SYS (Novel) Chapter 252

C252 - Feats of the Flagbearer (1)

No one expected his name. When the elegant blond hair was uncovered beneath the hood and the layers of decadent makeup were revealed, everyone thought that Bamel would finally show up.

But Jin Runcandel?

The entire plaza fell silent. People questioned their own ears as they waited for Jin to continue.

Jin Runcandel?

Wasn't it supposed to be Bamel, not Jin Runcandel? The Reserve Flagbearer of the Runcandels?

The journalists were dumbfounded. They exchanged bewildered looks among themselves.

On the other hand, the Runcandel delegation, paying their respects in a corner of the plaza, couldn't believe their eyes.

'Jin, that crazy rascal. He could have given me a heads-up. Did he expect me to follow along by myself?'

Not even Luna had any idea.

But she thought that he must have some solid plan in mind if he decided to cause such trouble.

She was about to curse out loud but didn't forget her promise to become a sword for Jin.

Her most reliable sword, one that he could wield at will whenever and wherever. That was the role she had accepted to play. Therefore, she calmed herself and decided to read Jin's moves and react accordingly.

Joshua, standing next to Luna, looked at Jin with his face completely red with anger.

'Jin, you bastard. You just had to create more problems.'

Joshua thought that revealing Jin's identity at that moment was literally a suicidal act.

The Zipples had given up a lot for Bamel's death. They had discarded their dignity and reputation, resorting even to a false killer for their cause.

They were determined to kill him no matter the cost. They had already suffered too much harm to let him be.

Joshua clenched his teeth. Veins bulged on his neck. He could understand why that damn brother of his revealed himself at that precise moment.

You seem so sure that I won't let you die, even if it goes against the clan's laws, just because of that contract of yours!

The power of shadows. The same power that Joshua coveted.

If Jin died, Joshua would never be able to steal the Solderet's contract for himself. Therefore, Joshua thought that Jin intended to involve him by endangering his own life.

There was nothing that could be done to prevent other people from recognizing Runcandel's reserve flagbearers, but reserve flagbearers were strictly prohibited from revealing their own identities.

The same rule applied to everyone in the Sword Garden. They were not allowed to assist the reserve flagbearers.

The clan clearly warned against using the clan Runcandel's reputation to make a name for oneself. It was a well-known rule, even to outsiders of the clan.

But what would happen if a reserve flagbearer and a flagbearer broke this rule with so many eyes watching?

The strict interpretation of the rule would clearly demand the death or excommunication of both, but this particular flagbearer was Joshua, known to be the patriarchal successor.

It's unlikely that Mother would punish me severely, and if they don't punish me for it, that cunning boy must know that he won't be punished either.

The black panther, Rosa Runcandel, would resort to any means to protect Joshua. And even Rosa herself couldn't find justification to punish Jin without also punishing Joshua.

Joshua felt extremely frustrated. He could clearly see Jin's plan, but he knew he had to play along.

I may accept your tricks for now, but I won't let you fool us all the time.

Joshua thought it over and calmed himself.

"Guardian Knights, prepare for combat." Joshua whispered his order to the knights standing behind him. His intention was to protect Jin if the Zipples launched an attack.

"Loyalty to the Clan."

"Loyalty to the Clan."

The Guardian Knights whispered their acknowledgment courteously and sharpened their senses.

Jin then glanced at Joshua, who was obviously doing his best to hide his anger.

Joshua's and Jin's eyes met for a moment.

Jin flashed a smile and thought to himself, "You're trying to keep a straight face, Joshua, but I can see through you. You must be very frustrated after realizing that you have no choice but to help me. You're not my rival."

Jin maintained his smile and continued speaking to the crowd.

"As you all know, I am the reserve flagbearer of the Runcandel clan. I began my training as a reserve flagbearer in 1795 and have since used various false names. Today, I stand before you as Bamel, one of my false identities."

"Are you really Jin Runcandel? We were told that Jin Runcandel has black eyes and jet-black hair." A journalist shouted.

Then Jin took out a handkerchief from his inner pockets and wiped his face and hair. Each stroke of the handkerchief erased his makeup and hair dye. The blond hair returned to its original black color.

Bamel was clearly depicted with elegant blond hair and a pretty boy face, but not much was known about Jin Runcandel's appearance, even after the enemies' celebrations.

However, everyone knew that the youngest son of the Runcandels had black eyes and jet-black hair.

People were left dumbfounded. But some recognized him.

"It's Jin Grey!"

"Oh, look at that! It's the champion of the Cosmos Arena, Jin Grey!"

Shouted some of the nobles from Bellard who had come to pay their respects. In particular, the excited one had made a lot of money thanks to Jin back then.

"I'm sure of it. It's that young man we saw then in the kingdom of Mytell."

Likewise, the mercenary delegation visiting the Holy Kingdom, the Black Kings, also recognized him.

"I knew Lord Jin would become the sensation of the world someday. He was also quite a spectacle at the enemies' celebration. Kuhaha!"

Joncina Farrell, of the Dragon King's Knights, laughed out loud upon recognizing Jin. All the knights from the other clans who had been present at the enemies' celebration and had come to pay their respects to the Holy Kingdom reacted similarly.

Joining the requiem was the final rite to pay respects to the holy king, and thus, delegations from all nations were present in the plaza.

When the nobles of Bellard shouted Jin Grey's name, the journalists remembered another incident.

Kiddard Hall.

They recalled that mysterious swordsman who left Jin Grey's name at the crime scene.

All the journalists felt that their instincts were telling them that this would be the biggest scoop of their lives, much bigger than the assassination of the holy king or the political interference of the Zipple clan.

They had to ask questions right away.

The journalists thought that Jin could drop dead at any moment. The Zipple Magicians would soon burst into the plaza to hunt him down.

Would the Runcandels and the Hufester knights then help Jin? The journalists didn't believe so.

"Lord Jin! Were you also the one who killed Kiddard Hall?"

"What is the reason for risking your safety now by revealing your identity? Aren't you afraid of the Zipple?"

"Please tell us the reason you helped the Holy Kingdom as a Reserve Flagbearer. Did you receive orders from the Runcandel clan?"

"Tell us about your relationship with Lady Lani of the Holy Kingdom!"

All the journalists began shouting at once.

Although the Runcandel and Hufester knights glared at them, they felt they would never have another chance to ask Jin questions.

The plaza would instantly descend into chaos as soon as the Zipple Magicians arrived. Therefore, they had to secure their answers quickly and flee from that place.

Jin was disappointed when he saw the journalists shouting like possessed maniacs. He always knew journalists were exaggerating, but he didn't expect them to forget their manners in this place of mourning.

"Silence, all of you. I won't entertain questions," Jin shouted forcefully.

The journalists immediately trembled and stopped shouting.

"I'm not here to feed your curiosities. Any journalist who dares to speak without my permission will never hold a pen again." There was a dangerous gleam in Jin's eyes. He intended to follow through on what he had said.

The journalists fell silent.

Jin composed himself and spoke again. "As a reserve flagbearer, I traveled to many lands to earn benefits and reputation in preparation to become a flagbearer. It was then that I witnessed the biological experiments carried out by the Zipples in Kollon and learned that a terrorist group called the Kinzelo was also involved in the experiments."

The journalists hurriedly wrote to transcribe his speech word for word.

"I didn't know that the Holy Kingdom had fallen into the hands of the Zipples and the Kinzelo, but it seems I caused both sides to break their alliance. As a result, the factions were constantly fighting in the underworld of the Holy Kingdom, and I felt somewhat responsible for the events."

Lani looked somber as she listened to Jin's practical speech.

"I also saw it as an opportunity. As a reserve flagbearer, what greater achievement can I carve for myself than exposing the corruption of a nation and, in the process, sticking it to the rival Runcandel clan?"

They had already agreed on this speech. It was intended to give the impression that Jin was helping the Holy Kingdom for personal glory, not as a means to repay Lani's favor.

They had already agreed on this speech. It was intended to give the impression that Jin was helping the Holy Kingdom for personal glory, not as a means to repay Lani's favor.

"Therefore, I went to the lands of the Kinzelo to rescue the people of the Holy Kingdom and handed them over to Lady Lani. The only promise I obtained from Lady Lani was that she would testify to my accomplishments to my clan in the future. But the Zipples had to stand in my way. I haven't killed Karl Zipple. Killing him would only be a loss for me."

Jin shrugged as he spoke, leaving many dumbfounded.

"Therefore, I have come before you today to prevent my false name of Bamel from being labeled as Karl Zipple's killer. Furthermore, the achievement of bringing to light the atrocities of the Zipples and the Kinzelo is mine, not my clan's. I hope you all remember this fact. Because..."

Jin pointed to a corner of the plaza with his finger. "Now they will try to finish me off. I will see you all alive. Goodbye."

The Zipple Magicians in their robes were in their positions. They had just finished casting and aiming offensive spells.

Guardian knights, protect the reserve flagbearer!

Joshua was about to shout his order.

But Luna was the first to raise her voice.

"Guardian knights of the Runcandel clan and all Hufester knights, protect the civilians! I myself will decapitate anyone who aids the reserve flagbearer."

Jin smiled upon hearing Luna's order. He understood perfectly what she wanted.


Five mana bolts flew toward Jin.

Jin easily deflected them and leaped off the podium.

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