LWTG (Novel) Chapter 264



The Ru Yi Bang was intercepted in the middle. With Surt's power in his hands, hot flames were sent towards Son OhGong.

Huah, huahruhruh-.

The blazing fire flowed through his body as he rode the Ru Yi Bang.

He tried to channel the flames through the Golden Cinder Eyes, but it wasn't enough.

[The 'State Anomaly: Burn' begins]

It had been a long time since he heard a message like this.

"It's like the first time I was trapped in the Eight Trigrams."

An unfamiliar message for Son OhGong, who had a strong resistance to burns.

That meant Surt's fire was very strong and hot.


"Resistance is resistance, and my ability to endure is not easily dealt with either."


Son OhGong injected more strength into the Ru Yi Bang, which was trapped in Surt's hand.



Arcane Power flowed into the Ru Yi Bang.

"Ru Yi."


As OhGong's words fell, Surt's body was lifted into the sky by the Ru Yi Bang.

The corners of his mouth turned upwards.

But that didn't last long.


Through the Golden Cinder Eyes, it could be seen how a huge meteorite fell from the sky.


At the same time as his surprise, Son OhGong's Arcane Power moved.

The meteorite fell right after.


Crash, crash-!

The ground cracked around the place where the meteorite fell, and in its center, an indeterminately deep pit appeared.


In the next moment, a huge column of fire rose from the pit.

The earth trembled, and OhGong began to sweat. If I hadn't hastily moved on my Flying Nimbus, I would probably be in the center.

"It's not a meteorite."

OhGong, who had initially mistaken it for a meteorite, scratched his cheek in disbelief.

"What an ignoramus."


A massive figure emerged from the column of fire.

And right at that moment...


Surt jumped up.

The giant was already tall enough to touch the sky, but when he stood up, he grew even taller.

He wondered how far it would go.

Son OhGong's view, looking at the giant through his Golden Cinder Eyes, became blurry due to Surt's fire.

And as his vision blurred...


Surt's foot, which had risen upwards, crushed OhGong's body.


OhGong screamed as the lower half of his body, including his waist, was crushed.

"You're the monkey, aren't you?"


Bending down, Surt's eyes locked onto OhGong's.

Despite the situation, Son OhGong opened his eyes and smiled.

"Good to see you, big guy."

"Maybe if I kill you, they'll stop."

A voice that sounded amused.

One of Surt's eyes looked towards the sky where the city rose in the distance.

Apparently, his target hadn't changed.

"But they say you're immortal, and though I don't know if you're really as indestructible as the rumors say, at the very least, it means you're much harder to kill."



OhGong's body burst into flames. Another level of burning, and OhGong stifled a scream between clenched teeth.

"If you don't want to die, bring them back."

Knowing the difficulty of killing OhGong in the first place, Surt ignored him, determined to find Baldur.

But just for a moment...

Son OhGong interrupted Surt as he tried to pursue the flying giants of Jotunheim.

"If I... hadn't wasted so much energy on that..."


Clenching his teeth in frustration, OhGong stood up in one leap.

"I wouldn't... lose...!"

Thud, thud, thud-.

Surt's foot began to rise slowly.

From Surt's perspective, it looked as if an ant was lifting his body.



Surt's body lifted.

But only for a moment.

"You're using all your power, but it's nothing against me."


OhGong was once again crushed under Surt's feet.

"Even if you don't die, you'll lose consciousness and fall."

Surt raised his foot again.

With all his might, he was going to crush OhGong once more.

But then...

[Something is wrong, Father.]

A voice resonated in Surt's head as they were in the midst of the fight.

The voice interrupted the fight, and Surt's already bad-tempered face hardened into a grim line.

"Who are you?"

[I am Suyar].


He was probably the fifth or sixth child. As a high-ranker with a fairly high position in Muspelheim, he did not follow him and remained in Muspelheim.

Unless it was extremely urgent, he would not be able to contact him directly like this.

"What's the matter?"

He asked.

[Odin is here]

"Odin? In Muspelheim?"

Surt was surprised.

He looked down at Son OhGong, who was under his feet.

His sarcastic smile had turned into an expression that seemed to know something.

"You mean you knew he was coming."

"Now you know, you little shit!"

The small figure spoke as if shouting.

Surt's expression hardened at OhGong's confident tone.

"Then, Baldur is not here."


This was not the reaction Son OhGong was expecting.

Without Surt, Muspelheim was a half-empty house.

Son OhGong was sure that Surt would be upset because he had been deceived.

"I have to go back."

But something was wrong.

Surt's relaxed attitude...


Surt turned around.

As if he didn't care about the fallen Son OhGong.



Surt's legs, which had been moving step by step, stopped.

He turned to see a cloud that was tying his feet.

"You can't go back."

Son OhGong couldn't bear to leave Surt trying to escape.

Initially, he wanted to confront him, but this time it wasn't just for that reason.

"Just hold on for three hours."

The real reason was a promise he had made to YuWon.

"Just three hours."

"Are you thinking of enduring more?"

"There's still a long way to go..."

OhGong's eyes burned fiercely.

"Until the promised time."


Son OhGong's expression was reflected in Surt's pupils.

The venom in his eyes reflected his determination to fight to the death.

Not an easy opponent to face.

Surt no longer looked at Son OhGong with contempt.



A red aura loomed over Surt's body.

The fire he had been accumulating for so long burst forth, and in an instant, the atmosphere grew even hotter.

"I'll end this once and for all."


At the moment when Surt's flames were about to explode...


The ground rumbled in the distance.

Surt's head turned.

Then, a group of people entered the pupils of his mountainous eyes.

"It's a war!"


"Kill them!"

Thump, thump, thump-.

A horde with horns on their heads rushed forward.

Waves of demonic mana began to approach.

Surt looked up and saw a long-haired man floating above them, staring at him.


"Long time no see, Surt."

A High-Ranker who eroded space while radiating Demon Energy.

Suddenly, the man flaunted his horns, which were as big as his own body, causing a commotion.

"Let's have a good fight."

"...You came quickly."

OhGong weakly smiled at the arrival of reinforcements.

Three hours.

It was not a short period of time.

Not even OhGong would be able to move the giants of Jotunheim and stop Surt alone.

And that was why YuWon sought out Diablo.

"I'll take care of it."

Diablo, together with OhGong.

And the other demons.

Certainly, they could delay time long enough.


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Arriving in Muspelheim, YuWon sent Baldur with Odin.

Odin was pillaging an empty house. It was a strategy to weaken Muspelheim's forces as much as possible while Surt spent time in the empty Jotunheim.

He and Baldur rode the Flying Nimbus to the Asgard ship they had prepared in advance to quickly reach Muspelheim. He had an important reason to hurry to Muspelheim.

'Now that Surt is gone, we need to weaken Muspelheim's power as much as possible and...'


As he walked on the red earth, YuWon activated his Golden Cinder Eyes.

['Golden Cinder Eyes' have been activated]

'Burn it as much as possible.'


In the midst of the great battle called Ragnarok, there were two main objectives: to minimize the size of the war and to weaken Surt's power in Muspelheim as much as possible.

"He had been preparing for a long time. To fight against Asgard."

Odin regretted his confident attitude that he would never be defeated and his desire for peace. Due to those attitudes, an even bigger war broke out in the Tower, and more people died.

To stop that, he needed to find the 'Fire' accumulated by Surt.

"And where has Surt accumulated his 'Fire'?

"In the center of Muspelheim. The island where all the fire and lava flow."


When he set foot on the island, he felt the heat emanating from the ground.

YuWon frowned as he felt his skin burning. Before he knew it, giants with fiery bodies blocked his view.

"A human."


"How did he get here?"

"Is he an Asgard Ranker?"

Each of these giants had inherited the power of the demons.

Most of them wielded elemental mana of fire and seemed to be able to withstand the heat.

YuWon took a glance, and looked towards the huge crater opening among them.

'There it is.'

The center of Muspelheim, where Surt had accumulated all the fire in the world for so long.

In the time of Ragnarok, Odin had been defeated by Surt. Odin found it strange, but the reason was the 'fire' he had accumulated over the years. And if that power had been dispersed, Surt would not have been able to defeat Odin and win the war.

"Do you remember the coordinates?"

"Yes, I remember them."

"Then, we have to destroy that place."

That's why YuWon thought it had to be stopped.

Everyone else agreed.

Except one.

"There is a better way."

It was Odin who had a different idea.

He knew more about Ragnarok than anyone, and understood Surt better than anyone.


YuWon took out an orb that he had kept in his inventory for a while.

"In Muspelheim lies the Heart of Fire."

"What are you doing?"

"Are you taking out a snack or something?"

The giants mocked YuWon's sudden behavior.

And true to the giants' words, YuWon put the Heart of Fire in his hand into his mouth.


The item that Son OhGong had struggled so hard to find.

"The only item that can withstand the immense fire of Muspelheim."


His chest heated up. YuWon grabbed his chest in pain, as if his heart was about to be completely burned.

And at that moment...

[You have consumed the 'Heart of Fire']

[You are defying the laws of fire]

[The 'State Anomaly: Burn' begins]

['State Anomaly: Burn' has reached level 2]

['State Anomaly: Burn' has reached level 3]

[The 'Heart of Fire' absorbs the fire around you]

['State Anomaly: Burn' decreases.]

An item that defies the laws of fire.

The pain of the burns continued, but still, YuWon smiled.

It was just as Odin had said.

"Get that thing, distract Surt, and draw the 'Fire' out of there. So that you can finally remove the 'Fire' from him smoothly."

"When you do that, that Surt will have a real headache."

The Fire, which had been collected for thousands of years, only to defy Odin.

And now, it was destined to be YuWon's lunch.

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