LWTG (Novel) Chapter 250



It was a word that went hand in hand with Son OhGong, anyway.

Everything he did was an accident for everyone, including YuWon. Wherever he went, there were always accidents, and YuWon was used to it.

This time was no different.

YuWon knew OhGong would cause trouble.

That's why he had sent him.

To go somewhere and get into trouble once again.

But when OhGong said it, it was a different story.

"He made a bigger mess than I thought."

Suddenly, a feeling of curiosity and anxiety washed over him.

He had sent him there to cause chaos, but had he caused more than he expected?

Of course, whatever the accident was, it would be of a similar kind if OhGong caused it.

"...That's fine."

After a moment of concern, YuWon nodded.

It was a problem that OhGong had exaggerated things by using the word 'accident,' but whatever it was, it wouldn't be that big of a deal.

What mattered was the direction, even if it was a bit extreme.

As long as the direction was right, it didn't matter what it was, and the OhGong he knew could always be wrong but never wrong in the direction.

"What's wrong?"

Odin asked, hearing YuWon's murmurs as he looked at his player kit.

YuWon looked up.

Now was the time to explain the situation.

"There's a problem."

"What problem?"

"I don't know exactly yet."


He made a quick call, but OhGong didn't answer.

It wasn't hard to guess why.

"He must be fighting."

With the giants of Muspelheim.

So fiercely that he didn't even have time to look at his player kit.

It was YuWon who sent Son OhGong to Muspelheim.

He had a job to do there, and he knew there would be some conflict in the process.

He wasn't too worried, as long as he didn't run into Surt, there was no one to stop him.

He told him to be as quiet as possible, but a collision was inevitable.

And that was the reason.

The reason why he sent OhGong.

"You owe me an explanation."

Odin's eyes narrowed at YuWon's unexpected reaction.

YuWon hesitated for a moment and then spoke.

"I sent the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal to Muspelheim."

"...The Great Sage, Heaven's Equal?"

At the mention of the great man's name, Odin seemed concerned.

He also knew Son OhGong's character well.

It was natural for him to be worried.

"Why him?"

"I need something, and only he could do it."

"If you need something..."

Odin thought instead of asking what it was.

He wondered what could be in Muspelheim that justified sending him there.

But that thought didn't last long.

"What is it?"

Odin asked, unable to find an answer, and YuWon shook his head.

"That's not important now."

YuWon sighed heavily as he reviewed OhGong's messages once again.

"From Asgard's perspective, this guy is probably a problem due to his close relationship with the accident."


Odin felt his already complicated head spinning.

"It won't be a small fight."

It was the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal.

A High Ranker who recently held the 12th position and now ranks 10th after defeating the Jade Emperor.

When a High Ranker player who was difficult to control even for the Administrators moved, it meant that the place would become a battlefield, big or small.

"If the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal doesn't respond, it's probably Surma."

"The first son of Surt?"

Surt had many sons.

Most of them were High Rankers or Rankers, giants of immense power.

In Asgard, they were known as the 'Sons of Muspel'.

"If it's Surma, he's not an easy opponent, even for the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal. They've probably already captured him. The Great Sage, Heaven's Equal may be alone, but the Sons of Muspel don't move alone."

Although Surma had a lower rank than Son OhGong, Surma was a giant, and giants live in communities despite not matching their size.

The battle between OhGong and the giants might resemble the Gigantomachy War.


"Well, I don't know how it'll turn out, but...."

Although this was true, there was something that Odin in front of him didn't know.

"Son OhGong is not the only one."

Firstly, Son OhGong has a rare deceit ability called "alter ego."

Secondly, OhGong is not the same OhGong that Odin knew.

"Because he has also used the Clock Movement."

Odin was supposed to know everything about this Tower.

The only thing he didn't know was the Clock Movement that his future self had created.

"Well, people say that the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal should never be underestimated."

"That's right."

"Is the reason you sent him to Muspelheim by any chance the reason I think it is?"

"There are actually two reasons..."

YuWon saw through Odin's thoughts and nodded.

"You're probably right about one of them."

"I see."


A crack appeared in the handle of the jade throne on which Odin was seated.


The golden castle trembled.

Odin's anger, which he had been holding back until now, began to seep out.

"You did something truly arrogant."

Odin's eyes glowed with a fearsome power.

A terrifying force that was suffocating to behold. Odin didn't like the calm expression on YuWon's face.

"Were my decisions so bad?"



The cracked throne finally shattered and collapsed.

Oddly, above the shattered throne, Odin floated in the air, maintaining his seated position.

"Regardless of my decision, the mere movement of the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal is the same as the beginning of war. If this happens, Asgard will also be forced to pay attention to Muspelheim's movements. Either way, no matter what decision I would have made, the war would have started anyway."

As YuWon looked at the swaying ceiling of the castle, Odin continued.

"Whether a fight starts or not."


YuWon didn't exactly deny it.

"You're not wrong."

Son OhGong traveled to Muspelheim.

YuWon thought that OhGong would definitely cause a conflict.

It was just a matter of scale, and he didn't think OhGong would return from Muspelheim in one piece.

It turned out that OhGong behaved as well as YuWon expected.

In a way, the current outcome of a larger disturbance than expected could be better.

And he did it for two reasons.

The first was that if there was going to be a war, it was best for it to start as soon as possible.

The second was...

"Did you think of dragging Asgard by force even if I didn't want to fight?"

The idea was that when Odin couldn't make a decision, he would somehow be forced to make a decision.

Quite an extreme method.

YuWon had to send OhGong to Muspelheim no matter what Odin decided.

It was just as Odin thought. At least half of it.

"Similar, but different."


"I was thinking of fighting amongst ourselves."

Amongst ourselves...

He meant YuWon and his current companions, including Son OhGong.

"If Asgard backs away after seeing that fight, well, that's how things are."

"Are you trying to provoke sympathy?"

"I don't recall receiving much sympathy from you, and you're not one to be swayed by it."

YuWon shrugged.

"I was just trying to fight. Although it would have been much longer and harder without Asgard."


Odin clicked his tongue and covered his face with a hand.

There was nothing to say. He already knew that YuWon had insisted on starting Ragnarok, and he couldn't prevent them from fighting amongst themselves.

"This way, Ragnarok will be faster than I thought."

Dejected, Odin snapped his fingers.

Shurrrr, shurrr-.

The broken gold pieces began to reassemble.

The castle stopped swaying, and the golden throne returned to its original position.

It was as if time had been reversed.

Once Odin's anger had subsided, YuWon asked.

"Anyway, have you made up your mind?"

"Aren't you afraid of me?"

"Truth be told, no."

"I was just trying to scare you."

A deep sigh.

Odin hesitated for a moment with his response.

"Well... more or less."

"We shouldn't do things 'more or less'... although I'd like to say that, it's enough for now."

"Enough for now?"

"Because, anyway, Asgard won't move soon."

YuWon said, tucking the player kit back into his arms.

"Prepare for war. We first have to warm up."

"Warm up..."

Odin nodded.

"That makes sense."

As he said, he wasn't ready to start Ragnarok immediately.

Unlike Muspelheim, Asgard had chosen so far to coexist peacefully instead of preparing for war.

No matter how powerful a force is, it cannot be strong if it is scattered.

Asgard was still unprepared.


"And you, Odin, are the one who needs to be ready."

The same went for Odin.

The corners of Odin's mouth twitched as if he had just been punched in the face.

"Hm, I wonder how long it's been since someone read me like that..."

Only their second encounter.

But he had to admit it.

"You seem to know me quite well."

YuWon knew him well.

Scarily well, too.

Even when he was angry, he showed no fear and knew how he thought and judged him based on that.

Anyway, he had already made a decision about Ragnarok. Odin's attention shifted elsewhere.

"What was your relationship with me?"

"We were friends."

"Me? With you?"

An astonished look.

Judging by YuWon's expression, it didn't seem like he was lying. Odin looked at him incredulously.

He couldn't believe that he had really become friends with someone as young as him.

And then...

"I guess I accepted you after all."


Laughing, Odin stood up from his seat and spoke.

"Alright. Let's start that thing called preparation. Asgard and me."

The corners of YuWon's lips twitched at that cheerful expression.

It was finally happening.

Asgard was on their side.

"So prepare well, and I..."

YuWon turned around.

"I'm leaving, I'm in a bit of a hurry."

"Are you going up?"

Going up.

To the 65th floor world.

"To go to Muspelheim?"

The Giants, and YuWon in particular, had to go to the Demon World.

With a tone that seemed to know everything, YuWon turned his head towards Odin.

It didn't seem like he was asking out of curiosity.

"Then you have to take the trial, don't you?"


"You don't have to go far."

At YuWon's confused look, Odin wore a satisfied expression.

"I am the Acting Administrator."

Acting Administrator.

It was a weighty title that only someone strong could hold.

A position with the power to promote individual players at will, without conditions.

And it was Odin who held it.

"Since I was forced to have that position, I've never tested anyone because it's bothersome..."

Odin looked around the grand hall and asked.

"What do you think about taking the trial here?"

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