SYS (Novel) Chapter 276

C276 - Congratulations Delegation, An Unexpected Encounter (2)

The delegations came from the Delki Kingdom, the Holy Kingdom, the Bill clan, the Volta clan, and the McLoran clan.

Of the five delegations that Jin agreed to meet in person, the Delki delegates were the first to arrive. Laika, the third prince of Delki, himself led the delegation.

"Lord Jin, no, now I should address you as Sir Jin. It's been a while."

"I've been waiting for you, Prince Laika. Please address me as you always have."

"Now you're a flagbearer. I can't continue addressing you as a lord."

Jin recalled the exchange they had when he woke up in Laika's private house after his fight with Kuzan.

"It seems there's something you want from me. Please go on, Prince Laika."

"When you become a flagbearer, please send more guardian knights to Delki and return a portion of the Runcandel's stake in Delki's gold mine."

Laika had shown Jin two significant favors during his days as a provisional flagbearer. The first occasion was when Laika saved Jin after his first battle against Kuzan. Without the prince's help, Jin would undoubtedly have died.

On the second occasion, Laika assisted Jin in reaching Kuzan before Joshua, allowing Jin to win Kuzan to his side.

"How are things in Delki lately?" Jin asked after exchanging pleasantries.

Laika seemed concerned. "Politically speaking, we're doing well. My brothers get along with each other, and the people show great support for the royal family. But the Zipple extremists are becoming a problem."

The highly lethal anti-personnel mana bombs that Mary used against Jin had been confiscated from the Zipple extremists. They traveled the world to carry out the orders of the Zipple clan.

In the past, terrorist acts had been independent crimes committed by fanatics who showed excessive reverence for the clan.

But now, these extremists were believed to have direct support and funding from the Zipple clan.

The tiny terrorist cells that used to cause random crimes suddenly began coordinating the distribution of mana bombs and launched attacks throughout Hufester with an established chain of command.

In fact, talented magicians with more than six stars were also involved in these acts, which would be impossible without the support of a major faction behind them.

But all of this was speculation. Hufester still couldn't establish a direct link between the Zipple clan and the extremists.

"We have two to several dozen civilian victims daily due to their activities. I don't know how they do it. They never betray their command group, no matter how much we torture them. They are proving to be a cause for concern."

"I'm sorry, Prince Laika. I can't deny my role in aggravating and influencing the Zipple to support the extremists."

The rise of the extremists perfectly coincided with the revelation of Jin's identity.

Many groups in Hufester were already talking about the losses they were suffering because of Jin Runcandel.

"It could be an act of revenge for how you brought down their golden castle in your days as a provisional flagbearer, yes. But Sir Jin, the Zipple would have clashed with us using those extremists at some point anyway, regardless of your involvement. Whether it was when their veil of justice was exposed or when they felt cornered."

Laika was right.

The war between the Runcandel and the Zipple clans was destined to happen someday, regardless of the timing and manner in which it took place.

The rampage of the extremists was just the dawn of the battle. More people, no, an uncountable number of people would die when the war erupted because no war was fought without casualties.

It didn't matter if it was Jin or anyone else who initiated it. Unless one had the power to obliterate the Zipple in an instant, they would only reach the same conclusion.

However, Jin felt the weight of responsibility on him.

"I don't know you well, Sir Jin, but I believe that over time you will make Hufester prosper beyond what it is today."

"I'm flattered, Prince Laika."

"It's not mere flattery. Those empty-headed nobles may complain about how things have become more cumbersome because of you, but I want you to know that the people don't share their opinions. At least not the people of Delki. They still remember your bravery and the results of your actions during your days as a provisional flagbearer. Remember that I will always fight against the Zipple by your side, Sir Jin."

Laika brought an assortment of jewels and some distinguished weapons. But the best gift he gave Jin were words of genuine support and encouragement.

As Laika said, most of the people in Hufester supported Jin.

Unveiling the hypocrisy of the Zipple, fighting for those oppressed by the Zipple, and sharing the anger of the victims. It took more than risking one's life to achieve such things.

"Thank you, Prince Laika. I will fulfill my promises before the year ends."

After Laika's departure, Jin was greeted by the delegation from the Bill clan.

He rejected the delegation from the Jian royal family but received a visit from the Bill clan's delegation. Naturally, the leader of the Bill delegation, Sember Bill, was extremely excited.

"Lord Jin! I mean, Sir Jin! Oh, the great twelfth flagbearer of the Runcandel! I knew this day would come someday! Congratulations!"

"Sember, I started my life as a provisional flagbearer comfortably thanks to you. I'm glad to see you again."

Likewise, there was an exchange of pleasantries for some time.

"How are things in Jian these days?"

"Very peaceful! Not even the Zipple extremists cause terror in the Jian Kingdom."

"It must be because of the Kinzelo."

The Jian Kingdom was close to the land of the halfmen, so the extremists avoided causing trouble in the area.

"You're right, Sir Jin. After the Kinzelo revealed themselves in the incident at the Holy Kingdom, the crime rate in the Jian Kingdom actually decreased. Not only do people think it's safe, but there are also traders moving to the kingdom to do business with the Kinzelo."

The notion that the Kinzelo were a third-rate terrorist group was completely eliminated from the world's politics. They were now considered the fourth power faction after the Zipple, Runcandel, and Vermont.

I see that the Zipple still avoid conflicts with the Kinzelo. The Zipple must be behind the extremists since the Jian Kingdom is free from terrorist acts. They must have decided that things could get complicated if any of the halfmen got involved in their activities.

Sember also mentioned something unexpected.

"Sir Jin, do you know a golden mouse named Penny?"

"Yes, I do. It was him and his friends who returned the Bradamante to the clan."

"Recently, the golden mouse traders led by Penny have become the wealthiest group of traders in the Jian Kingdom, surpassing even my own clan. Can you believe it? And all that within the span of a year. They invested the money they received from your clan to start various businesses, and every business they started became an instant success."


Jin expected the golden mice to profit from the transaction, but not to that extent.

"Yes, even my father says their business acumen is impeccable. I'm telling you this because Penny asked me to convey a message to you if I found you."

"Okay, go on."

"He asked me to tell you that the deal is ready, so all you need to do is come. It sounded like he could sweep up all the money in Hufester if he could just meet with you. And he didn't sound like he was purely in it for the money either."

Those adorable little ones. Jin smiled. "Tell him I've received the message."

He had no idea what it could be about, but the golden mice seemed to have something planned for him.

Sember excitedly chatted with him for a while before finally leaving, not without leaving behind a huge gift of gold coins.

Jin gave every last piece of gold to Gilly.

When Sember left, the delegation from Lani, the holy queen, entered the Garden of Swords.

Rosa came to welcome the holy queen since Lani was also an honored guest for the Runcandels. However, Lani only exchanged greetings with her out of pure formality. She then blessed the surviving Kollon and immediately headed to meet Jin.

Lani looked very different from the last time Jin had seen her.

The gaze in her eyes was as solid as rocks, each of her actions carried the weight of holiness, and her presence was befitting of the dormant volcano crown she wore on her head.

"Sir Jin."

"Your Majesty, the holy queen."

They stared at each other for a while without speaking.

It was evident that each had gone through periods of intense growth since the last time they met.

"You've grown stronger once again."

"And I no longer see weakness in you, Majesty."

"Let's not be so formal when we're alone. It would bother me."

"Sure then. Lani Salome."

Although the time they knew each other was brief, the bond they shared was deep. Together, they witnessed the sacrifice of an honest knight and saved the holy kingdom from being undermined. Their bond was evident after what they had been through together.

Lani smiled. "It has been over a year, but the holy kingdom has not yet completely freed itself from chaos. Some of the traitors still live."

"But they are consolidating the throne under their control. I'm sure it will return to being a true Holy Kingdom."

"The holy subjects were starting to grow tired of the continuous closed-door politics. But now, they rejoice with the news of your safe return and your title as a flagbearer. Sir Vitura must be seeing you by Ayula's side as well."

"Sir Vitura's family has adjusted well to their new territory, which is under the control of my sister Luna. Someday, I hope someone tells them that Sir Vitura was an honorable holy knight like no other before he left his throne."

"I will certainly do so. Sir Jin, don't you want to know what gifts I bring?"

"Tell me."

"Santos. Starting today, we will open our doors to Hufester and send our Santos to your land for the civilian victims suffering from the Zipple extremists."

Lani was thoughtful enough to understand Jin's burden and alleviate some of his concerns.

"You told me that the kingdom is still in chaos. Can you really spare them?"

"We can undoubtedly afford to send around five hundred Santos on missions. But in return, please support the finances of the holy kingdom."

The holy kingdom suffered from a lack of funds, although it wasn't as severe as Jin initially expected. The Zipple knew what the kingdom needed when they offered the gold.

Of course, the holy kingdom's unique assets attracted many factions willing to provide financial support after the incident.

But Lani rejected all support and waited for Jin's return.

"Receiving financial support means the holy kingdom is officially forming an alliance with the faction. And as I mentioned before, I would like to form an alliance with Sir Jin Runcandel."

Lani emphasized Jin Runcandel to indicate that the offer did not extend to the entire Runcandel clan.

"You're in luck, Lani Salome. I wouldn't have been able to cover the expenses of the holy kingdom with the money allocated to me as the twelfth flagbearer, but it turns out I just found an excellent source of income."

"I will be delighted to receive it. I won't have to specify exactly how much you need to contribute, right? I believe we have a good bond between us, Lord Jin, since we are friends."

Lani deliberately addressed him as Lord, as she used to do before, instead of addressing him as Sir.

"You have become quite shrewd. Then again, you are the leader of a nation, and that is an essential trait to have in that position. I will do my best to provide you with more than you need, but in return, please make an official announcement mentioning my contribution in the Santos being sent to Hufester."

"I knew it. Not a single detail escapes you. I was only planning to announce it as Ayula's will. By the way, where is the black cat I saved?"

"I will call him. We will have tea together. But he will still call you Fanatical Believer even though you are now the holy queen. Would that be okay with you?"

"Well, I can't say I dislike that nickname."

Murakan seemed extremely happy to see Lani. He roared with laughter and spoke with her for a long time.

Lani departed at dusk.

But as midnight approached, the McLorans, Gilly's clan, did not send a delegation.

Since the Garden of Swords was only receiving delegations for Jin that day, it meant that the McLorans had no intention of congratulating Jin on his promotion.

"My apologies, young master."


"My clan is being rude to you, young master, and it's probably my fault."

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