IBAWWMB (Novel) Chapter 24



The Master fell silent at my request and set down the empty teacup he was holding.

I felt nervous and swallowed hard at his unusual reaction.

Slowly, he began to speak, with a serious look.

"... How much do you want to know about that man?"

"How much can you tell me?"

He thought for a moment while pressing his fingers.

It seems to be quite difficult, as he is a prince from one of the most prestigious families.

He can't refuse. He's already investigating Louis Gargell...

I took a sip of tea, giving up halfway.

After thinking for a while, he slowly opened his mouth.

"I think it's possible to know his height and weight. Even the size of his foot if you want..."


"The more sensitive areas are a bit... Of course, it's not that I lack confidence."

As he continued, I almost spat out the tea I was drinking.

Of course, there are likely young ladies all over the academy who want to know Isidor's foot size, shoulder width, and thigh circumference, but I'm not an obsessive fan who digs up sensitive personal information like that.

"Who do you think I am?! I don't want any of that, you must have heard something about his secret reputation behind the scenes or a rumor."

"Something like that..."

The Master's eyes trembled like those of a doll. It seemed he was surprised by his mistaken assumption.

He sees me as a fan of Isidor. I'm surprised too.

"Reputation and rumors... That's what you meant."

"That man. There seems to be something suspicious about him, so investigate him."

As there seemed to be landmines everywhere that didn't appear in the original work, I intended to find out about Isidor in advance.

"... To see that face and suspect..."

He had been muttering something since before.

"What did you say?"

"He said he accepts your request to investigate if Isidor Visconti is a suspicious person."

He replied in a rough voice and poured tea into the empty cup.

This time, he added 5 teaspoons of sugar. It seemed he quite liked sweets.

He stirred the teaspoon vigorously with a cold expression while looking at me with his mineral-like eyes.

"Princess. Have you finished with your business?"

"No. I like the scent of this tea, so I'm thinking of drinking it all."

"The tea costs 1 gold."

"What? That's too expensive, especially when there's no dessert."

"I'm a person of high quality."

It's just whimsical. While unconsciously looking at the Master, who seemed resentful, I quickly started a conversation.

"By the way, do you sell this tea at Maisond?"

I asked him, giving him a pearl necklace.

"It's an expensive tea."

Seeming a bit annoyed, he grasped it in his black gloved hand, as if he didn't want to accept it. I put the necklace in my bag, feeling lucky.

"That's strange. It says in the novel that the Master charges a fee for each question."

"It's tea time now, so I have no intentions of working."

Ah, he didn't want to be asked.

"That's unfortunate. I was thinking of making a good proposal during tea time."

"If you tell me how you tamed my Cookie, I'll listen."

"Alright, I'll talk, so listen to me. It's a deal that won't cause you any losses."

"Well, you're quite stubborn."

"Is it just now that you realize I'm this type of person?"

It's so convenient to possess a character like this.

Even if I speak ill of someone or act condescending, everyone will say it was just Deborah being Deborah.

I took a piece of paper from my pocket and placed it stubbornly on the table.

"What do you think?"

He took a sip of tea indifferently, and then, as if he were interested, began to examine the drawing on the paper with his arms crossed.

"This. What is this? A woman...?"


What I drew was an iconic purple logo with a woman.

It's my coffee brand.

I drew it occasionally whenever classes at the academy got boring. This body was born with such skill that I could do it with the vibe of a professionally designed logo that I had seen in my previous life.

"It's a schematic and elegant image. It's also unique. Did you draw it yourself?"

He started showing a bit of interest, as if it were surprising that I knew how to draw.

"Yes, I drew it. I'm thinking of running a dessert business with this logo."

It was fortunate that I didn't have to explain in the slightest detail what a brand logo was, as the concept of a "seal" existed here.

"Why do dessert shops need logos? To make it feel grand?"

"It's necessary for people to remember it. I plan to keep expanding branches with this purple logo to a second shop, a third shop, and even a 100th shop. I'll set up a shop outside the Empire, and even on an island. Just looking at the purple color will make people from the Empire instinctively think of this logo."

"How is it possible to endlessly expand branches? There must be a limit to the labor and money you have. Even the Emperor can't do that."

My eyes lit up as soon as the Master took the bait.

"I don't have to use my own labor. I can lease the company name to other people."

"Lease the company name?"

His eyes widened in shock.

"That's right. It will be very easy, as long as the main store is successful. I'll offer a second store, with the same menu and interior as the main café, to those who want to reduce competition. In return, they'll pay me a fee for renting the name and for providing technical knowledge."

"... That's an amazing idea."

To my surprise, after the "tax haven," the Master seemed to immediately grasp the concept of "franchising."

The speed at which he nodded was phenomenal. Maybe I'm a modern capitalist, but he isn't.

Hiding my disgust, I continued.

"For your information, if you have more branches, you can reduce the cost price of raw materials, such as flour and tea leaves, by buying in bulk."

"It's a way of doing business where the more businesses you get, the more profitable it is for the person providing the trade name."

"That's right. But if you expand stores too recklessly, it won't be good."

"No wonder. If commercial districts overlap, I'll harm myself. It would also be difficult to maintain quality. But, princess."


"Why are you sharing this unique way of expanding branches with me?"

It's extremely clever.

"Form a partnership with me."

I picked up the paper with the purple logo.

"Invest in this."

Opening a café was my dream in my previous life, and as a caffeine addict, I couldn't afford to lose my Iced Americano either.

"Being in business and working in areas that interest you is good for mental health."

In addition to that, I researched café business three times as a group project during the liberal arts class related to marketing.

Back then, I didn't have money to start a business, so I wondered why I was researching, but I'm using it in this life.

"Please teach me your business knowledge. Things like workforce management, recipes, and raw material acquisition."

Since I don't have practical experience, partnering with him, who runs several stores, could reduce trial and error. Plus, it could save time.

For your information, I have many ideas to make a dessert shop successful. Renting the company name idea is only a very small part of it.

A small part...

Plus, I'm going to put my creativity into this.

I looked directly at him, intrigued.

What do you think? Are you interested in my business?

I thought he would be concerned for a moment, but the Master gave a positive response immediately.

That day, we wrote a partnership agreement.

And so, my coffee business, which will color the entire Azutea Empire purple, took its small first step.

"The more you think about it, the brighter it is. Selling a business name instead of a product..."

Princess Deborah may not have experience in opening a real store, but she had a unique perspective on money.

One could say she's a supposed genius. There's no way she would dare to reject the investment request she suggested.

"She's really attractive."

As I looked at the purple seal she had left behind, Miguel, who had been hiding in the background throughout the request, suddenly appeared.

He had a terribly haggard expression.

Because he had spent all his energy trying to hold back laughter.

The moment the princess asked to investigate Prince Isidor, he even squeezed his thighs to hold back the laughter.

"I've experienced my limits. I almost got caught."

He never expected that a surprise rival called "contain laughter" would appear while hiding in the shadows.

"I can't believe I found my lost laughter. I mean, she's quite nice."

As he raised his judgment of Princess Deborah a bit, Miguel opened his mouth with delicate eyes.

—Prince, you received a really difficult request. The Prince should personally accept this request.

Is this a funny situation?

How is that possible? Princess Deborah is also very inconsiderate. How can she request a background check on the successor of the great Visconti family? She really fears nothing.

You seem less fearful...

Miguel quickly changed the subject when he saw Isidor snapping his large hand.

B-By the way, you had the chance to extort her greatly for the request fee; why didn't you ask for an appropriate price?

I've received enough for the request.

Isidor picked up the logo drawn by the princess.

What does this logo with a woman mean? It's cool, but...


I have no idea what the Prince is up to these days.


Isidor looked at Miguel, who didn't understand the business expansion proposed by the princess, and clicked his tongue to himself.

"That's a fact."

Like Miguel, most aristocrats ignored the law called money and thought that business activities were beneath nobility.

Princess Deborah was a unique case. She must have grown up in an aristocratic environment more than anyone else, but last time it was an illegal secret fund, and this time it was a partnership proposal.

"I have no idea what's going on in Princess's head."

Instead of easing his curiosity about Princess Deborah a little, he hasn't been able to get close to her so far because she's very cautious.

Isidor banged the table and opened his mouth with a serious expression.


Yes, Prince.

What kind of style do you think Princess Deborah was more interested in?

She always passed by indifferently, but when the Prince put on the black frock coat, it seemed like she stared at it for a second.

Then she likes masculine style.

Isidor muttered with a serious expression.

I should press on with that.

But there's something I haven't tried yet. Take a look.

Suddenly, Isidor took off the black frock coat and the bracelet and took something out of the drawer.

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