IBAWWMB (Novel) Chapter 59



During the summer vacation of my second year in college, I had a part-time job as a librarian, so I knew how to organize materials and data well.

The more I continued my explanation, the larger Arin's eyes became.

"After marking the book's number and information on the card like this, then when sorting by author, title, and subject, it will be faster to find."

She exclaimed.

"That's quick to understand."

I drew a ring on the paper that can be opened and closed. It was the ring used for Kumon study work.

"After making a hole in the index card, you can freely insert and remove the card using this. It's easier to manage the list of books even as the number of books continues to increase."

Perhaps this world didn't seem to have a ring binding method.

Seeing Arin's surprised expression.

"That's really brilliant! It will be much easier to manage the list of books."

"As long as this index is properly introduced in the Seymour Library, you will probably be recognized for your skills. I'll ask my father to lend me some manpower."

"Thank you! I'll try my best."

"It's not urgent, so proceed slowly when you have time."

"I think it will be fun."

"She's a very sincere person. I'm forced to live sincerely for 10 billion won."

"Then work hard."

While watching her enthusiasm, I took the basic theory book and headed to the second floor.

I might need to consult other books, so I was thinking of working in the library.

As I went up to the second floor of the library, I saw Enrique reading a book by the window.

He caught my attention immediately.

"So cute."

As soon as I saw the little legs under the chair trembling as if he was happy, I felt dizzy. It was like a kitten gently moving its tail under the warm sun.

Enrique opened his round eyes when he sensed me.


I hesitated for a moment and greeted him carefully.

Enrique nodded his head while blinking slowly with his big eyes.

Fortunately, he didn't blush and run away like last time.

Even if he's this cute, it's obvious that he'll suddenly open his eyes fiercely and go on guard, so I deliberately sat far away from him.

I pretended not to be interested in Enrique, took my notebook from my bag with pride, and searched through the formula book.

"Ah, I don't want to work, so I'm going to go crazy and jump."

To secure a larger monthly customer base, I planned to publish a textbook that would easily solve the equation so that even children could understand it.

Thinking about the astronomical royalties the author of 'The Mathematics Rule' would have earned, I couldn't sit still at all.

After secretly spreading rumors that my formula book would help children develop their intelligence, it would sell a lot, even to non-magician aristocrats. Hehe.

While thinking about making money left and right, I sighed briefly as I lifted my chin.

Why can't I go out and play in this nice weather even though I'm already super rich?

When I was writing the manuscript, repeatedly promising that I would live unemployed without lifting a finger after buying that damn title, I felt a penetrating gaze on my cheek and raised my head.

Enrique, who was looking at my notebook, suddenly hurriedly buried his head in the book.

"Oh? Perhaps he's interested in the formulas?"



The child suddenly started to hiccup, perhaps quite surprised by my call.

"Hic! Hic!"

Tears welled up in Enrique's eyes, and he closed his mouth with both hands, but it wasn't enough.

Even if I patted his little back with my hands, there were no signs of the hiccups stopping.

On the contrary, only the lobes of his ear and his cheeks gradually turned redder, as if he were embarrassed.

Finally, I rang the bell rope and asked the servant to bring water.

Enrique took a sip of water and continued gasping for breath.

"Are you okay?"

Instead of responding, the child clutched the book so tightly that the tips of his fingers turned white and jumped out of his seat.

Before he could escape, I quickly grabbed Enrique's collar and lifted his body.

The little body in my arms shook violently like a live fish.

Of course, he was so strong that I didn't even budge.

"Let me go!"

"Enrique. Perhaps, are you interested in the formula I created?"

The abrupt movement began to subside a bit, as if he couldn't deny it.


Enrique's big eyes filled with doubt and anxiety.

If I suddenly pretend to be good after all this time, suspicion will only increase, so I thought about it for a while and opened my mouth.

"My achievements should be known to more magicians. The greatness of this body and my brilliant nature will spread widely throughout the empire."

Enrique opened his mouth slightly with a perplexed expression as I muttered like a villain with second-year-of-high-school syndrome.

"Then, sit here."

I smiled and patted the seat beside me.

The child rolled his eyes and sat down reluctantly.

"It's very nice."

I started the lesson, suppressing the urge to pat his head.

Enrique, who had been questioning the truth all along, looked at me with a weak gaze and began to focus when I started giving him private lessons.

Usually, children of this age easily get distracted and are noisy, making teaching difficult, but Enrique was exactly the opposite.

"Tell me if you're having a hard time. I'll explain it more easily. Is that okay, Enrique?"

"It's okay..."

Enrique replied slowly, his cheeks still flushed.


Because he's not the type to actively ask questions even if he didn't understand, I gave Enrique some easy questions after explaining the concept.

"Would you like to solve this?"

Enrique handed over the twisted answer while moving his little hands, and nervously swallowed saliva as soon as I took the questionnaire.

"It must have been difficult, but you solved it without giving up. Great."

I muttered to myself before grading the answer.

I heard that praising a child for the results, not for the process, is not good because it puts pressure on them to do well next time.

Compliments with intentions are the worst.

"Dohee is kind, so play with your little sister while mom is out. Okay?"

"Since Dohee is the kindest, she has to give in to her sister."

At one point, I think I liked hearing my parents' words that sounded like compliments, but it became a burden and a shackle over time.

After grading the answers while reminiscing about the past, I returned a perfect score to Enrique without saying anything and went straight to the next step.

Unlike before, Enrique couldn't concentrate and fiddled with the note paper.

"Are you tired?"

"N-no. I'll do more."

Enrique shook his head frantically.

"Then, I'll only do ten more minutes."

He has excellent concentration and is intelligent, but I ended his tutoring at the right level because he was still a young child.

"That's all for today. It's a pity to end the teaching skills of this body, which are excellent, but next time, I'll make more progress."


You've been deceived.

I cast the "next time" bait, but seeing him bite it coolly must have broken one of his suspicions.

Or maybe he's very interested in magic.

"We'll meet again next week at this time. Even if it's not next week, you can always tell my servant to schedule an appointment. I'm busy, and I have a beautiful body, so I don't have much free time to educate students."


Enrique muttered with a hint of hesitation; perhaps the self-praise was too much.

"Mmm! I'm a little hungry; I should have a delicious chocolate cake in the garden."

Bite the bait again this time. It's called chocolate. Chocolate.

"Sister, I'll go then. Thanks for your precious teaching."

However, after politely greeting Enrique, he left the library haughtily with books and papers on his side.

Are you really leaving?

It's like a cat that only shows interest in our common interests and then leaves as if there's nothing more to see when the snacks are gone.

"Does it make sense for a child not to respond to chocolate?"

Do you dislike sweets because they're like our father?

"...No way, are you addicted to strawberries?"

After falling into shock, I regained my senses a moment later.

Now that we have a common interest, we might have a chance to get closer in the future.

As expected of the men of Seymour, it's not easy to get together.

I don't know why, but somehow, Belreck, that punk, became a crybaby.

Just extending the deadline for making kitchen utensils, every time we have time, he barks that it's a fraudulent contract.

Furthermore, he also harassed Arin, my only subordinate.

We'll see.

I left the library with my eyes wide open.

And that night, I went to visit the Duke of Seymour to give him a brief report on the organization of the library materials.

"What do you think? Father."

"Keep going. You're better than the librarian at the Academy."

The Duke suddenly squinted his eyes while leafing through the report and congratulated me.

"Deborah, I think it's a complicated and time-consuming task, but you're not trying to do it yourself, are you?"

"You just need to recruit labor under the direction of my subordinate. I'm sure she'll do well because I chose her myself."

Suddenly, a blurry smile appeared briefly on the Duke's lips before disappearing.

I noticed he was in a good mood and quickly made a request.

"Father. Organizing the data is cumbersome and difficult, so if she successfully completes it, I would like you to hire my subordinate as an official full-time librarian."

"Of course. You said she was outstanding, so I think she'll do well even if she looks young."

"That's good."

"By the way, you seem busier lately."

The other day, I asked the Duke to give me 40 million, confidently saying that I would do business, but I didn't report progress after that.

And the Duke of Seymour didn't even imagine that I would really venture into business activities.

"So let's just not mention it."

Business is not a favored occupation for the aristocracy, but at best, it's a great battle.

Rather, it would have been better to reveal it when the business was on the path to success and the profits were significant.

"I'm busy preparing for the seminar."

I replied slowly.

"Ah, I heard you were invited to a seminar this time, attended by lieutenant-level officials from the Magic Tower. It seems you're being mentioned more than me in the magical world these days."

I said more cheekily when I saw the Duke secretly feeling proud.

"To meet the expectations of the magicians, I'm working hard because I hope to announce a new formula sooner or later."

As it was also summer, I was thinking of increasing the monthly fee.


"After I open the store, it would be better to do it when we're a little freer."

I glanced at the calendar and murmured.

"Sooner or later."

The store's opening day was just around the corner.

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