TWB (Novel) Chapter 137


Viscount Huegh wanted to see Zachary's body clearly with his own eyes. However, it was not easy to break through the wall of soldiers surrounding Zachary's body. Seizing this opportunity, Viscount Huegh, who wanted to trample them completely and get rid of them, launched a full-scale attack.

But Arno's troops did not lose momentum. He thought that Zachary's death would shatter their morale, but even in this situation, they did not retreat. They resisted as much as they could and faced Viscount Huegh's army.

As it seemed that Arno's forces could not be easily subdued, Viscount Huegh's face contracted with dissatisfaction. The image of him running towards the second prince and receiving the county in an instant fluttered before his eyes, but as their resistance became prolonged and slow, his stomach burned with anger.

Viscount Huegh had little patience compared to his greed. Since Zachary is dead anyway, there was no need to waste time or soldiers here. Judging that, Viscount Huegh shouted to the soldiers.

"Withdraw! Now that Zachary is dead, the purpose has been fulfilled!"

He then quickly rode his horse and galloped towards Arno's estate where Jacob was.

In Viscount Huegh's mind, there was a suspicion that Zachary was not really dead. But soon he shook his head. Viscount Huegh continued to reflect, but only the blood-stained chest of Zachary and Zachary's pale face came to his mind.

"Yes... he couldn't have survived in that situation. He was hit by an arrow and even fell from a horse."

Meanwhile, he discovered that the rear guard of Arno's army had become noisy. It seemed that Aragón had assaulted the rear guard at that moment.

It was a very clever coincidence.

Not even dreaming that Aragón had been instigated by Jacob, he thanked God for his help. Having assaulted the confused army, Zachary's chances of survival would be even lower.

If Zachary hadn't died... Just thinking about Jacob's reaction sent shivers down his spine.

Zachary must be dead... Viscount Huegh fought off imagining happy thoughts. As if mocking him, the wind brushing his cheeks was unusually cold like a sword.

Was it because he had too many thoughts?

Viscount Huegh never realized that someone was following him.


As soon as Viscount Huegh left the ambush, the spy Zachary assigned to him silently followed him.

As expected, Viscount Huegh did not confirm Zachary's life or death with certainty. Unexpectedly, Aragón targeted his rear guard. Fortunately, there were no major damages because they had prepared in advance, but there was something unsettling about it.

Even after the enemy had completely disappeared, Zachary pretended to be dead for a long time. They did not seem to be so meticulous, but they could have kept him under surveillance. For now, he was going to keep pretending to be dead and observe the situation.

Zachary remained in a heavily guarded place and attended the meeting. Fortunately, Aragón's spirit died when it was attacked.

After some time, the spy who had joined Viscount Huegh returned. His face was red from how quickly he ran here. The spy quickly reported what he had seen.

"It's very important! The place Viscount Huegh ran to was Arno's territory!"

"What? Why the hell is he in Arno?"

"That's not the issue, Count. There is a territorial battle taking place in Arno's estate!"


Inside the headquarters, everyone's expressions hardened. Zachary jumped out of his seat. His wide-open eyes showed how surprised he was. Zachary hastily pressed the spy for more information.

"Who... who invaded the territory?"

"That... The second Prince. It is also presumed that Viscount Huegh turned towards the second prince. The situation seemed urgent, Count."

Why the hell did Jacob invade Arno's territory after having Viscount Huegh hold Zachary's ankle...? This couldn't be a coincidence.

He left Gaspard behind just in case, but the number of soldiers remaining in the territory was around 500. Although he was in an advantageous position within the castle, he couldn't calm himself because he didn't know how many soldiers Jacob had led.

Zachary was 16 years old when he went to war for the first time. Not much different from Bianca's current age... How was it then? Didn't he grit his teeth to resist the fear?

How scared must Bianca be? The figure of Bianca, trembling in the castle, appeared before his eyes. Zachary wanted Bianca to live a life away from war... but now she was facing a territorial battle. All of this happened because of him.

A mixture of remorse and concern enveloped Zachary. His head began to spin, and he felt dizzy. Zachary's large body swayed. Fortunately, he managed to stretch out his arm and lean on the table.


Zachary took a deep breath and barely spoke the words. His heart was pounding, and anxiety overwhelmed him. It felt like someone was grabbing his throat.

It was the first time they had seen Zachary like this. Surprised, Robert and Sauveur supported Zachary. Zachary continued speaking while holding his chest.

"Hurry. We must..."

"I will gather an army immediately. Don't worry."

Robert moved immediately. Sauveur and others also understood the dire situation and nodded. Marceau clarified the situation.

"There are still some troops from Aragón. Sir Henry and I will stay at the border to confront them. Don't worry, Count. Return to Arno and finish the territorial war."

"I will trust Count de Davoville and Sir Henry."

Arno's army alone would be sufficient to finish the territorial war. Bringing in more soldiers would only delay their departure.

The eyes of the soldiers preparing to leave burned with anger. They also had families left behind in the territory. It was natural to be angry because the territory was invaded while they were away.

While they prepared an army to return to their territory, Bianca's messenger also arrived at the border where Zachary's army was stationed. It was such a crucial moment that he could have missed it if he had arrived even slightly late.


"I heard that the territory was attacked. We are preparing to return to the estate. How is Bianca? Is Bianca okay?"

"The Madam is fighting to protect the territory... No, this is not the time. You must hurry...! What the second prince wants is the Madam!"


In response to the messenger's unexpected comments, Zachary called Bianca by her name without realizing it. He was so crazed that he couldn't even maintain such trivial manners.

It felt like he had been struck in the back of the head with a hammer. He assumed that the war would make Bianca suffer. But was Jacob targeting Bianca?

Zachary muttered without understanding.

"Why Bianca?"

"Because the Madam is a Saint! He wants the safety that the Madam can provide. He threatened the Madam... You must go to the territory immediately. Even in the midst of this..."

The messenger urged Zachary. The situation was so urgent that the messenger raised his voice at the Count.

Along with Huegh's attempt to kill him, the situation became clear. Jacob must have intended to marry her, after killing Zachary and leaving her a widow, and leverage her status as a Saint to ascend to the throne with the Church's power behind him.

Zachary's face turned pale. While he was at the border, the presence of a demonic beast hovering over Bianca threatened him.

At that moment, he had an idea. While contemplating, Zachary muttered in confusion.

"If the second prince learned of my death through Viscount Huegh..."

"Perhaps that fact will confuse Arno. It will pressure them to surrender. This is not the time, Count Arno."

Marceau hurriedly urged Zachary. The Castle wouldn't easily collapse. If only that side maintained its resolve. In other words, if the resolve was lost, it was as if everything would crumble.

Before learning of Zachary's death, the messenger who had left the estate didn't understand the conversation and only stumbled upon his words.

"... Are you saying that the second prince might threaten Bianca with my death?"

"I'm certain. There's no way he wouldn't have done that."

Marceau stared fixedly at Zachary. His usually gentle face didn't falter, but in his somber eyes, Zachary could sense many things that couldn't be expressed in words.

His death may have reached Bianca. Zachary closed his eyes tightly out of shame.

He was merely planning to dig a trap to find out who was behind Viscount Huegh. He didn't expect his death to reach Bianca's ears.

How desperate must Bianca have been upon learning of his death? He would prefer if she reacted calmly. No, he didn't want that either. But he also didn't want her to suffer. Please, if she didn't know... He didn't want to make her suffer like this...

Countless thoughts raced through Zachary's mind. It was difficult to maintain objectivity when it came to Bianca.


Zachary headed straight to Arno's territory. It was fortunate that the army was ready to depart immediately.

His black eyes, as he rode his horse, stared straight ahead, changing from anger to despair to a glimmer of hope from moment to moment.

Please. Please, Bianca. I will be back soon, so please wait a little longer.

Zachary fervently prayed. That Bianca would not be defeated by his death. That Bianca would never give up on him...

Please God. If you chose Bianca as the Saint, protect her a little more.

Zachary was desperate enough to call upon a god he had never sought before. His sincere wish continued until he reached Arno.


Zachary continued riding his horse without rest. The constantly passing landscape left his mind in disarray. A trail of steam escaped from Zachary's tightly clenched lips.

It wasn't just Zachary who was desperate. All of Arno's troops ran day and night to reach their territory as quickly as possible.

It took about three weeks to reach the Arno estate. However, as much as they hurried, they managed to arrive at the territory in two weeks.

When they arrived at the Arno estate, fortunately, the castle was on the verge of falling.

The war was in full swing. Catapults had been mobilized, and the walls were filled with enemy troops climbing ladders up the sturdy castle.

Countless soldiers ran toward Arno like ants!

When his eyes met the sight of his castle in ruins, a fire sparked in Zachary's eyes. The firm hands gripping the reins tightened. He wanted to grab the necks of the soldiers hanging from the wall and throw them down.

"This is not a place for you to invade. This is my territory, where my wife should feel safer than anywhere else in Sevran...!"

On the other hand, his heart trembled with gratitude toward Bianca and the servants who guarded the territory with the gate firmly closed even amidst such difficulties.

He wondered what would have happened if they had opened the gate due to the threat of his death... He didn't know if they would have held out like this. From the depths of his chest, something overflowed.

Zachary's face twisted with mixed emotions. His strange eyes, filled with tears and laughter, burned like a terrifying fire that would devour everything.

His body felt so charged that he wanted to jump into the battlefield immediately. Irritability pushed him forward. He would knock down their catapults and pile up their bodies like a tower instead of the ladders they placed on the wall. He would return triumphantly and open his arms to Bianca, who would be waiting for him trapped in the castle.

The hotter the iron, the sharper it becomes. Zachary calmly formed his ranks and determined the best time to enter the war. Minimum sacrifice, maximum damage.

And it didn't take long for that moment to arrive.

Once the moment arrived, Zachary shouted from the front of the army.

"Knights of Arno! Can you see the wretched sight in front of you? While we sacrifice our lives to protect the border, the second prince is ravaging our homeland. What kind of dishonorable thing is this?"


As soon as Zachary shouted, the troops raised their spears in unison. Dressed in black surcoats over their armor and in perfect harmony, the sight was so unreal that it felt like a commanding army crawling forth from hell.

Upon hearing the commotion from behind, Jacob understood the situation. He was mesmerized by the dark army of Arno rushing towards him.

Zachary lowered the helmet visor. His black eyes didn't even blink, as if he had pinned them to the battlefield. Zachary's lips beneath the helmet strangely lifted like a wolf stalking its prey. It was his wild nature that he had never shown to Bianca.

"We can't let them roam our land any longer! Knights of Arno! Let's punish this wicked horde that invaded our land!"


Zachary spurred his horse. His black steed rushed through the enemy camp immediately. With Zachary at the forefront, the soldiers followed him with a loud shout.

Jacob's army, unsure of what to do, scattered here and there. The hooves of Arno flashed back and forth among them, and the tips of their gleaming blades pierced through the enemy's lifeline.

Zachary's army ran wild, decimating Jacob's forces, thus proving why he was called the "Wolf of the Battlefield."

While the Arno army led by Zachary attacked from the rear, disrupting the enemy's front line in chaos, Jacob's army focused on attacking the wall.

Jacob, unaware of what was happening behind the scenes, panicked when he belatedly realized the situation. But it was already too late. Jacob gritted his teeth and shouted at the sudden attack from the rear.

"What's happening...?!"

"It's the Wolf of the Battlefield, Count Arno!"

Jacob was startled by the soldier's cry. He looked at Viscount Huegh beside him.

As soon as the words "Count Arno" fell, his complexion turned pale. He quickly understood the situation and tried to escape, but Jacob reached out his hand first.

Jacob's hand gripped his neck, and unable to flee, he had to face his blue eyes. Viscount Huegh felt terrorized by the madness gleaming in his eyes.

Jacob's face was not swayed by any emotion, even though he should have been in a situation where he couldn't contain his anger. Instead, he seemed peaceful. Jacob softly whispered.

"Didn't you say Zachary was dead?"

"H-He's definitely dead! He died! Blood was gushing out..."

"What kind of damn dead man is he?!"

But Jacob's pretentious peace didn't last long. Stunned by the viscount's ridiculous excuse, he shouted, pointing at the man soaring back and forth through his army. He was agitated to the point that the veins in his neck bulged, gasping for a moment.

Then, he suddenly wiped away his expression and smiled. The change in attitude was swift, as if he were flipping the palm of his hand. A cold sweat ran down Viscount Huegh's back. Jacob said, quietly.

"I didn't expect much from you. I didn't even believe that Zachary was truly dead. However, at least you shouldn't have appeared so relaxed, emitting the atmosphere you've been following. Huh?"

"I really don't understand... Please, forgive me, Your Highness!"

Viscount Huegh, who constantly made excuses, only later realized that Jacob's desire was not his excuse. He fell to the ground and begged Jacob for forgiveness. Viscount Huegh prayed for his hands to turn into feet, but Jacob's gaze remained unchanged.

"You're stupid and even lie, you're truly useless... I feel sorry for the previous Viscount Huegh, who entrusted you with the family."

Viscount Huegh's face turned red at Jacob's words.

Even so, the father of the current Viscount Huegh, the former Viscount Huegh, felt sorry for Zachary until shortly before his death.
Not only that. If he hadn't been senile during his illness, he would have considered passing the title to his second son, Zachary, not the first.

To do that, he had to deal with the current Viscount Huegh, who was the main successor. The current Viscount Huegh managed to realize that fact. Angry, he killed his father and inherited the title of viscount to save his own life.

As much as that was the case, the story of the previous Viscount Huegh was the weak point of Zachary's brother.

But could he be angry with Jacob at this moment? The current atmosphere did not allow it. Viscount Huegh bowed his head and prayed fervently. Just thinking about the kind of gaze Jacob was giving him made him tremble.

"I'm sorry, Prince. I will definitely make up for this mistake...!"

"Will you make up for it?"

"Yes! To help the prince...! Kugh, ugh...!"

Viscount Huegh desperately clung to Jacob. But his words couldn't continue. It was because Jacob's sword crashed into the back of his head.

"All you can do to make up for it is to die."

Viscount Huegh, who was pierced in the back of the head, groaned like a lizard impaled by a knife, unable to even raise his head, and then slumped down.

Jacob clicked his tongue and drew his sword. Spreading the blood that had adhered to the blade in the air, he looked at his army, as they were being pushed back, with narrowed eyes.

He killed Viscount Huegh, but only to vent his frustration. His head was tangled with how to deal with this situation.

Zachary's army has been riding for a long time, so they must be physically exhausted. They are overwhelmingly pressing at the moment, but if they hold on a little longer, they will also run out of energy...

But they were tired as well. In fact, they were in the midst of a full offensive to capture Bianca, who refused to surrender.

The higher the tower, the greater the impact when it collapses.

And soon, they collapsed helplessly.

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