SYS (Novel) Chapter 232

C232 - Lani Salome (1)

"You're leaving already? So soon?"

"I'm quite busy, unlike this lazy bum here. The operation took longer than expected, and I can't delay any further."

Misha shrugged and rested her foot on Murakan's head as he continued to kneel and bow.

When Murakan felt her foot touch his head, he desperately tried in vain to stand up. Even the veins on his neck popped out.

But Misha's lone foot was enough to dominate Murakan, who had regained forty percent of his former powers. The companions had briefly felt Murakan's powers, so they couldn't even imagine how powerful Misha truly was.

Murakan continued to struggle and flip around.

Misha remained calm as Murakan writhed.

"Don't get too worked up about it. Essentially, my hectic schedule is all for your benefit."

Everyone looked at each other when Misha abruptly told them she had to leave. Only Quikantel didn't seem surprised, as if she had expected it from the start.

"I'm not angry, but I do feel sorry for letting you go without doing anything for you when you came to help us."

"It won't be necessary. Besides, now you carry my shadow, so I'll always be able to see you when I'm free."

Unlike Murakan, Misha had many things to take care of besides protecting the Contractor. Especially with Solderet's absence, she had to carry out everything he supervised.

Furthermore, she had to search for Solderet, so she had no time for herself. Even when she was drinking with Quikantel on the first night, she had been making preparations for Murakan's operation all night.

"Is there anything I can help with?"

Misha briefly glanced at Jin.

"For now, no. For now, the greatest help you can give me is to keep growing in the right direction."

There was much joy in Misha's eyes as she said this.

"When do you plan on returning to your clan?" she asked.

"I plan on returning around 1799."

"Can't you go back sooner?"

"The time I originally agreed with my father was 1800. I would essentially be going against his word if I returned a year earlier, and I really can't afford to go back before then."

"Hm, that's a shame. It would be much easier to obtain the item if you were a Flagbearer, as you could bring Guardian Knights with you."

"To where?"

"To old Oterium."

"Old Oterium?"

Old Oterium.

It was the former capital of the Holy Kingdom. Now, it was where the headquarters of the Kinzelo Dark Magic Guild was located, and also where Riol Zipple's legacy was stored: The Final Version of the Blazing Flame Orb Magic Tome (멸살암천화염옥 최종형).

"There you'll find a magic tome. It was left behind by Riol Zipple, Solderet's former Contractor."

As Jin lived his second life, he was the only one among his companions who knew about Riol Zeifl's legacy.

But Jin had received information about the Final Version of the Blazing Flame Orb from Solderet himself. Therefore, it wasn't surprising that Misha knew about it, as she was Solderet's Dark Dragon.

"For now, the place is the headquarters of the Dark Magic Guild under Kinzelo."

"I know. That's why I thought it would be best for you to go there after becoming a Flagbearer, but it would be too late if you go after 1799. Well, now that this idiot has regained some of his powers, you would be able to handle it even if you went there right now."

"You seem to know a lot about Kinzelo, Misha."

"I know that they were once allied with the Zipples and that they had wiped out all the Contractors with the Zipples using the Demon God Stone. I also know that the alliance was practically shattered because of you."

As Murakan had her shadow above him, he had a rough idea of Jin and Murakan's activities.

Furthermore, the Kinzelo and the Zipples had always been on her watch list. She speculated that Solderet's disappearance might have something to do with them.

"I'll send a letter here if I receive any important information about them that you need to know. In any case, you might want to get your hands on Riol Zipple's Magic Tome as soon as possible."

"Are there others going after the tome?"

Misha nodded.

"Yes. A sorceress I've been keeping an eye on lately is after the tome. She's a human girl named Aria Owlheart. She was born with an extraordinary destiny, just like you."

Obviously, Jin's companions were expecting the name of a great sorcerer or a rising star, as Misha paid special attention to this sorceress.

But no one had heard of Aria Owlheart before, except for Jin, who did know her.

Could my Master already be going after the Magic Tome at this point?

Aria Owlheart was one of the many false aliases Valeria had used in her past life.

But she treasured this particular alias as if it were her own name because it symbolized that her heart still belonged to the gray owls.

In her past life, she never obtained the Final Version of the Blazing Flame Orb. Instead, she obtained the incomplete second version and showed it to Jin.

"By an extraordinary destiny, what exactly do you mean?"

"That you were chosen by the shadow, and Aria was chosen by History. If you ever cross paths with her, try to encourage her. On a larger scale, you could say she is your ally."

Misha seemed cautious about mentioning anything more about her.

As Aria, or Valeria, didn't belong to the shadows, Misha couldn't intervene too much in her life.

Misha was worried that giving Jin more information about her could influence changes in Valeria's fate.

Was my Master's goal in life to reclaim the magic of the Hister Clan? Was that what Misha meant when she said Valeria was chosen by History?

All sorts of questions arose in his mind.

Suddenly, Misha removed her foot from Murakan's head.

"Oh no. I shouldn't delay any longer. I must leave now. Eh, Murakan."

"What do you want?"

Murakan stood up and fumed as he stared at Misha.

But he couldn't dare to fight with her. Not only did he feel the difference in their power, but he also felt that she could remind him of the nightmares from his childhood if he barked more than he already did.

"Consider yourself blessed and serve Jin well, understood?"

It was true that Murakan had much less to do than Misha. That's what he meant by blessed.

"Hmph! I don't need you to scold me to take care of things here, alright?"

"This won't do at all. I can't stand the sight of him saying things like that. Gilly?"

"Yes, Misha?"

"Don't bake him any strawberry cakes for a month. Understood?"

"Haha, Strawberry Tart will never listen..."

"Alright, Misha."

Murakan immediately paled.

"Well then, I'll see you all next time."


A week had passed since Misha left.

Murakan, who had been very pleased with the restoration of his power, was now sitting in a corner of the gardens, slowly withering away.

He couldn't eat strawberry cakes. He had certainly gone without strawberry cakes for more than a month before, but to have someone prohibit it against his will was a terrible ordeal for him, especially when that someone was Misha.

"Oh, well done, you. You're supposed to be a Dragon. I can't believe you're acting like this. It's almost as if you're turning into a child."

Jin was already tired of Murakan's dejection, so he brought him some strawberry cakes.

"Oh, ohh. Ohhhhhh!"

Murakan's face filled with color as Jin brought him a basket of cakes.

Who would have thought that this Dark Dragon had existed for over three thousand years and had regained forty percent of his powers from his prime?

Murakan hugged Jin with an overwhelmed expression on his face after taking the basket of cakes.

"I knew it, kid. You're the best. Brat, I always knew that raising you would pay off someday."

Murakan took out two strawberry cakes and offered one to Jin. His hand was trembling. It was obvious that he didn't want to share them, but he was making a superhuman effort to maintain his manners.

"Don't worry. Take them all."

Murakan opened his mouth wide and took a bite of the strawberry cake.
Jin watched him silently for a while.

"Lord Kashimir brought us news about Lani. It seems she was detained after helping us and was released just two days ago."

"Really? What a relief. Damn, I don't want to admit it, but if that human hadn't helped me, I would have gotten into big trouble. I probably would have been captured by Kadun and dragged to the Zipple's experimentation chambers. That bastard pisses me off again."

Murakan had mentioned Lani just after Misha returned.

"We must repay that Holy Knight for her favor."

Jin had already planned to do so, but it was quite surprising to hear Murakan express it in his own words.

"You should have been more grateful to your sister who treated you."

"You wouldn't say that if you knew what she did to me when we were kids. She's not a Dragon. She's a demon."

"Anyway, about Lani, it seems she's not doing very well."

"What do you mean?"

"For some reason, it's said that she completely changed right after her probation ended. She's been drinking like an alcoholic and was caught just after her probation ended for causing trouble in front of the temple. That's why she's currently awaiting trial for further disciplinary measures."

The bulletins from his past life often referred to Lani Salome as the prodigal adopted daughter. And according to the information brought by Kashimir, it was safe to say that Lani was quickly becoming one this time as well.

"What? Was that woman always like that?"

Murakan had passed out right after meeting Lani, so he hadn't had any conversations with her.

"Not from the experience I have of her. The Guardians of the Creed Society prioritize discipline and order like no other organization in the Holy Kingdom. That's why their Holy Knights are often expelled for minor offenses, but for some reason, Lani doesn't seem to be expelled."

"She's supposed to be the adopted daughter of the Holy King, right? Isn't that why she gets away with just disciplinary measures?"

"That could be the case. But at the time Lani caused trouble at the temple, the Holy King was conducting a blessing for the Holy Subjects of the Holy Kingdom. In other words, she went against the Holy King himself."

Miklan loved his daughter so much that people called him a fool for his daughter, and Lani, in the same way, obeyed him.

But the relationship between father and daughter deteriorated rapidly after the Santelle incident.

"Is it like some kind of puberty?"

"This is my guess. After the Santelle incident, Lani realized that the Holy King had been on Zipple's side. She felt terribly betrayed and is also confused about her own identity."

"As such, it is not my duty to cover the people's eyes, spread lies, paint evil as good, and fall into disgrace by colluding with the powers that be," she had said.

It was certainly possible, given the unwavering piety that Lani showed towards him.

Murakan fell into thought for a while and locked eyes with Jin. "Anyway, we should first meet that woman and help her in any way we can. My life is worth at least that much, isn't it?".

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