IBRV (Novel) Chapter 86

C 86

In high school and preparatory school, I was obviously bullied, ridiculed, and made fun of, but no one resorted to violence.

The moment someone hit me without reason, I turned into a madwoman.

When my hair was grabbed, the other person's hair was pulled out in a round shape as if they had lost their hair.

"What...? What do you mean...?"

I innocently approached him and jumped with all my might under his legs.



Oh, my head hurts.

After hitting him between his legs with all my might, he let go of the whip, and I laughed at the priest who clutched between his legs.

"Adam, Iona!"

"Yes, miss."

Adam changed his title. Obviously, it was because the fact that I was the matriarch of the family had not yet been announced.

I raised my finger and pointed at the priest, then opened my mouth brightly.

"He flirted with me."

"Did he?"

While Iona questioned, Adam slowly unsheathed his sword.

"I will follow your orders."

"Yes, Iona, watch that person."

It doesn't look good for two people to harass one person, so I pointed to the Suin trembling on the ground.

"Don't kill him."

When Adam's sword seemed to be filled with life, he added a comment and softened his momentum.

"Was he really going to kill him?"

What should I do about it?

As I shook my head, the Suin crawled under my feet.

"A-Are you the king?"


"The King, are you the King who will save us...? Yes, there was a revelation. The king of the Suins, who will save us, has awakened..."

What revelation did you receive? I felt my limbs wither.

I was speechless and silent for a moment at the Suin's words.

As I looked at him with a slightly puzzled expression, the man was crying profusely.


He lowered his head and pressed his forehead to the ground.

"From those damn humans... Please, free us."

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