IBAWWMB (Novel) Chapter 76



He arrived thirty minutes late.

It's over.

Because his sister is not a very generous person.

While he panted for breath in a confused mood, a white face and purple hair appeared before his eyes.

"It's hot, so walk slowly.

"Oh, ah, I'm sorry to have kept you waiting. Sister. I have to keep my promises, but...

"I won't get angry just because you're late, so don't worry. I'm generous with my students.

Her reaction was unexpected.

She even looked at him with warm eyes, so Enrique lowered his head in amazement.


For the boy, his sister was like a viper staring at him with fierce eyes.

Enrique had no choice but to keep his spines closer like a hedgehog in front of his sister, who didn't even hide her feelings of discontent.

However, these days he's more confused about the kind of person his sister Deborah is.

During class, there were moments when the eyes that looked at him seemed kind.

It was much harder than dissecting poetry with mismatched phrases.

You must not disappoint your tutor.

If he gathers the spines, it may hurt him more painfully.

However, despite feeling anxious, Enrique still visits the library with his sister every week, as if he were checking something.

It wasn't just because he was very interested in the formulas.

"Come here.

His sister patted the seat beside her.

As he sat down carefully, she rang the bell and signaled the servant to bring drinks and snacks.

"Today's weather is very hot. Isn't it?

A voice that sounded soft tickled his ears.

Feeling even stranger, Enrique played with the cup and lowered his thick silver eyelashes.



"After drinking this, take a break. If you study too much on a hot day, the heat will affect you.

Is she telling me to leave?

He was very surprised by the sudden expression.

"I'm sorry for being late...

"Wait a moment.

She cut his words with an urgent voice somewhere.

"I wanted you to rest because your complexion doesn't look very good. However, since you have a solid way of learning, let's review the basics today.

His sister opened the textbook.

Anyone could tell that it was the handwriting she wrote herself because it felt somewhat angular and unique.

He has had many tutors, but his sister was the only teacher who made textbooks.

"Does she really want to raise me as her student?"

Because she never made a mistake with the problems she gave him.

"However, my sister is not really interested in my test scores."

The nanny disciplined him with fierce eyes, saying that if his ranks and grades were lower, he wouldn't meet the Duke's expectations at this rate.

But his sister was the opposite.

"The problem must have been complicated, but you always try to solve everything patiently.

She always valued the process and encouraged him by saying that trying new things that were difficult was great.

"Hkuk, cute.


"You-your handwriting is cute. It's round. Eh. Eh. Yes.

He often felt confused by her, who kept saying strange words, but strangely, he slowly relaxed.

Enrique dropped his stiffened shoulders with confidence and listened to his sister's voice.

"You have to add here. And, if you replace the number...

When they were in class, his sister's voice was particularly gentle.

The tone was moderate, so it sounded like a lullaby.

As he reviewed what he already knew, Enrique only listened to her calm voice, and he began to nod at some point.

"Ah, I'm sleepy..."

While listening to the calm voice, his eyelids kept getting heavy.

His long, purple hair, waving like a curtain in front of his eyes, emitted a pleasant scent that dulled his body.

The sensitive boy was vaguely aware that the opponent in front of him was not a viper but a person with whom he could let his guard down.

Although he never admitted it with his head.

"Oh, you shouldn't do this."

Enrique hurriedly pinched his thigh.

However, he couldn't sleep well all this time because of the terrifying dream of falling into the swamp, so he began to feel an unbearable drowsiness.

His vision soon turned white.

Enrique fell asleep under the warm sun streaming in through the library window.

While he had a dream that felt sweet after a long time.


Is he perhaps sleeping?

Enrique is still displaying his indecorous appearance today.

He always arrives on time like a knife, but suddenly he came late with a disheveled look and suddenly falls asleep during class.


The fact that Enrique, who was always focused in an upright posture, suddenly fell asleep, may be that his distrust of me has eased a little or that he is very tired.

"I hope it's the first one, but if you look at Enrique's condition today, it might be the second one."

I sighed as I saw Enrique's dark eyes and his pale, tired face.

What could be so difficult at such a young age that he suddenly fell asleep like this?

"It's even more worrying because he's too mature."

I felt disturbed when I remembered that lonely face in the garden last time.

I remembered my previous life when I looked at his back, which somehow seemed like an old man's.

I've always been told that I'm a mature and kind girl.

I hated seeing my mother upset about not having money, so I often handed over my things to my younger sister and brother.

Grandma used to say that I was a quiet and calm girl who didn't need much care.

Of course, I wasn't as smart or as cute as Enrique.

By the way, you're sleeping quite well.

I gently watched Enrique who was fast asleep.

Enrique, who had slept deeply until the late afternoon glow tinted the window, suddenly woke up, so I was surprised.


Enrique breathed in vain.

When the paper stuck to the corner of his mouth fell, I saw his eyes filled with embarrassment.

The boy looked at me drowsily.

"Well, I wasn't going to sleep, but why did I suddenly fall asleep? I'm sorry...

"I'm a generous teacher who doesn't get angry. Don't worry.

However, Enrique didn't seem to try to listen to me at all, as if it were quite shocking that he had slept during class.

"My sister accepted me as her student, you taught me every week and asked me questions, but I was late, fell asleep, and disappointed you.

Enrique's big eyes shook.

As it is more polite for his age, his stern appearance at his mistakes increased the uncomfortable feelings I had felt from before.

"Why are you saying that?

I lightly squeezed Enrique's shoulder in panic.

"I'm not disappointed in you at all. If I have to confess honestly, I thought your appearance while sleeping was very adorable.

Enrique's pale cheeks turned red like an apple as he took out his handkerchief to wipe the dry saliva from his mouth.

"Oops, he doesn't like being told he's cute."

Enrique suddenly jumped up from his seat, thinking he was being treated like a child.

But, isn't it true that he's a child?

I quickly grabbed and put Enrique beside me, who had already started the engine to make a sudden run.

"Alright, I got it! I'll retract that you're cute.

"Let me go!

"Instead, I'll say you're cool. My Enrique is the coolest in the world, even if he doesn't acknowledge the word cute and drools.

"Don't make fun of me!

I let go of Enrique and smiled at his agitated arms and legs.

He looked exhausted with a tired face, but he also seemed a bit energized.

Enrique's earlobes and neck were red, like an apple, even when I was just teasing a little.

"Enrique, are you angry?


"I'm not making fun of you. It's because you're really cool.


"Hmm. Are you saying that this teacher angel-like is lying?


I lightly stroked the trembling child's hair and repeatedly said it was okay several times.

"Since our brothers' faces are like a national treasure, you will also grow up to be very cool. Won't you grow much taller than me?

Enrique puffed out his pale cheeks and pouted.

Still, he didn't withdraw the hand that was caressing his head like before.

"Young Master!

Enrique shivered and took a step back as he heard the muffled voice in the distance.

A middle-aged woman with a stern look came out and approached where Enrique was.

"Who are you?

"Greetings to Princess Deborah. I am Madame Karil, the young master's nanny.

Enrique, who had previously been sulking, adopted a polite and adult expression when he looked at the woman.

"The young master has bothered the princess until late at night. So, we will leave first.

"Wait a minute, who is being a bother? Don't talk like that when you don't even know what's going on. I wish you would be careful with your words.

While responding with coldness, a look of embarrassment passed over the middle-aged woman's face for a moment.

"It's me who's holding Enrique. Have a good dinner, Enrique.


"See you later. Little brother.

Enrique, blinked slowly with a surprised expression, courteously bowed his head, and walked to the annex with the nanny.


The feeling of discomfort I felt before grew stronger.

I had the strange feeling that I shouldn't let this go.

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