IBRV (Novel) Chapter 35


Enosh Shan Oried has been weak since birth.

He was born so weak that he was judged as a terminal patient.

Doctors said Enosh wouldn't live more than three years the day he was born, and it would be difficult for him to reach seven when he turned three.

The day he turned seven, they said it would be hard for him to reach ten, and the day he turned ten, they said he would never make it to twelve.

Every time Enosh didn't die on the day the doctor predicted, they beheaded the doctor who said so.

In fact, what the doctor said wasn't entirely wrong.

If he were a normal child, Enosh would have already died.

However, he had the emperor at the pinnacle of all power and wealth as his father, and the emperor, who cared for the youngest prince, did not sit idly waiting for his son's death.

All kinds of good medicines and doctors were attached only to Enosh, and the child's lifespan was repaired day by day.

That's how the youngest prince, Enosh, survived to this day.

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