IBRV (Novel) Chapter 78

C 78

 "What are you looking at?"

"Who are you?"

"... If you're senile, resign from the position of emperor. The empress must have suffered a lot."

"It's a daily routine."

When Dad clicked his tongue and looked at the empress, she agreed.

"Erno, you've changed a lot. Dahlia would surely be delighted."


Dad's eyebrows furrowed at the name that came out of the empress's mouth.

"Let's go."

"Be a good father. Isn't it said that children are a mirror of their parents?"

"It doesn't matter."

I was about to leave the room with my dad snorting and hugging me.

Suddenly, I remembered the Hatar incident and opened my mouth.

"You know, Emperor Uncle."


The emperor raised his head and looked at me with an absurd expression. The empress beside him burst into laughter.


"Is something strange happening in the empire these days? I was on my way here, and I saw someone drinking something and laughing terribly."

"... Well."

In response to my words, the emperor narrowed his eyes, but soon smiled as if it was nothing.

"It seems they've been drinking since daylight."

Perhaps because he was the emperor, I couldn't understand what he was thinking.

I couldn't bring up the topic of "Hatar" or addiction here, so I just nodded in response.

"Then let's go."

"Thank you for the gift, Emperor Uncle!"

"... I take back what I said earlier, it was nice to meet you."

The emperor waved his hand at me while letting out a wry laugh. Nevertheless, he seems to be taking care of me.

After leaving, my dad and I traveled in the carriage with Sharnae, who had returned before we knew it.

"But Dad."


"What is an imprint?"

"Did the emperor say something like that?"


"Anyway, it's useless..."

I'm sure my father is the only one who talks about the emperor like that.

"They say dragons need parents. You have to imprint on your parents when you're born, but it seems like you couldn't do that."

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