LWTG (Novel) Chapter 286


"Buarata mar kwaita."

"Mitar guo!"


Indra's Tribe began conversing in their own language. Instead of being surprised to find Asura, each of them drew their weapons and channeled their magic, preparing for battle.

"They have gathered to fight against Asura."

He knew the relationship between Asura and Indra.

Asura held a grudge against Indra, and they had been fighting each other for some time.

"I did not come here today to meet with you."

Asura continued advancing without stopping as he said that.

"Of course, that does not mean I will simply let it go."

Asura unsheathed his sword.

It wasn't just one sword.

It was two.

Asura wielded a sword and a short spear.


YuWon looked at Asura's arms.

The Battle God with Three Heads and Six Arms.

It was a description that closely adhered to Asura and described his true form.

The stronger his opponent, the more heads and arms Asura would bring out to use in battle.

One head and one arm meant he wasn't using his full power.

"Well, Indra himself hasn't come out to fight."

YuWon didn't know how Indra's Tribe viewed Asura, but he knew the fear Asura inspired.

He was a battle demon.

No matter how skilled Susanoo was with the sword, it was difficult to compare him to Asura.

Asura didn't just wield a sword.

He was a Ranker who handled all weapons almost flawlessly.

YuWon had learned how to use weapons from him.

"Resent your fate of dying by my hands."

At that moment, Asura raised his two weapons.



Indra's Tribe charged towards Asura.


There was a collision between the mass of warriors and the lone warrior.

The arms, legs, and heads of Indra's Tribe flew through the air. Asura dove into them, dancing gleefully, and Indra's Tribe surged towards him, burning in the flame of death.

"Indra's Tribe is brave."

Religion and faith.

It was the only way to transcend the fear of death.

That's why Indra's Tribe were terrifying beings.


"They are nothing more than moths."

No matter how many moths there are, they cannot extinguish a great forest fire.

From the beginning, there was a vast difference in their power.


Drops of blood splattered towards the sky, creating a crimson mist.

Harggan's voice echoed as he observed that scene.

"When I was a child, my mother used to tell me ghost stories."

It was something common.

Adults' jokes to scare innocent children.

They could gradually be forgotten as one grew up, but childhood fears were not easily forgotten.


"This is even more terrifying than the ghosts I used to hear about back then."

Harggan felt that Asura in front of him was even more terrifying than the ghosts he had imagined back then.

And to some extent, Zeus thought the same.

"It's quite impressive."

Zeus watched from a higher position. Still, he couldn't help but admire the skills he witnessed before him.

Asura wasn't using special abilities to overpower his opponent, nor was he crushing them with overwhelming strength. It was purely "technique."

How was it possible for him to handle a sword and a spear in this manner?

No wonder Asura had left a mark in this tower.


Asura's spear pierced through the last remaining Ranker of Indra's Tribe.

Asura pierced through the opponent's heart and, along with the spear that impaled him, asked the impaled Ranker.

"Has Indra started moving?"

It had been quite some time since Indra disappeared.

After the Dragons descended into a deep sleep, Indra quietly hid away.

But now, many of Indra's Tribe were on the move.

It was not something common.

"Lakuma, Tar... Kaura..."

"What are you saying?"


Words that were not from Indra's Tribe came out of the mouth of the Indra Ranker.

It was not an answer to the question.

Asura's hand did not hesitate.

"In that case..."


The spear that was embedded in the chest was withdrawn.

A spurt of blood splattered onto Asura's face. Without avoiding the blood, Asura removed the spear, and the Ranker's body fell to his side.


That was the last one.

Asura didn't sheathe his sword and spear again.

Instead, his gaze turned towards where YuWon, Zeus, and Harggan were.

"I came to have some fun, and I find something much more interesting."

The corner of Asura's mouth curled up, his face stained with blood.

"Come out, Kim YuWon."


He pointed the tip of his sword at YuWon.

Zeus tried to conceal his presence using his abilities, but it seems he couldn't fool Asura even with his gaze.

YuWon and Zeus looked at each other.


"There's nothing we can do about it."

Zeus shrugged and released his ability.


The magic barrier surrounding the three of them dissipated. Asura lifted the corner of his mouth as he looked at the now exposed three.

From that expression, YuWon knew why Asura had come here.

"Has he been pursuing me?"

It wasn't strange for Asura to be pursuing him. After all, he was curious about any newly appointed High-Ranker and wanted to face them.

Due to his personality, Asura was always seeking fights to the point where even Sun OhGong, who loved fights, said that Asura was wilder than him.

And that was a sentiment YuWon agreed with to some extent.

"I see."

It couldn't be determined exactly when Asura started showing interest in YuWon, but no matter when or where it came from, it wasn't strange at all.

"Since it's due to Teleportation (縮地/Flash Step)." (Note: Similar to Shunpo/Flash Steps from the anime Bleach) (Note 2: But I'll call it Teleportation for now)


A Martial Art derived from the Tao of the Murim World, it was a skill whose name was widely known, but few people actually used it.

But according to YuWon, there was someone who used it.

"He has learned many skills from different places."

Asura's talent was unmatched among all the High-Rankers YuWon knew.

Especially when it came to learning Murim Martial Arts, Asura's talent was truly outstanding.

He was the only person who learned the Teleportation Technique in this Tower.

"I have come to find you."


Asura walked over a corpse as he spoke.

"Not these losers."


It was a word that referred to various High-Rankers and hundreds of high-level Players.

It was an arrogant word, but Asura had the right to say it.

"Fight me."

"Your personality hasn't changed even after being scolded by the Administrator."

YuWon's words made Asura's eyebrow twitch.

And in an instant, his figure vanished from the spot.


He disappeared in the blink of an eye!

And in that blink of an eye, his spear and Zeus's Lightning Bolt clashed in a showdown.


Asura, who was pushed back by the force of the explosion, stabbed the ground for support. Raising his head, he directed his gaze towards Zeus.

"Why did you block? Wouldn't it be better if I fought him to the death?"

Zeus narrowed his eyes, his golden pupils shining.

"I don't like you at all, but for now, you're on my side."


The guy who used to be so demanding when he was an enemy had now become a reliable ally.

YuWon marveled at his reliability.

On the other hand, Asura smiled with a face full of vitality.

"So, you're Zeus."

"I heard you went crazy, but you still recognize my face."

"I heard you lost power, got trapped in the prison of Asgard, and escaped miserably."

Despite Asura's provocation, Zeus didn't lose his smile.

In fact, he clicked his tongue and lowered his head.

"The true pride of those who are truly strong and powerful is not affected by the insults of the weaker ones."


Zeus took a step towards Asura.

"Even though I've lost much of my power, don't mistake yourself for being in the same position as me."


The face of a child finding an interesting toy. Asura bared his sharp fangs as he smiled.

"Then, let me see it."

His hands tightly gripped his spear, and a red glow of magic emanated from his back, sending the scent of blood in all directions.

"I see that you'll only understand the difference when you face me."


A bolt of lightning burst from Zeus's hand.

The energies of both clashed in the air. It didn't matter who moved first or when the fight started, it wasn't strange at all.

And in that moment, Asura's face changed.

No, it was a different face.

A second head appeared.

"Don't get carried away by the fight."

Unlike Asura a moment ago, that other face was calm and serene.

Asura responded to that face.

"How can I hold back when I encounter such an interesting prey?"

His opponent was none other than Zeus.

While his original goal was to find YuWon, Zeus was not someone who could be easily overlooked.

If he let it pass, it couldn't be said that he was Asura.

"It's not prey. Right now..."

"It doesn't matter."


Asura shook the blood off his sword as his eyes gleamed.

"For now, I intend to face both of you. Both of you."

YuWon and Zeus.

The first head of Asura was determined to face both.

The second head sighed as if knowing it would be like this, lowering its head. Unlike the first head, the second head was not as aggressive.

Asura didn't step back.

And, of course, Zeus didn't have the inclination to step back either.

"There's no choice."

YuWon turned to look at Harggan.

"You'll be harmed if you stay."

"Do you want me to run away?"

"Here, you'll only be a nuisance."

YuWon's words made Harggan's pride-wounded face crinkle.

That meant running away so as not to get involved in this fight. He wanted to refute it, but he couldn't.

The fight between those two was truly a fight of Gods. YuWon at least had one foot in the realm of Gods, but Harggan didn't.

Harggan had seen Asura fight. And he knew that wasn't all he was capable of.

And he also knew better than anyone about Zeus's ability.

'There's nothing I can do about it.'

All he could do now was yield and retreat.

If he stayed here, he would only distract Zeus from the fight.


Harggan turned around and walked away before the two could clash.

Harnessing the power of Lightning, Harggan's speed surpassed that of most Rankers.

Thus, Harggan vanished from his spot.

'It's unexpected.'

Creack, crack-.

YuWon slowly began to accumulate his Arcane Power as he looked at Asura, who sprouted two additional arms to fight Zeus.

"That these two will face each other."

Zeus and Asura.

It wasn't every day that two top High-Rankers fought each other.

Especially from YuWon's perspective, who was trying to turn Zeus into an ally, it was an opportunity to see the true power of Zeus, who had lost his Lightning Bolt.


'Maybe I can calm that lunatic down.'

YuWon's gaze shifted towards Asura.


The High-Ranker who taught him how to wield various weapons.

YuWon already knew that in the moment he encountered him, he would need to calm down Asura's growing excitement and belligerence before anything else.



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