IBAWWMB (Novel) Chapter 56



"I wondered why he suddenly said he had an emergency but actually brought me here to show off?"
"This is to show off his daughter."
"Enjoy it. If you don't want to end up like Raymont."
Duke Seymour appeared in the conference room, bringing all the elders and their assistants who were on their way to work at the tower.
"This is out of the blue."
The wizards who came just for a formula study straightened their hunched backs with weary expressions.
After a while, as Princess Deborah stepped up to the podium, a sense of tension ran through the classroom more than usual.
"You must handle your expression well. Even if the conference is childish and clumsy, you must not show it."
"I'll draw all the compliments I know from the Danjeon."
"These trivial things. I used to be in a children's choir. It means I can sing up to 12 verses of praise."
The elders of the Magic Tower, who were planning a fierce shitshow while working their brains, were genuinely impressed by the princess's conference.
This is because she gave the conference enthusiastically under the appearance of a star instructor in Daechi-dong* to promote the formula.

"Oh. Is that so?"

I explained easily for it to be understood.

"Because she is the one who improved the formula, she is more familiar with the concept and how to use it than anyone else."

The elders didn't need to open their mouths.

After the princess's conference, they only had to abuse all the flattering words. To the point where their lips were swollen.

At the end of the presentation, the elders who had contact with Duke Seymour had some good fortune.

"It was a wonderful conference."

"This is enough for her to be appointed a full-time professor at the Academy."

"Yes, indeed."

Duke Seymour, who had been wearing a grimace with crossed arms, began to move his thin lips.


He couldn't bear not being able to boast about his daughter.

It was when.

Clap, clap, clap.

The cheerful applause from somewhere sharpened the eyes of the elders.

Who dared to applaud? The princess hadn't even put down her chalk yet.

"Well, I was impressed."

Count Almare was giving a standing ovation with an excited face. The opera actor also has the acting talent to cry.

"That little old bloodless bastard started applauding smoothly?"

"Life is a matter of timing. Do you understand?"

"He's coming out a little, isn't he? I'll use sound amplification magic to increase the sound of the applause."

In no time, thunderous applause poured out as if the conference room was about to disappear. Princess Deborah successfully completed her first conference.


I rubbed my eyes.

Due to Duke Seymour, who attended the conferences with the gloomy people in black robes, my tension doubled, and fatigue rushed in early.

"I feel tired."

I left the conference room exhausted and met the excited Fifth Princess.

Her yellow eyes shone like a cat seeing a fish.

"Princess Deborah, did you hear the thunderous applause? All the wizards who were there must have fallen in love with you. Just like me."

Suddenly, the Fifth Princess confessed her love and handed over the registration form and a pen.

I checked the terms and conditions with an unnecessary wave of anxiety.

There might be a hidden toxin clause in source number 2.

"I also like your prudence. You're the first woman who's made me so anxious. You're making my hands sweat."

She waved her fan as vigorously as she could.

"Whatever it is, it's better than Omicron where Philap is. I can't wait to go home and rest."

"Can I do it here?"


After signing while wasting time, I handed over the registration form, and the Fifth Princess smiled with a satisfied expression.

"It can't change... No, anyway, Epsilon is a great place. The leader is the most handsome in the empire, and there are many talented people like you. Welcome to the club."

Mmm. I think I just heard something suspicious about not being able to change.

"No way, I must have heard hallucinations because I was too tired."

I thought it was good that the social club problem, which had been bothering me all the time, was resolved easily.

However, it didn't take me long to realize that Epsilon was made up of a strange group.


"Congratulations, Duke."

After Princess Deborah successfully completed her conference, the assistant congratulated him on the news that the princess had enrolled in <Epsilon> with the active recommendation of the fifth princess.

"She's my daughter, so it's natural."

He was saying it wasn't important, but the assistant quickly noticed that the corners of the Duke's mouth lifted finely.

"The Princess will shine even more splendidly in the future."

"By the way, Epsilon was overwhelming during my time, but is it the most popular recently?"

"Yes, obviously, it's the most popular club."

"Who is the leader?"

"It's Sir Isidor Visconti. Oh, now that I think about it, he was the princess's dance partner at the ball. He's also very handsome, but he's a young man who is complete and talented enough to be loved by the Prince..."

The assistant, who recited information about Sir Visconti, closed his mouth when he saw the Duke's cold expression.

"Mmm. Anyway, that's it."

"That punk dared to beat my daughter and become the Flower of the Year."

The crown prince, who had a close relationship with Sir Visconti, pushed the nomination playfully, but because most people agreed actively, the eccentric result came out.

Since the Spring Flower Festival was not an event with a serious atmosphere, it was an atmosphere that everyone deliciously accepted in this matter.

Except for Duke Seymour.

"That punk accepts it so easily, without feeling ashamed?"

"Well, that's right."

The assistant showed his professional workmanship and agreed with him.

"I don't like it because that young man is too talkative. Those types always rely on their looks."

When Duke Seymour, who had a gloomy appearance if he ranked second in the empire, commented on the value of looks, the assistant couldn't speak for a while because he was dumbfounded.


"Deborah! Did you really sign the Epsilon registration form? I can't believe you're suddenly signing anywhere. You shouldn't do that."

The Duke Seymour's reaction upon hearing the news of my enrollment was completely opposite to my expectations.

"What's the reason?"

Duke Seymour was once the leader of <Epsilon>, and the Duchess was also a member of <Epsilon>, so I thought I would definitely score points.

"I know Epsilon is a club with many outstanding older adults like my father. So I thought it would make you happy."

The Duke sighed and shook his head.

"The club is not a problem, but the leader... Tch! I can't believe one of those prestigious leaders looks like that, I'm not satisfied at all."


Perhaps Isidor was the problem again this time.

"How the hell did they let that troublemaker become the leader?! It's a corrupt time. Corrupt. I feel suffocated inside because I'm worried about the future of the empire."

The Duke, who was suddenly concerned about the future of the empire, entered the mansion and said he was tired after taking a walk in the garden.

"Well, how insignificant everyone must look in the eyes of a Class 7 Great Mage."

I scratched my neck, thinking that the trend of ignoring things these days is also similar as I get older.


[Welcoming the enrollment of Princess Deborah with open arms. -All of Epsilon]

"Ah! What the hell is that?"

As I crossed the campus, I felt embarrassed when I saw the awkward banner placed near the social club bulletin board.

"Isn't it great?"

I didn't ask, but someone quickly appeared from behind and explained it to me.

"You surprised me."

"The Fifth Princess ordered the welcome banner to be hung. She must have wanted to show off next to Omicron."

Thierry Orge smiled when I met his black eyes.

His droopy eyes and messy black curly hair matched well.

Although the unique frivolous atmosphere was taking away from that beautiful appearance.

"My heart races for no reason when you look so cold. My heart is on the soft side."

Thierry, fearlessly, played innocent and patted his chest.

"In the last dance, unfortunately, I didn't make a proper introduction, so let me introduce myself. I am Thierry Orge. Well, first... I'm a solicitor."

Unlike his older brother Diery, he wasn't a very sincere guy.

"I'm Deborah Seymour."

When I responded gravely, he scratched his neck.

"She's as cold as rumored. She would be as popular as she is beautiful if she just had a little more kindness."

"She's as light as rumored. If I blow, you'll go flying."

"Haha, that's true, there's nothing to refute."

While having a conversation with Thierry, who was laughing discreetly, a man with a huge physique exuding a threatening mood in the distance approached this way.

"You, you idiot, I've got you."

Worry crossed Thierry's face.

"I'm about to have a fun chat with the princess, but an uninvited guest found me. I'll go first. If you're bored, come play at the Fraternity House. I'm always in the music room."

"Hey, you scamming idiot. You said if I bet on horse number 6, it would definitely be a jackpot! But in reality, did this idiot bet on number 3?"

"Don't you know that racehorse conditions can change at any moment?"

"This idiot's mouth is a hole!"

I instantly realized the situation just by seeing Thierry rushing off and the muscular man's words.

"They must be betting at the racetrack. By the way, how did such a thuggish playboy get into Epsilon?"

Is this really the prestigious club I know?

Maybe there's a pseudo-club with the same name as <Epsilon>, right?

After swallowing a somewhat complicated feeling, I headed to the carriage to go to Maisond.

This is because a note from the Master arrived last night saying he had found a delicious cake.

Maybe it means he has found a decent property for sale.

As soon as I entered Maisond, which I now come and go as if it were my home, the store manager guided me to my seat, and I looked through the menu.

"Oh, why isn't it here?"

I flipped through the menu with a nervous mood and called the store manager.

"Where's the coffee that's written here?"

"I'm sorry, but the drink didn't sell at all, it was finally removed from the menu."

"Aren't the coffee beans coming in now?"

I ran to the Master with a sense of impatience.

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