IBRV (Novel) Chapter 88

C 88

"What's going on with you?"



"No, are you willing to listen anyway?"

I replied politely.

Funding is the topic he'll react most sensitively to, so I only mentioned it.

Dad was great, but he wasn't as passionate about society as to discuss giving donations with the other aristocrats.

If it were a threat, it might be possible, but I didn't want to do that.

It would probably be right to ask my father's sister, Akrea Safile, to ask him to cut off the funding line.

From what my dad told me, she keeps society on a firm footing.

Come to think of it, it's a great family.

Charniel Etham was said to be one of the five strongest men, and Akrea Safile was the queen of society.

Nelia Zardan has strict control over trade, and I heard that Hayel Etham is exceptional at gathering information by awakening the ability to communicate with animals and insects among the dragon's abilities.

My dad is a genius whose only deficiency is his personality...

I don't know about Chronos Etham. As he said he restrained himself, it was clear he had some ability.

"Despite that... A Suin can't be left loose on the street..."

"Yes, then I'll send him to the Southern Continent so the High Priest won't worry. You don't have to worry about that."

"Whatever happens, I've fed them, clothed them, and given them a place to sleep... Besides, I only gave them a job and a chance to atone for their sins."

Listening to the High Priest's nonsense was a bit exhausting. It was also time to visit Chronos Etham.

I smiled faintly.

"So, do I cut off 80%? I'll tell my dad as soon as I get home today..."

In fact, if I revealed that I was the matriarch of the family, it would add a bit more credibility to this threat, but my father and grandfather didn't seem to want to reveal it officially yet.


I know the Suins are in charge of the general administration of the temple, so they won't give up easily.

"If my dad had come, it would have been easier, but..."

In fact, I can resolve it easily.

"I don't want to just ask the High Priest. Dad said it's embarrassing to ask for something for free."

Of course, something like that never happened.

"But, there are other priests even if there are no Suins. And I'll increase the donation by 50% more than it is now."


"Of course, I'll create a bribery fund so the High Priest can have it all to himself."

At my words, he opened his mouth.

"I'll keep asking you to do that as long as my dad is the patriarch of the family. Of course, you can write a contract."

The High Priest's eyes widened. His greedy double chin moved.

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