IBAWWMB (Novel) Chapter 69



The cup she handed me was covered with much finer mana than the one that was tested earlier.

Just in case, I poured water into it and tested it, and none of the paper got wet.

Looking at the total amount of mana calculated, if the magic circle is carefully crafted, it will be possible to produce a large number of paper cups with the magic stones that roll like trash in the tower.

"If the production cost wasn't cheap, takeaway food would have been abandoned long ago."

"How long does the maintenance period last?"

"It's about 24 hours."

"Not bad. I have to apply for the magical technology patent on this attribute value."

Once I tried it, I couldn't get out of the patent swamp.

The revenue distribution for patents established in the contract is 5 to 5.

Arin did everything, but I get half. It's not really different from a slave contract...

I looked at her with a sad expression as I took advantage of her labor.

Her small shoulders shrank as if she felt my meaningful gaze.

I already have quite a fierce impression, but she seemed surprised when I looked at her.

"This... Princess."

Despite all that, Arin spoke hesitantly.

"What is it?"

"Oh, this is what I did, it's not much, but still..."

Shaking her shoulders like a squirrel in front of a snake, she suddenly pulled out a finely folded handkerchief from the desk.

Was it for me?

I guess it wasn't meant to be given to a knight for the jousting tournament.

"Why are you giving this to me?"

"I made it thinking of the princess. Please accept it."

I took the purple handkerchief she handed me, puzzled.

"Oh? It's cool."

It was a handkerchief that functions like a cooling gel pack. Moreover, it smelled nice, like it had been sprayed with perfume.

"It will get hot when you watch the jousting game, so use it to wipe off your sweat. It will be refreshing."

"I'll use it well."

I feel like it will refresh me if I wrap it around my wrist, so when I tied the handkerchief, I suddenly took a deep breath.

"Hmm, what's this?"

Finally, a nosebleed dripped from Arin's nose. She hurriedly covered her nose with a handkerchief, and her eyes welled up.

"I'm sorry. For showing you this ugly side of me."

She must have had a nosebleed from overwork.

Even though I had repeatedly committed to living as an evil woman, I felt an unnecessary remorse in my conscience.

"Take it easy."

It's not something that usually comes out of me, but she has worked hard.

"I won't regret it even if I die right now..."

I quickly got up from my seat because I felt sorry for Arin, who was speaking with a nasal voice.

"Princess, I will definitely serve you tea next time."

I can't even understand what she's talking about.

"Em. Sure. I'll retire first."

I left the laboratory as if I were fleeing so she could rest comfortably.


"The weather is exceptionally hot."

Today is the day of the jousting.

I looked up at the bright sky and frowned. It was a clear day with not a single cloud in sight.

My eyes were blinded by the intense sun.

There was a crowd of people near the congested arena.

The jousting match is the most popular game in the empire, and in particular, the tournament held on the first emperor's birthday was so grand that there were several cases where tickets couldn't be obtained even with money.

There were even people looking around the arena with expressions of regret, like idol fans who couldn't get tickets to a concert.

Of course, the Seymour family was an exception because they were directly invited by the imperial family to cheer on this place.

The nobles sat in the front seats where they could see the match up close, and lower-ranking nobles and commoners took their places in the back seats.

A thick sand breeze swept through the stadium.

The sound of horses neighing and the sound of the hooves of wild horses could be heard everywhere, and flags with the insignias of various knights waved in all directions.

I sat in the shade made for the Seymour family, looking at the barracks where the knights waited.

Some people were wandering about in a mess as if they were nervous, and there were knights taking off their helmets as if it was hot.

The jousting battle was a game where aura tactics were not allowed, so it was necessary to use pure skill, physical strength, and speed.

As you can see the skill in handling horses and the sense of combat, this is also a place to discover various talented knights.

Due to the threat of injuries from falling horses, the royal family did not participate, and the knights participating in the game were heavily armed.


Soon, the first battle began with the sound of a loud trumpet.

(Note: Yes, imagine that's the sound of a trumpet, haha)

When the knight in iron armor removed his helmet and shouted, a cheer of excitement resounded in the audience.

"There's a lot of noise."

The Duke of Seymour, who attended reluctantly because it was a match where the emperor came, slightly frowned at the rather annoying atmosphere.

"Anyway, the knights are loud and barbaric. I think even their brains are made of muscles."

Duke Seymour muttered bitterly as he watched the game with his arms crossed. Belreck was also sitting with an expressionless face.

The joust was not suitable for children, so Enrique couldn't attend.

(Note: Enrique, baby, I miss you :( )

"I really don't know why I was so excited about this."

Deborah seemed excited and liked it enough to watch the jousts whenever she had the chance, but not me.

Thunderous cheers poured out every time the long lance struck the torso, shield, and helmet, but in my eyes, it just looked impressive and dangerous.

"And it's hot..."

As the heat from the crowd added up, the sand became hotter as time went on.

As I took out the cold handkerchief that Arin had given me and unfolded it, I felt a weary gaze somewhere.

My father was showing a dissatisfied expression for some reason.

He must be feeling unwell because of the heat.

"Father, you can have it. It will be refreshing because it has magic."

Although it was a gift from Arin, I decided to lend the handkerchief to my father for a while since he is also an elder.

"It's a peculiar object."

"It was made by my subordinate."

"Ah, that girl you brought from the academy. She seems quite smart. She looks like she has great potential, so I will support her anytime."

I nodded slightly to Arin with Duke Seymour, and my father toyed with the handkerchief with an interested expression.

"That, that...fake person."

Belreck shuddered and muttered something, but I pretended not to hear.

On the other hand, the heat in the area gradually increased, and the surrounding atmosphere seemed to explode due to the man who appeared on the black horse.

"It's Diery Orge!"


"Diery! Diery!"

Diery, who wielded a fair-shaped sword against sinners regardless of their status, was highly popular in the empire among all ages and genders.

As Diery walked slowly through the arena, showing off his ascetic and tidy beauty, the cheers grew even louder.

He passed by an aristocratic lady who was eagerly waving her handkerchief, begging him to take it, but he suddenly dismounted, approached Mia sitting in the back of the seat, and extended his hand to her.

Mia became nervous for a moment with a surprised expression, then took out a handkerchief from her small purse and handed it to him.

The scene in which Diery, wearing black-toned armor, accepted a pink handkerchief was quite a spectacle.

"I will bring glory to the lady."

He put on his helmet and vigorously waved his heavy jousting lance.

"Oh my, but it ended in just fifteen seconds."

The opponent who awaited his turn like a coward in the distance was now in a pitiful state.

No matter how important the main character is in the novel, isn't this a bit too much?

I watched Diery's match feeling somewhat ridiculous.

His skills were so overwhelming that the match ended quickly.


"What, what is it?"

It was when.

Before the heat of Diery's appearance could cool down, a scream that seemed to tear through the atmosphere suddenly began to shake the ground.

"LOL, I know what this is."

It reminds me of when I was in high school and used to scream when my idols appeared at the year-end award ceremony.

"Sir Isidor Visconti!"

The arena went wild at the sight of the handsome blond man, riding a white horse and wearing platinum armor that contrasted intensely with Diery.

Regardless of their status and age, the overwhelming support from the women who attended the match was enough to bury the cheers of the men without a trace.

There were also several ladies who threw their handkerchiefs at him.

"It seems like he really stepped out of a true romantic novel."

Even I, who believed I had somehow become accustomed to his beautiful appearance, couldn't help but admire the god-like military figure in armor.

Just before putting on his helmet, Isidor glanced in my direction and smiled like an angel, so I shuddered in surprise.

"He definitely looked at me!"

"No! I'm sure he smiled at me!"

In any case, to Isidor's eyes, everyone would have looked like salted shrimp, but the noble ladies near me were engaged in a heated discussion that seemed ready to draw blood.

"He's not a knight, but rather an opera actor."

Too serious... To put it bluntly, Duke Seymour, who had an old-fashioned temperament, muttered unpleasantly while looking at Isidor.

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