin became covered in goosebumps. When Zachary's warm hands touched Bianca's cold skin, heat spread from the places he touched.

Zachary pulled away from Bianca's lips for a moment, muttering in disgust.

"You said it might get cold, but you're here naked."

"You'll warm me up soon."

Bianca softly laughed. The giggle was an unpretentious smile that was unthinkable for a woman who usually pretended to be a dignified countess.

Zachary would be the only one who could see her like this.

As soon as he realized that, Zachary's chest tensed tightly and then loosened repeatedly. He felt like he had to do something. Zachary, who had wasted enough time, quickly unbuckled his belt and pulled down his pants.

Bianca's heart was filled with terror as Zachary moved inside the carriage again and again. Bianca desperately tried to hold onto Zachary.

Fortunately, her efforts were not in vain, and Bianca was able to cling to Zachary. Still, she couldn't feel relieved, and even as Zachary's hand caressed her skin and his tongue tangled with hers multiple times, she looked at Zachary.

Bianca, who was anxious on the inside, breathed a sigh of relief as she felt Zachary's body inside her. A strong sensation as if filling her entire body overwhelmed her. She became wet more easily than before, allowing him to enter quickly, but still, his size was enormous.


Tears welled up in Bianca's delicate eyes. Bianca let out a trembling sigh. The legs that wrapped around Zachary's waist as if afraid he might escape loosened at some point.

Perhaps because they were in the carriage, Zachary moved more silently than usual. Holding Bianca in his arms, he slowly penetrated her with his cock.

Bianca looked at Zachary. It was difficult to move slowly, his forehead furrowed, and sweat formed on his chin. His clouded black eyes were filled with an urgent desire to satisfy his greed by taking Bianca immediately.

But he didn't change. His movement was measured, as if slowly sweeping velvet. She could vividly feel how his member slid through her, and how it entered.

Zachary, who slowly moved his hips and penetrated Bianca deeper and deeper, suddenly asked Bianca.

"Hng... Now that I think about it... Why today? For a while... you didn't seem interested."

Bianca blinked at the sudden question. Even if she thought about it, it was a little out of the ordinary.

After finding out that he had been chosen by the church, she had neglected Zachary while absorbed in what to do next. So, as soon as they left the capital, she seduced Zachary, and it was natural for him to be confused.

Bianca responded with a moan.

"Today... ah, I just wanted to change it."


"Unlike before, hng, everything."

The couple had slept in separate spaces in the past. But they still didn't have children.

The moment of intertwining their bodies had come earlier, and they were definitely closer than before, but this alone was not enough to be sure that she had completely changed her dream.

She needed something a little different. Something that could ensure she had lived a life that bore no resemblance to her dream.

At the same time, she also wanted to completely erase from her memory the dream where she had neglected Zachary.

Of course, when Bianca first told Zachary that they should sleep together, she didn't think of it that way. How embarrassing it is to be embraced by your husband in a space separated by just a layer of leather.

However, she had an affair with Fernand in the garden in her dreams. It wasn't what she wanted, and Fernand dragged her into it, but that fact didn't change.

As such, she couldn't lift her head in front of Zachary. It felt like she had deceived him, it was a strange sensation...

In reality, Fernand died, but that didn't completely erase the dream of allowing herself to engage in lewd acts. Bianca wanted to do with Zachary what she had allowed Fernand to do. Only then did it seem that the debt in her heart could be erased a little.

If she changes one by one like this, someday she might be able to change Zachary's death too. Thinking like that, Bianca desperately clung to Zachary.

Perhaps stimulated by Bianca, Zachary's hand that held Bianca's thigh tensed.

But it was still an extremely restrained movement. The top and bottom of his body were firmly held, and while he held her in his arms, only his waist moved and thrust inside.


Bianca's neck arched backward.

Her toes trembled as they held on tightly with nowhere to escape from the genitals that penetrated exactly in her deepest place.

If the usual fast movement feels like being caught in a storm, the current slow movement made Bianca more sensitive than usual.

As if trying to mark every place she felt, the sensation of flesh piercing through her sensitive inner walls left her breathless.

From the beginning, Bianca was not the type to moan freely, but she wasn't used to holding back like this. The swallowed moans mixed repeatedly in Bianca's mouth.

"Uhh, ah, no, hng..."

Unable to bear it, Bianca, unconsciously, pushed her hand against Zachary's chest, but he didn't move. Zachary whispered in Bianca's ear, as if growling, with a hoarse voice.

"It was you who provoked me, Bianca."

"Ngh, anh, ahh..."

Bianca bit her fingers hard, thinking that she couldn't contain her moan even if she covered her mouth with her hand. But as soon as she did, Zachary removed her fingers. The bite marks on her slender fingers were evident.

Zachary looked disapprovingly at Bianca's fingers. Meanwhile, Bianca was almost crying from the constant penetration of her lower body.

"Ah, no, they'll hear, ugh, hngh, ah..."

"I can't let that happen."

Zachary's forehead creased. He put his lips on Bianca's, as if to swallow all of her moans. Their tongues intertwined, and Bianca's moans were drowned and scattered.

"Hngh, Hng, ah..."

Tears welled up in Bianca's eyes.

The peak of climax approached her, as if waves rolled over and over again but couldn't sweep the entire sandy beach. It was a pleasure close to pain, close to violence.

She would prefer if he moved quickly, without thinking. The pleasure that lasted longer than usual paralyzed her entire body.

She couldn't push Zachary away, and she couldn't pull away from him. Bianca only held on to Zachary, sincerely wishing to escape from this slow pleasure as soon as possible.

And at one moment, a flash of white light burst in Bianca's head. It was the climax she had been waiting for.


An unbearable moan escaped. Her body stiffened, and her inner walls contracted and relaxed repeatedly. Zachary gritted his teeth and groaned at the intense stimulation that came in an instant.


Zachary, unable to bear the pressure stimulation, quickly pulled his cock out of Bianca's insides. The reddened genitals, which had been soaked with love juice, bounced upright.

And as he passed his hand over the now exposed genitals, white semen spurted from the tip, shooting forcefully. The semen scattered over Bianca's stomach.

Bianca, who had no strength left in her body, lay expressionless, breathing heavily. The aftershocks didn't disappear quickly. She looked around nervously while having an affair, so it was more challenging and more exhausting than usual.

The blurry pupils between slowly blinking eyelashes tried to focus. After gazing at the glow of pleasure for so long, Bianca realized that Zachary had pulled out of her just a moment ago.

"Come to think of it... It's always been like this, except for the first time..."

It was Bianca who always reached climax first, and after that, she would tremble due to the glow of climax, so she hadn't noticed. Still, does it make sense that she hadn't realized until now?

Confused by the shock, as if she had been slapped on the back of her neck, Bianca couldn't manage her expression properly, and her lips tightened.

"If I want to have a child, he has to come inside..."

This was something really important.

Bianca turned her head to Zachary to ask him the reason.

But, coincidentally, at that moment, Zachary's lips covered Bianca's. In that way, the question for Zachary got entangled on her tongue and disappeared.

"Ngh, ahh..."

"Can I do it one more time?"

Zachary's black eyes stared at Bianca. Although he sometimes prevented Bianca from doing what she wanted to do, he never made Bianca do something she didn't want to do. Maybe if Bianca rejects him, he will easily walk away... Rather, Bianca couldn't easily reject him.

"Yes. Let's do it one more time. Because I may have misunderstood..."

With that thought in mind, Bianca approached Zachary's neck instead of uttering a word of approval.

That day, Zachary climaxed a total of three times, but never inside her.

Finally exhausted, Bianca fell into a weak sleep and missed the opportunity to ask Zachary why he was using that contraceptive method.


About ten days after Zachary and Bianca left the capital. Meanwhile, mysterious rumors circulated in the capital of Lahoz. It was about the story of a Saint who appeared in Sevran.

But who the Saint was remained a mystery. Even the Church, which would normally publicize the appearance of a Saint, kept the identity of the Saint hidden in secret. Their gender, status, and age were all unknown. All they knew was that the Saint was from Sevran, and if the Saint wished it, the Church would act according to the Saint's will.

The existence of a Saint appearing for the first time in several hundred years. No matter how secretly hidden it was, there was no reason not to wonder who the Saint was. People began to speculate about this and that.

Perhaps they were the child of a fallen baron without a fiefdom. Or maybe they were the child of a wealthy merchant. There is no law stating that a Saint can only be a noble. They could be a shepherd.

People's conjectures were endless. But none of the countless possibilities had anything to do with Bianca. A noble wife indulging in her luxuries was the farthest thing from a Saint.

Aragon was the one who reacted the most to the rumor of a Saint appearing in Sevran.

Until now, the Church had maintained its neutrality, but since a Saint appeared from Sevran... the Church would follow the will of the Saint, so Aragon could end up in a situation where they might have to deal with the Church's Order of the Paladins. Anxious voices came from all over Aragon.

Castile, which had formed an alliance with Sevran this time through marriage, was not a threat because it was the opposite kingdom of Aragon, but the Church was different.

It wasn't because the Paladins were a strong army. However, there were many believers who believed in the Church and hesitated to point a sword at the Paladins. Aragon also had many believers.

Aragon gradually reduced the number of invasions into Sevran. They had planned to put Jacob on the throne and increase their power, but now was not the right time.

In such a situation, it was none other than Jacob who went mad and acted recklessly.

Jacob tried to secretly find the identity of the Saint. He questioned people, met with Church members, and did everything he could, but he couldn't even find a trace of the supposed Saint.

The flow of the world was changing due to Bianca's courageous actions.

Contrary to the bustling social world due to the announcement of the existence of a Saint, the people of the Arno family returning to the estate were unaware of the rumors infesting the capital.

Their property stretched far ahead of them. The green fields were tinged with yellow. Spring had passed, summer had passed, and autumn would soon arrive.


Bianca and Zachary arrived at the estate on an autumn day, just a few days after the September harvest festival. As if rumors of them becoming a real couple had already spread, all the servants greeted the Count's couple with a smile.

Zachary dismounted his horse and approached to accompany Bianca. Bianca took Zachary's hand and carefully stepped out of the carriage. Vincent, who was observing them, approached and said to them.

"You have worked hard on the long journey, Count. Madam."

"You did a great job defending the territory, Vincent."

"It's what I should do."

"Did anything happen?"


Zachary, who had lightly asked Vincent about estate matters, added anxiously while holding Bianca's forearm, who was listening to their conversation beside him.

"It must have been difficult for you, come in and rest."

Bianca shook her head.

"I was in the carriage the whole time. It wasn't too difficult. I'll just give instructions to organize all the luggage."

"Yvonne will take care of that."

"Yes, Madam. If it collapses, it will be a big problem."

Yvonne happily intervened. If it had been Yvonne in the past, she would have kept her mouth shut and observed her masters, but after many events in the capital, she reached a position where she could speak to some extent.

Vincent, who was observing the conversation between Yvonne and the Countess, had a bewildered expression. As he raised his eyebrows as strongly as he could, the wrinkles on his already furrowed forehead grew deeper and deeper.

When he heard the news of the annexation, he couldn't believe it, but even though he saw it with his own eyes, he couldn't accept it. However, the two of them really looked like a "plausible" couple.

Even Robert, who didn't have a good relationship with Bianca, had a bright expression as if this trip hadn't been so bad.

Vincent coughed in vain, restraining himself. It was clear that this visit to the capital had brought about a great change for the Arno territory. Vincent was determined to ask in detail what had happened and how the atmosphere in the capital was. And Sauveur was perfect for that.

Vincent looked at Sauveur.

Sauveur smiled with joy at returning to the fief, unaware of his fate to inform Vincent about what had been happening in the capital for over half a year for the next three days and nights.

At that moment, there were people who timidly approached Bianca. They were the children of the servants. They seemed to be the children of the women who had learned about lacework from Bianca, standing a few steps behind them with smiles on their faces.

"M-Madam. Welcome."

In front of them was Nicholas. At that age, it is said that each day is different, but Nicholas, who stood in front of Bianca, seemed to be the same height as her. It seems like everything he ate only went up to his height because he was still slim. Like a leaping deer, a smile filled the face of the boy who approached.

Nicholas handed Bianca a bouquet as a representative.

"The children and I gathered only the most beautiful flowers from the forest."

In case Bianca didn't like them, Nicholas rolled his eyes, wondering what to do. But contrary to his concerns, Bianca gladly accepted the bouquet.

"Thank you."

At Bianca's smile, a smile appeared on the faces of the children, who were looking at her nervously.

Bianca, who was very fond of shy and smiling children, gently stroked their heads one by one.

In the midst of it, it was Nicholas's turn. Nicholas was so tall that Bianca gave him a pat on the shoulder instead of stroking his head. It was thanks to Nicholas that she was able to meet the archbishop in the capital this time, so she didn't forget to praise him.

"Your vigil played an important role in the capital."

"Really, Madam? It's an honor!"

Nicholas was delighted. His freckled cheeks lifted up. Nicholas couldn't contain his joy, his face turned red, and he blurted out his words without thinking.
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