IBRV (Novel) Chapter 53

 C 53

After leaving the room of the female protagonist, I headed straight to the Duke's office.

Two soldiers were guarding the front of Duke Miriel's office, so I approached cautiously with my tail hanging down.


In response to my greeting, the soldier who was looking around lowered his gaze and knelt.

"Good afternoon, miss."

"Is Grandfather in?"

"His Excellency, Duke Miriel, is currently in a meeting with his vassals."

Ah, he's not here.

I moved my short legs forcefully to get here, but I encountered quite tiring news.

"By the way, didn't your lady-in-waiting accompany you?"


I forgot.

After Erno Etham left, I left the room immediately, so I didn't have time to call my lady-in-waiting.

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