LWTG (Novel) Chapter 288


There was a long conversation among the Asuras.

The first Asura was furious, the second Asura remained silent.

And the third Asura, who controlled the other two, made a decision.

"I will find you later."

He spoke as if he could locate him at any time if he so wished.

And in reality, YuWon had no intention of denying those words.

"Do as you please."

He had already mastered Teleportation, so he could move freely around this Tower at any time.

While he wasn't the fastest in battle, he was the fastest at traversing long distances.


Simply bending space, he could move in a different dimension from others.


When Asura took a step, he suddenly disappeared from the spot.

"That's Teleportation?"

Zeus murmured in admiration.

Although he was one of the top beings in this Tower, Teleportation was a skill even Zeus rarely witnessed.

Upon hearing his murmurs, YuWon looked at Zeus.

"It seems like you know a lot about Asura."

When Asura first appeared, it was Zeus who challenged him to a fight.

That was different from the personality of Zeus that YuWon had understood.

And indeed...

"I knew about the relationship between Asura and Indra."

As always, Zeus's fights had a purpose.

"I need to see his ability. Whether it's useful or not."


Zeus, encountering Asura for the first time, needed to know how good he was.

Ranking was determined for various reasons.

Strength, position, fame, Power.

But all Zeus needed was Power.

"Asura's goal is Indra. He trained over and over again to capture him. Seeking fights with the strong was part of that training."

Zeus knew it better than he had thought.

Why was Zeus seeking Asura?

Zeus answered the question in YuWon's curious eyes.

"My plan is to capture Indra, and it's the same as that guy's."

The same objective.

That meant they could be on the same side.

Zeus didn't rule out that possibility.

"Asura was a card I had in mind for that purpose, though I didn't expect him to appear before me in this manner."

Zeus smiled, revealing his white teeth.

Things were resolved more smoothly than planned. And YuWon also had the same thought.

It was ironic.

The more closely he looked at Zeus...

The more he realized they had many similarities.

He wondered if Zeus knew that too.

After a brief moment of reflection, YuWon began to walk.

"I will change the plans."

As expected.

"Yes, because Asura has joined."

Zeus received the answer as something obvious.



A wingless Dragon fell to the ground.

A man with long, unkempt blue hair looked at the fallen Dragon. He was a man wearing only pants and nothing else.

"Bring your people."

The Dragon bared its teeth at that tasteless voice.

Despite the loss of both wings, the Dragon's fighting spirit remained unchanged.

-That's not possible.

"Scream for help. Maybe you have a chance to survive."

-I can't sacrifice my comrades to save myself.

The Dragon laughed disdainfully, reflecting the figure of the man through its eyes.

-I am not you, Indra.

The man frowned.

But only for a moment.

Indra stood up and looked at the sky.

"Unfortunately for you..."


A deafening scream echoed in the sky.

Instantly, a black horde revealed itself among the clouds.

"It seems like it's already too late."



The same thing was happening on the ground.

A group of creatures with two legs and wings approached.

And in their midst...


There was a beast radiating an overwhelming presence.


The corner of Indra's mouth curled up.


A blue lightning bolt burst from his body, displaying his white teeth. The moment he saw Fafnir amidst the group of Dragons, Indra was certain.

"So, they've started moving now?"

The Dragons that had been sleeping and avoiding him until now began to move.

Crackle, zapzap-.

The electricity spreading around Indra gathered at the tips of his fingers.

"Come, come."

The corners of his lips twitched with madness.


Indra's hand extended in front of him, and a bolt of lightning shot out from the tips of his fingers.


A blue lightning bolt pierced the ground.

The Dragons were engulfed by the wave of lightning as if swept away by a tsunami. The tough scales of the Dragons were meaningless against Indra's lightning, and only one survived.


The leader of the Dragons.


Indra gathered power in his hands once again upon sensing Fafnir's Arcane Power.


"I see we start anew today."

The corners of Indra's lips lifted, and his blue eyes gleamed.

"The hunt for Dragons."


After meeting with Asura, YuWon returned to the city.

After settling into his accommodation and resting fully for a day, YuWon returned to the training grounds.

This time, instead of a sword, he held a spear in his hands.


When YuWon set foot on the training grounds, he looked around.

A training ground the size of a small island.

He had visited this place several times before, but he was always amazed by its size.

"The training ground on the 79th floor is the strongest in the Tower. It is designed to withstand the training intensity of many High-Rankers, so it should be fine."

The advantage of this place was its complete isolation from the outside world.

The impacts within the training grounds did not spread outward, and there was no need to worry about the gazes of others.

And it was also spacious enough to allow any type of training without restrictions.

Originally, it was a place used for the training of the Great Guilds, but YuWon rented the entire place for a day.

"It's quite expensive."

100,000 points.

That was the price of an item that could be used by most Ranker Players.

It was a considerable amount just to use the training grounds for a day, enough to make even a rich person feel uncomfortable.

But it was worth it.

YuWon looked at the spear in his hand.


The object known as the half of Gungnir.

Unlike the Uranus Heart, which he had imagined to some extent, this was an unexpected object for YuWon.

Naturally, its capabilities were unknown and unforeseen.

For now, the first thing was to familiarize himself with the object.

He had to understand what power it had and how to handle it so that he could use it in real situations.


The first thing he tried was to swing it lightly.

It was a heavy feeling.

It was heavy enough that even experienced Rankers would find it difficult to handle.

In terms of the feeling in his hand, it didn't seem like a spear designed to be swung. Although he didn't know who had designed the object, it resembled more of a spear designed to be thrown.

If it was just the feeling of holding and swinging it, only one object came to mind.

"It really looks like Gungnir."

YuWon had experience handling Gungnir properly.

And not just in this life.

Before returning using the Clock Movement.

YuWon had thrown Odin's Gungnir several times during battles with the Outer Gods.

To activate the Gungnir that responded to Odin's Arcane Power, YuWon always carried items infused with Odin's Arcane Power.

A strategy set in case Odin couldn't throw the Gungnir and someone else needed to throw it.

But as expected, Odin was the one who handled Gungnir the best. Therefore, YuWon had no intention of obtaining Gungnir even if he had a lot of greed.

Gungnir truly showed its true value when it was in Odin's hands.

That's why secretly, YuWon wished to have more Gungnirs.

"A single strike from Gungnir can change an impossible-to-win battle."


Strength flowed through the hand holding Nir.

In YuWon's mind, he recalled the recent fight with Surt.

"But it will take a long time to activate it."

That's what was needed.

The same went for using Gungnir.

Fizz, fizz-.

By injecting magic into the spear, it began to vibrate and react.

["Activating 'Nir'."]

[Activation level 1%]

[Activation level 2%]

[Activation level... ]

Tsu, tsutsutsu-.

Magic infiltrated the spear, amplifying itself. Up to this point, the reaction was similar to that of Gungnir.


The magic amplified over and over again.

Then, the amplified magic focused at the tip of the spear without dispersing elsewhere.

Could so much magic accumulate in a single object?

The corner of YuWon's lips curved upward.

"It's real."


The other half of Gungnir.

Unlike the Lightning attribute Gungnir, the magic emanating from Nir had a Darkness attribute.

Thud, thud-.

The hand holding the spear was being forced. It was likely that he would lose his grip on the spear at any moment due to that force.

The spear was becoming heavier and heavier.

In the current state, it was difficult.

[The power of the Giants roots in the arm]

The feeling of weight became slightly lighter.

"I have to reduce the activation time."

In the next trial, YuWon had a thought.

[The 'Tartarus' has been opened]

Tsutsu, tsutsu-.

The hand holding the spear moved toward the hand holding the Uranus Heart.


Through this power, YuWon was able to handle dark attribute magic. Tartarus magic came from a source deeper than hell, which helped control the magic emanating from Nir.

Thud, thud-.

Three minutes passed like that.

[Activation level 99%]

YuWon decided the direction to throw the spear.

The direction was forward.

"I don't think that will happen, but..."

Considering the intensity of the training grounds, it was absurd. This training ground was designed to withstand even the fights of the highest rankers.

However, he couldn't be completely at ease.

"If this doesn't work, at least I have this."

With this power, it seemed like he could pierce through anything, whether it be the training ground or any other place.

That would be troublesome. If by any chance the spear pierced a wall upwards or downwards, it would endanger the people in the building.

That was the reason why he had to aim sideways even if the spear pierced the wall.

And in the next moment...

[Nir is activating.]


Devouring all the light around it, Nir separated from YuWon's hand.


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The Obelisk.

The central building of the 79th floor, a prominent construction even within the Tower.

With millions of people moving in a single building, an impenetrable defensive system had been established that no Ranker could shake.

That's why it was the main tourist attraction of the 79th Floor where everyone could feel safe.


But in that place...

A small vibration occurred.

"What's this?"

"Some kind of event?"

The faces of the visitors who arrived at the Obelisk brightened.

The prosperous Obelisk sometimes held events for the guests. It was a kind of festival where famous Rankers were invited to showcase spectacular abilities or compete against each other.

At first, there wasn't much confusion. In fact, some even cheered upon discovering the direction of the vibration.


Crack, crack, crack-.


The vibrations intensified, and cracks appeared in the walls of the Obelisk, which hadn't even shaken, let alone broken.

"It seems this isn't an event..."

Crack, crack, crack-.

"This doesn't seem like an event, right?"

The faces of some astute Players turned pensive.

In the place where they stood, cracks slowly began to appear.



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