IBAWWMB (Novel) Chapter 43



He doesn't want to admit it, but his sister tried to steal their mother's appearance.

Since she is the opposite of their mother, who is as calm as a deep lake, he immediately forgot about that fact.

".... What's going on?"

Belreck, who had been mesmerized for a while because Deborah looked exceptionally like their mother today, soon regained his senses and asked in a sharp voice.

"Between brother and sister, we can look at each other for no reason."

When he saw Deborah speaking in a relaxed tone, Belreck let out a slight snort.

"We're not in a friendly brother-sister relationship. Stop beating around the bush and brag if you want to. I've been ignoring you all this time, so you must have a lot to say about this improved formula, right?"

"Hmm? If you suddenly say it like that, I feel like I have to brag about something. However, I'm here to receive your apologies."

Belreck looked at her clearly directed red eyes and crossed his arms.

"Apologies? Why should I do something like that?"

"All this time I've met with you, you've been spitting out exaggerated comments. Foolish and abusive language, and out of nowhere, without asking me, you introduced me to a man and threatened me."

Seeing Deborah pointing out his mistakes one by one, Belreck squinted his eyes.

"I'm sure she has improved her skills. In the past, you used to speak loudly and shout at people beneath you to vent your anger, there used to be no logic at all in your words."

So, even though it was ridiculous, he listened to her words without holding back.

"Furthermore, my brother's subordinate spoke insolently to me. Because of how much you ignored me, a simple subordinate dared to argue with me, a princess. I also want an apology for that."

"Why should I? I'm in a position where I could trap you right now."

Belreck, who was slightly twisting his thin lips, took a step toward Deborah, who clenched her fist.

"That's why you've been moderately stupid. Look back a bit on what you've done. How can I not ignore you?"

Tch, Deborah, who clicked her tongue slightly, pulled something out of her shawl.

"What's this?"

"Look first."

Belreck's eyes trembled a lot after checking the content of the envelope she gave him.


Seeing the face of the arrogant Belreck turning white, I felt like frying popcorn.

As expected, this tough punk tasted his own medicine. You have to hit him to make him listen. He's not even a child.

"Is this content... true?"

As soon as Belreck saw the document about Louie Gazelle, he first asked me if it was true with the hunch that he was ruined.

"You didn't know? What should I do if your information skills are lower than mine, who doesn't even have a subordinate?"

A flagrant embarrassment and a feeling of consternation passed through Belreck's bright eyes. My brother made the mistake of revealing his intentions and purposes first. It also gave me time to investigate the other person.


"If you don't believe in the documents at all, call the witness. Catherine Bay. She's the lady who ran away to another territorial capital because Louie Gazelle kept flirting with her. She promised to go to the capital and testify if you wanted."

"No, no way, I also did a background check on him, and according to Rosad's investigation..."

I frowned at the unexpected name coming out of his mouth.

"Perhaps, did you steal the person for the blind date that Rosad found?"

Belreck, who avoided my gaze, furrowed his brow and muttered a curse under his breath.

"Brother Belreck took a shot."

Finally, I uncovered the true story of this case.

Belreck thought his informant might have gathered some exclusive information, but in fact, it seemed that Rosad cleverly leaked the information to guide Belreck in matchmaking arrangements.

Perhaps Rosad emphasized that he was the son of a count with a large silver mine.

Silver is a very useful mineral for artifact manufacturers due to its high mana conductivity.

To Belreck, Louie Gazelle must have been a very tempting opponent.

Moreover, his research at that time was going through difficulties.

He couldn't help but want to stay in the middle and swallow the unexpected gain called Louie Gazelle's silver mine.

"It must be a flower team from Rosad's perspective."

If Belreck pushes for a union with Louie Gazelle, Deborah will go crazy and self-destruct quickly while daring to bring things like the son of the Count.

It's an opportunity to quickly clean up the famous Seymour princess.

If by chance the matchmaking goes well but there's something suspicious about Louie Gazelle, Belreck will take responsibility for it.

I looked at him bitterly as he would later be criticized for arranging a blind date without me knowing for sure.

"A matchmaker doesn't cross the line carelessly. Belreck..."

I opened my mouth when I saw him trembling holding the sealed envelope.

"Do you remember what my brother said before? Being ignorant is a sin."

Belreck's thin lips twitched as he dug up the scene in the fragment of his memory.

"Besides, if your incompetence is too much, you said you should be punished. Read the unopened silver envelope."

What the Master uncovered wasn't just Louie Gazelle's weakness.

"Princess. You want to attack Lord Belreck, who is trying to force you into marriage through Louie Gazelle, right?"

He pulled out the silver envelope with a strange smile as he discerned my intention.

"This is the information obtained from the west. It's a gift for you as a partner, I hope you can use it wisely."

The document he brought contained interesting information.

Recently, the silver mine in the west had been exploited, and the lords of the region were competing to attract investments for mining development.

Furthermore, it seemed that Belreck had invested quite a bit in it for a stable supply of silver.

The problem is that westerners use remote streets and rugged terrain to commit fraudulent investments with outsiders who are unfamiliar with their affairs.

It was a plan to include the land that could no longer extract silver in the development area, increase the scale of investment, and skillfully embezzle investors' money.

"Are you saying the silver mine I invested in is a scam?"

Belreck's voice trembled slightly.

"Technically, it's not a scam, but an empty can... no, since there's a lot of land in Emon, even if a silver mine is found, the yield will be terrible. Brother failed in his investment. It means the money flew away."

I smiled and nodded towards the envelope I was holding.

"I'm thinking of giving my father the envelope with the red seal on the left. Oh, how much he will like it. I can't believe my brother is trying to introduce a playboy to his sister..."

"Wait! Wait a minute, Deborah."

"Huh? I'm calmer than anyone right now. I'm thinking of selling the envelope with the silver seal to Brother Rosad at a high price. How rational is this idea? Isn't it?"

Belreck's failure is Rosad's joy.

Wouldn't Rosad buy this information at a high price?

Belreck closed his eyes tightly as he touched his forehead.

Maybe it's because the timing is too bad.

Recently, Rosad had been updating daily victories against the barbarians in the East and had been fighting a lot.

Amidst this, if it is known that Belreck was swindled by the Western thugs, Rosad's achievements will surely shine even brighter.

Having a comparative advantage is the most important thing for the Seymour twins.

"As you always live in fierce competition, it's no wonder your personality is a mess."

Aside from Belreck's misfortune, it's a bit sad that the fate of the twins who had been together since the womb trampled over their brother to become the head of the family.

"What do you want, Deborah? I'll give you anything."

Belreck spoke hastily.

"If you apologize, I'll consider it."


Belreck hesitated for a moment, as his noble pride didn't allow it.

"Um. I understand your meaning, brother, that even if you die, you won't apologize. So, I'll first have tea time with my father..."

"I'm sorry! I was wrong, Deborah."

Maybe he was really desperate, he grabbed me and finally began to apologize.

"For everything that happened, I was really wrong. You are such a talented person..."

"It sounds a bit like a curse, or is it just me."

No, since I've decided to live as a wicked woman, let's think of it as a great compliment.

"I apologize for not being able to shut the mouths of the subordinates. It's my fault that the guy Stephan approached you with his ugly feet."


"I'm sorry."

Belreck slightly shook his silver lashes with a pitiful face.

His white hands that gripped my shawl trembled with humiliation.

"Are you serious?"

"Ugh, I'm sorry for not recognizing your competence..."

I sighed when I saw him slightly nodding his head.

What a consistent guy. It's the first time in my life I've seen a human so obsessed with their skills.

"Uh, I can't help it when my brother asks me like this."

Belreck, who quickly raised his head, blinked his silver-blue eyes.

"Are you forgiving me?"

I took out a piece of parchment paper and a pen filled with ink from my bag.

"Hmm. If you just sign this contract, I will burn all the documents containing my brother's weakness. Furthermore, I will humbly forgive what happened in the past."

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