SYS (Novel) Chapter 290

C290 - Power and Reverence for Power (1)

The Volta mansion was under repair.

Workers were scattered everywhere around the once dilapidated mansion, which seemed like a strong wind could bring it down entirely.

The land lord and members of his clan couldn't help but shed tears from time to time, overwhelmed with emotion that such a dream had become a reality. Even some of the former residents who had left the area due to famine were starting to return home.

Fin Blanche, the Volta clan's butler, helped in distributing food to the servants during the day and devised budget plans to utilize the Runcandel relief funds with the lord at night.

Petrow had followed Jin's orders to "provide ample support without going overboard," but even that was more than enough to uplift this small territory and allow it to plan for the future.

Therefore, Fin Blanche was content. In truth, he had never been as happy in his life as he was now.

"All of this is thanks to you, Sir Jin. I have never seen the people of this land so happy and joyful ever since I became the Volta clan's butler."

Fin brought out a freshly brewed cup of tea and smiled.

"Once the repair of the Volta mansion is complete, the workers from Tikan will build a new house for you. They will construct a soundproof forge in its basement. If there's anything you want to add to the house, let me know."

"Oh no, Sir Jin. I couldn't ask for anything. I am already grateful enough to have a separate house for myself. Thank you, sir."

"No, I should be the one thanking you."

Jin drank the tea, but Murakan frowned, annoyed. In fact, he had been irritated throughout the entire hour they had spent at Fin's house.

"Hey! Picon Minche! Show yourself already! That mustached demon. How long are you going to make me wait?"

Picon hadn't shown up yet. Moreover, Murakan was furious because Picon hadn't warned Jin of all the dangers in Temar's first tomb during their initial encounter.

"About that, um, um. I'm sorry, Lord Murakan. I may be Lord Picon's contractor, but I don't have the power to summon him at will." Worried, Fin spoke and scratched his head.

Picon only appeared three hours later. Murakan's patience was wearing thin.

Fin's eyes rolled back, and his body started to tremble. It was the sign of a manifestation.


Soon, they heard Picon's voice as the whites of his eyes began to emit light.

"Oh, well. You never stop chattering, do you?"

"Greetings to you, Picon."

"Oh, hi. How was the journey, Jin Runcandel? By the way, Murakan. You're as slow as ever, aren't you? Don't tell me you didn't realize I was trying to avoid having to talk to you?"

"What? You were avoiding me? Why?"

Picon then widened his eyes and glared at Murakan. "Have you forgotten how much you annoyed me when I worked with Balisada and Bradamante? You would come to me every day to insist on their completion and mock me, saying that my mustache would grow faster than the speed at which I built the sword."

"What are you talking about? When did I say those things?" Murakan made a face as if he couldn't remember.

"Well, don't you remember? You probably don't even remember how many times Quikantel and Temar had to come to me behind your back to apologize on your behalf. You have no idea how many times I considered abandoning Balisada and Bradamante because of you," Picon barked.

Jin clicked his tongue at Murakan. "Seems like it was your fault."

"That's not all. The whole time you stayed in my forge and voiced your complaints, you would grab and hit any dragon that crossed the skies of my city. Do you know how terrified the other blacksmiths were? They all came to complain about you."

"What? What's all this about? Your forge was in a backward village in the south of Vilmer Kingdom. That place is too far from Stormcastle, and it wasn't even my territory. Why would I hit the dragons passing through that area?"

"Where I am is my territory. Wasn't that what you used to say all the time?"

It suddenly reminded Jin of what Murakan said about the waters of Vermont when they were heading to meet Quikantel.

"Anyone who entered my territory was defeated before any questions. That's how things worked back then."

In reality, Murakan had an incomparably unpleasant personality in his prime.

He was boastful, arrogant, and insolent to the extreme, but he was also fierce and powerful beyond description.

That's how everyone remembered Murakan in his prime. He was so infamous that even Latrie, who had never known Murakan back then, feared him based on the stories alone.

It was no secret that most dragons had a bad temper. But at that time, Murakan was certainly a level above the majority.

Picon was fuming with anger. Thinking about all the things Murakan had done in the past infuriated him.

"You had such a bad reputation that bards used to make songs about how the village of blacksmiths in Vilmer Kingdom was filled with the screams of dragons every day. A strange rumor started spreading, and people even criticized me for being a power-hungry blacksmith who relied on the power of Temar and you!"

Murakan could only blink confusedly for some time. "About that... Picon, if I truly was like that, then I apologize. I'm sorry."

Picon trembled and met Murakan's eyes, but he was thinking, Apologizing? Is that something Murakan is really capable of saying? Really?

"What did you just...?"

Murakan interrupted. "I said I'm sorry. To be honest, the only thing I remember from everything you said was teasing you about the mustache. But given the things I used to do back then, I guess they're all plausible."

"Are you really Murakan? Really?"

"I think something happened to my memory during my thousand-year slumber. I also lost much of my powers, as you can probably see. In any case, if I have offended you, I apologize for it."

Murakan was about to bow his head. Jin was taken aback and immediately grabbed him by the shoulder.

Picon was completely dumbfounded but also held onto Murakan's shoulder. "Uh, no need. Uh, come on, Murakan. We were so close, you know? I was just complaining because I was annoyed. Now you're making me feel bad." Now, Picon seemed more remorseful than Murakan.

"Picon Minche?"


"Was I an evil dragon a thousand years ago?"

That was the core of Murakan's pride. Although he was the most powerful and arrogant dragon, he prided himself on never having done anything to be classified as an evil dragon.

"No, you weren't an evil dragon. You never harmed humans, and... You used to play with the children of the village. Oh, and do you remember? Ellie, when that girl was kidnapped by the Zipples, you rescued her... Oh, damn it. Why am I justifying your character?"

"I met Silderay in the tomb, and he insulted me, calling me heartless. I thought that idiot had gone crazy, but seeing your reaction, maybe I was the one with issues. All the memories I have of Silderay, or of you, are good ones since you were all people of Temar."

Jin had never seen Murakan act like this.

As for Murakan, he truly didn't remember. Part of his memory that led him into slumber was blurry, and he was aware of this fact. However, he didn't believe that the fuzzy parts of his memory were important since he would have remembered them if they were.

But all the people he recently met who knew about his past or spoke like them, such as the Kinzelo leader, Silderay, and Picon, gave him the impression that something had gone wrong.

"Look, Murakan. You're not an evil dragon. It's true that you pressed and rushed me back then, but you had good reasons for it. You needed Temar's sword to be completed to fight against the Zipples." Picon shrugged and continued, "And it's also true that you regularly beat up dragons. But the intrusion into their territory gave enough reasons for it, and in fact, it was necessary for security reasons since I was forging Temar's weapon at the time. Back then, ninety percent of all dragons in the world belonged to the Zipples."

Murakan lifted his head.

"Everyone knew that you made many sacrifices for the Runcandel and Hufester clans. I complained because I was glad to see you. Don't make me feel bad now."

"Yes, I knew something was wrong. Both you and Silderay have no reason to hate me, but you confused me by saying those things. Silderay didn't say anything to you, right? He called me heartless! Can you even imagine that? That courteous guy did!"

"I haven't seen Silderay since I created the giant sword Tamur for him. He probably complained like I did."

"Silderay went further and even called Solderet a traitor. Apparently, the boy saw him say it in the past through a recording device made with Shadow Energy."

Jin described the recording device for a while. Picon's eyes widened in surprise.

"I didn't know such devices were there. The only thing Solderet told me was that there would be a guardian formed from Silderay's will. That's why I wanted to reinforce Bradamante with a fragment of Tamur, the giant sword from that place."

Just as Murakan thought, the Shadow Energy account was not an object for forging. Picon took a good look at the account and confirmed once again that Solderet hadn't mentioned anything like that.

"Above all, I can't comprehend why Silderay would call Solderet a traitor. Didn't that guy respect Solderet more than any other knight of the Ten? He was also extremely courteous to you."

"Picon. Were you alive after I fell asleep?"

"I lived for about three years after that. Or was it five years?"

"Did Solderet do anything against the Runcandels during that time? Or something of the sort? Although Quikantel and Misha didn't tell me anything about it."

"Oh, it seems you also met Quikantel. I'm glad to know she's still alive. But no, not that I know of. You all know this, but the Runcandels made a pact after losing to the Zipples. If you and Temar had led the battle unharmed...". Picon paused and observed Murakan's reaction.

He was well aware that what had happened back then was a great scar and humiliation for both of them, and for the Runcandel clan.

"Forgive my mistake. I'm sorry, Murakan."

"First, you accused me of being evil, and now you apologize. Mustache, maybe you became a god, but you still lack class."

"Anyway, I think we'll have to find the rest of Solderet's recording devices if we want to figure out why Silderay said that."

"Picon, do you have any more keys from Solderet?" Jin asked.

Picon shook his head. "That was all I had. But I know who has the key to the second tomb. Additionally, there will also be a guardian in the second tomb and an ingredient to reinforce Bradamante."

"Who has the key?"

The key to the second tomb was held by the most surprising figure of all.

Olmango, the God of Clams.

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