LWTG (Novel) Chapter 257



Heavy footsteps shook the ground.

The giants didn't move. They were also players of a fairly high level, ranked players.

Instinctively, they knew that their opponent was not an ordinary player. Moreover, there was no giant in this Tower who didn't know his name.

Hercules, the Giant Slayer.

His name was even more feared by the Giants than the name of the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal.


"Why is Hercules here?"

Among them, there were also Giants who had participated in the Gigantomachy in the past.

A high-ranker who acquired the ability to turn into a giant by killing numerous giants in a long and protracted war.

The sworn enemy of the giants.

His presence was a disaster for the giants.

"Are you alright?"

Hercules reached out his hand to Son OhGong, who was staggering as if he could collapse at any moment.

His legs wavered as if he would collapse at any moment.

OhGong stared at the hand and frowned.

"It's nothing."

"I don't think it's the time for pride."

Hercules looked around.

Although his presence intimidated them for the moment, it was unknown when they might regain their senses and pounce on him.

Since his sole purpose was to help OhGong get out of here, it would be problematic if OhGong rejected his help.

"You said you came here because you were asked to, right?"

OhGong asked, and Hercules nodded.

OhGong asked convinced.

"Is that guy, Kim YuWon?"


"Well, that bastard. Persistent to the end..."

With the thought of "Well, whatever," his legs strengthened again.

It must have been because he had time to take a break from the constant fighting.

['Breathing Technique' activated]

[Breathing stabilizes]

[Health is restored]

[Arcane Power and Mana are restored]

A surge of Arcane Power.

It was only a little, but he began to feel his body revitalizing again.

It was enough to prepare for battle.

"So, once again..."

"Stay on the sidelines for a moment."


Hercules's steps turned towards the giants.

"These guys are my specialty."

"..Ah, I see."

Normally, OhGong would have caused an unnecessary scene by saying that he didn't need help.

But this was a different case.

"I hate to admit it, but I'm exhausted."

OhGong glanced and saw Hercules's back.

'When it comes to fighting giants, there's no one like him.'

Sending Hercules here was an excellent choice.

In the fight against giants, Hercules would currently be better than him.

"Although I still have my pride and can't just sit back and enjoy watching someone fight for me."

Hercules, who was about to extend his fist, turned his head at OhGong's words.

"You're not much help in that condition..."


Something flew in front of Hercules's eyes.

Hercules's arm, which reflexively caught it, trembled.

A great weight.

It was enough for Hercules to lose his grip for a moment.


The ground beneath Hercules's feet slightly bent under the weight.

When he realized what he had in his hand, Hercules looked at OhGong.

"What is this?"

"It's the Ru Yi Bang."

The Ru Yi Bang.

It was the symbol of the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal, and an Item said to be wielded only by the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal.

"You may not be accustomed to handling its weight yet, but you should be able to wield it."

With a strange expression on his face, OhGong rested his head on intertwined hands.

"I'll lend it to you. Make good use of it."

The original Hercules used a club made from the root of Yggdrasil.

Hercules, who had reached the top 20 using only his bare fists and no items, skyrocketed in the rankings the moment he had the right item in his hands.


Hercules swung the staff he held in his hand.

It was heavy.

But not so much that he couldn't wield it.

"Not bad."

A casual comment.

But the corners of his mouth curved into a smile.

It was a confident smile.

Thump, thump.

Tendons bulged from Hercules's arms.

"Grow, Ru Yi."

Creak, creak.


Hercules instinctively realized how to use the Ru Yi.

The Ru Yi extended towards the sky.

Gripping it with both hands, Hercules swung it with all his might against the giants.

Boom, boom, boom.


The bodies of the giants were shattered by the blow.

Having cleared the path in an instant, Hercules lifted the enormous staff over his shoulder and said,

"This is really good."


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The player kit made a sound.

YuWon glanced at the text on the kit.

[Hercules: Found him]

He felt relieved to receive the message he had been waiting for.

"Thank goodness."

Hercules, the enemy of the giants, had been sent by YuWon to work with Son OhGong.

If OhGong couldn't escape and got stuck in the midst of Muspelheim, it would be a big problem. As much as they reduced the number of giants in Muspelheim, losing Son OhGong in Ragnarok would be a loss.

"With Hercules, there won't be any problems."

Unless Surt makes a move, they won't be able to capture Son OhGong and Hercules.

But that would be unlikely, as Surt would be busy gathering the 'fire.'

At least for now, YuWon could be at ease.

"What's so amusing to watch?"

Someone asked.

Diablo, who approached, glanced at YuWon's player kit.

When Diablo was already a step away from YuWon, he quickly closed the player kit.

"What, is it something funny?"

"It's private."

"Well, I've helped you, so why don't you tell me the secret?"

"I'm aware of that."

If it weren't for Diablo, it would probably have been difficult for YuWon to attract the Demon Kings.

Even if he could draw the Demon Kings' attention through a question-and-answer session, YuWon had a 50% chance of them siding with Asgard.

In the end, it was Diablo's influence that led to this outcome.

"I like strong men. And you are one of the strongest I know."

YuWon looked at Diablo with a perplexed expression.

Diablo was generating a lot of speculation about YuWon.

However, as far as YuWon knew, there were many people around Diablo who were stronger than YuWon.

"I don't think I'm that good."

Only Baal was one of the top 100 players, just like Metatron, Diablo's nemesis, or Miguel de los Cielos.

In addition, Diablo had previously faced the God of War and the Jade Emperor.

"An adult hound may be able to fight and defeat a tiger cub, but they are not the same, they are different."

"Are you saying I'm a tiger?"

"Something like that. The others are nothing more than hounds in my eyes."

If someone else had said this, it would have seemed arrogant, but this was Diablo.

"I want to see how you develop, I want to see how far you go and how impressive you are."


Diablo turned around.

Where he turned, a huge demonic beast lay on its back.

"I heard that you defeated Li Jing."

Diablo jumped onto the beast's body.

He gestured for YuWon to hurry up and get on board.

"Astaroth lost to him in the past. Since then, I've been interested in the Pagoda-Bearing Heavenly King."

Diablo had been interested in YuWon for a long time.

Ever since Diablo's alter ego in the administrator's trial was easily defeated by YuWon.

Then the news of Li Jing's defeat reached his ears.

That's why Diablo raised his hand in favor of YuWon.

"Where are you going?"

"Where in the world is anything free?"


The monster carrying YuWon and Diablo stood up.

Diablo spoke up.

"The decision can be reversed. Gathering the Demon Kings and persuading those selfish bastards is not a difficult task for me."

"Is that a threat?"

"I am the one wielding the sword, take it as you will."

YuWon seemed to know what he wanted.

Diablo offered to fight YuWon as a condition for joining Asgard.

The reason this outcome could come now is because of Diablo's expectations for YuWon.

"If you disappoint me, I can always reverse my decision. On the other hand, if it's the opposite, I will do you a favor. Whatever it may be."

Doo-doo, doo-.

The monster carrying Diablo and YuWon left the palace. Diablo crossed his arms and looked into the distance, where the monster was headed, and then smiled satisfied.

"Are you sure you won't disappoint me?"

This is not a fight that can be won.

The opponent was Diablo.

A high-ranker player, ranked 14th.

He was no match for him.

Diablo also compared YuWon to a tiger that had not yet grown.

In this fight, he didn't have to win, he had to prove himself.

"It's a battle where I have to meet his expectations..."

It's not a bad proposal.

He would be doing him a favor if he lived up to his expectations.

Upon hearing those words, he immediately thought of a favor to ask.


Arriving at a deserted area far from the city where Belial's palace was located, YuWon and Diablo stood face to face.

"Well, don't put too much pressure on yourself, let's just have some fun."

"I actually don't like fighting."


The sword was unsheathed, and YuWon's Arcane Power began to slowly emanate.

"No pressure."


Ssh, shh-.

Arturo... Ares...

And Susanoo.

All of YuWon's undead appeared.

-If you're calling me, you must be in a lot of trouble.

Susanoo wasn't much help to YuWon.

He refused to acknowledge him as his master until he defeated him.

As a result, YuWon didn't feel comfortable dealing with him. A rebellious spirit often required more mana than usual to control.

Therefore, YuWon needed a different bait to lure Susanoo.

"Look at the guy in front of you and tell me who he is."


He could feel Susanoo's spirit stirring.

The only bait that could provoke him.

It was the presence of a strong enough "enemy" to fascinate Susanoo.

"If you don't want to fight, come in."

-Is that how you're going to settle it?

YuWon's intentions were obvious.

So even though it felt unpleasant, he couldn't help but ask.

Diablo's bait was too good to pass up.


He was a well-known fighter among the High-Rankers.

-Just this once.

"That's enough."

Anyway, he soon intended to subdue Susanoo, as he had said. This was the last time he would receive help from him in this dishonest manner.


Chik, chik.

The color of the ground began to change beneath Diablo's feet.

The ground turned bright red.

Diablo walked on the hot ground.

"You've called upon an interesting guy."

Being fond of the strong, Diablo had been interested in Susanoo for a while.

He was said to be the strongest of the Three Precious Children, with demonic sword skills like that of a ghost.

At his appearance, Diablo became even more rigid than before and opened his mouth.

"You're a tiger after all."


Diablo's skin, which had taken on a human form, tore to reveal the demon skin underneath.

"Kim YuWon."

It felt like his body would be crushed just by getting closer.

YuWon started to move his heavy feet toward Diablo.

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