IBAWWMB (Novel) Chapter 52



"Today is being too active."

His face got closer.

The beautiful, unreal face playfully smiled in front of my nose.

His beauty was stunning, and I was left in awe inside.

"Perhaps, is he joking now?"

When he opened his eyes fiercely, he quickly pointed his fingers at the sky.

"Look there. It's starting."

The intense light shot by the mages flew above the sky, leaving a long trail in the sky.

As the sound of fireworks exploded one after another, the night sky shone brightly, and daffodil-shaped yellow fireworks began to illuminate the night sky.


There was a slight exclamation that came out due to the spectacular view.

The fireworks soon bloomed brightly, dyed in red like roses, and then brightly bloomed here and there like cosmos flowers.

They scattered brilliantly like dandelion flower seeds and elegantly bloomed like a tulip.

Fantastic magic unfolded as if the entire sky had turned into a huge flower garden.

My heart felt overwhelmed for no reason when I heard the sound of people cheering in the distance.

"It would be the best day if I could have beer and eat fried chicken."

I thought, as I hoped this moment would last a little longer, looking at the sky ceaselessly.

The fireworks that had spread to various colors resembling a flower garden soon faded into a light pink color and fluttered like butterflies in the sky.

Unintentionally, I reached my hand out into the night sky as if stars were falling like snow.

"It's beautiful."

Isidor nodded with a sweet voice next to me, murmuring slowly.

"Very beautiful."


After the fireworks ended, we returned to the auction house again with the teleportation scroll that Isidor had.

I was in a confused mood throughout the nighttime view; I barely recovered when we arrived at the auction house.

"I felt like I had a great dream for a moment."

Even in the carriage back home, the spectacular image of the fireworks remained in front of my eyes.

Isidor's gift of the moral book didn't register in my eyes at all, so I closed the book and leaned against the window to relive the day.

"Honestly, the dance and fireworks were somehow fun."

I also learned a new fact that social dancing was surprisingly exciting and enjoyable.

Isidor's sweet smile and large hands passed by my side like a flashback, so I quickly shook my head.

After entering the exhausting novel, my heart continued to beat fast, making me wonder if I unknowingly got excited about a situation like the event.

"Now I'm back to reality, so let's calm down."

Then I gave myself a pat on the cheek and got out of the carriage.


As soon as I arrived, my father's assistant ran at a terrifyingly accelerated pace with a pitiful appearance like green onion kimchi.

I raised my eyebrows when I saw him catch his breath.

"What is it?"

Unlike me, who enjoyed the feeling of being in a dream for a while, the assistant looked haggard as if he had a terrible nightmare.

"The Duke is very worried because you came home too late."

"Huh? Didn't I actually come home relatively quickly at this point? I came here as soon as the fireworks ended."

I was worried that I might be too straightforward with the renowned Seymour.

"That's what I'm saying... No, anyway, the Duke was so worried because he cares about you so much."

The assistant muttered gibberish with a crazy expression.

"As he is worried, I'll go in and see him for a moment."

I walked straight to my father's office.

"I'm back."

Duke Seymour looked out the window with his arms behind his back, not turning back to acknowledge my greeting.

Was it my imagination?

Somehow, I felt an unknown anger in his broad back.

"It seems like you had a good time. You looked good with a bright expression."

He acknowledged my greeting a bit late.

There was nothing awkward in the conversation, but there was a disapproving tone in the way he spoke.

"Perhaps because I spent time alone?"

The Spring Flower Festival was crowded and noisy, so it wasn't a festival where the elderly actively participated.

Duke Seymour also disliked the Spring Flower Festival because the atmosphere in the Tower relaxed.

"I heard you were worried."

I said, feeling suspicious inside.

The Duke coughed once and opened his mouth.

"What do you mean worried? You can certainly take care of yourself. I only asked when you'd come back, but it seems the assistant exaggerated."

"I see."

"But why do you look like that?"

As I went in and out of the bustling nighttime market and adjusted my robe, my appearance was quite disheveled.

"What's also in your hand?"

The Duke pointed to the Moral Book of the Wise next to me.

"Ah, it's just that I went to the nighttime market..."

Even before I finished my words, he got angry, with a very displeased expression on his face.

"What do you mean by the nighttime market?! It's such a bustling and chaotic place. As expected, that Visconti punk, useless, knew you'd do whatever you wanted. I can't believe he took my daughter to a place where commoners go!"

I suppressed a sigh when I saw the Duke burning with anger.

He simply doesn't like Isidor.

Today, Isidor came to our house himself to accompany me to the palace.

It was also customary for Imperial knights to pick up their dance partner with a bouquet of flowers.

"Not to mention the dress, the Pink Diamond suits you really well. Well, you're my daughter, but everything suits you."

The Duke, who had indirectly praised my dance attire, suddenly pursed his lips coldly as soon as he saw Isidor stepping out of the carriage with the colorful bouquet of flowers.

"Pink was too radical for the conservative Duke Seymour."

My father seemed to misunderstand Isidor as a playboy, so I quickly spoke up.

"I went to the nighttime market alone after the dance. It has nothing to do with Sir Isidor."

"If you have something you want to buy, simply order it through the assistant. Why did you have to go to the nighttime market?"

"I heard rumors that a rare item would be auctioned at the auction house, so I wanted to confirm it with my own eyes."

"Are you saying you went to the auction house where all those ruffians gather? What on earth is this? Tch."

The Duke, who took the Moral Book of the Wise while scolding me, suddenly frowned.

"Oh? That expression means you know something."

While he was earnestly looking at the old parchment, he took a small mirror from the drawer and looked at the letters.

Interestingly, when the alien language that couldn't be recognized at all shone in the mirror, rotating left and right, it seemed like bad handwriting that could be read.

Furthermore, the preface of the book was written as Bellemont.

"Bellemont...? I think I heard that name somewhere."

"This is a book written by Bellemont Seymour, the sixth generation of the family head! That person was left-handed, so they had the habit of writing in secret code."

Ah, that's what Isidor meant when he said it would be useful to me.

Although it wasn't a moral book written by the ancient sage, it was a very valuable item for the direct descendant of Seymour if they had responsibilities as the family head.

"I can't believe Bellemont left behind these memories."

The Duke's voice trembled with feelings of surprise and amazement.

"Oh?! I recognize that expression."

The expression of a fan discovering new products from their favorites.

Perhaps the Duke respected Bellemont more among the many generations of family heads.

Isidor, thank you.

If you are given so much food with a spoon, it's human nature to eat it right away.

No need to tell the truth.

"It's a gift for Dad. The host seemed to brag excessively, but I'm relieved to have gotten the right item."

The Duke swept the ancient manuscript with a slightly trembling hand at my words.

"I can't believe you left the masquerade ball to go to a rather troublesome place just to buy my gift..."

Ahem. My conscience needlessly pricked me.

"That's a natural thing. Can I leave now? As you can see, I look like a mess."

I took a step back stealthily.

"You must be tired, but I kept you."

"It's okay. Have a good night. Father."

Perhaps it's just my feeling, but my acting skills and mental acuity seemed to increase day by day.

Leaving Duke Seymour struggling in the quagmire of illusion, as soon as I took off my robe after entering the mansion, I screamed in fear,


Where is it?!

This is a nightmare.

"I definitely put it in the pocket of my skirt!"

Why isn't it here?

I was in a state of not being able to bring the magical spatial pocket separately because I couldn't enter while carrying unauthorized magical tools from the imperial family.

"What, what's wrong, Princess?"

All the servants and maids waiting nearby rushed over in fear at my piercing scream.

"My Pink Diamond...! I think I lost it in the nighttime market. I'm sure I put it in my pocket. This can't be happening!"

The price of a townhouse... over a billion...

I sat on the bed as if I were about to faint.

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