IBAWWMB (Novel) Chapter 35



The four main social clubs, including <Epsilon>, had the same admission conditions.

It was about obtaining the majority vote of the seven committee members, including the leader.

"Things went well."

"Philap used his brain as if it weren't him."

Isidor played with the cards and listened to the information he had already gathered with a blank expression.

"First of all, there are many vacancies for Omicron this year, as a large number of active members have gone to their territories."

"No matter what. It's the first time in my life I've heard of a family called Binoche."

"It must be Montes's power. Philap is a third-generation spiritualist. Since he cured the precious heir of the family, Mia is a great benefactor to that founding family."


"Furthermore, I heard that she's working hard on charitable activities. It seems like some foolish people think she's a saint. That's probably why Philap insists on it so strongly, as Mia's good deeds would help improve Omicron's image."

"Ugh. He pushed her with the saintly image. Not a bad strategy."

"Hm. By the way, that woman, Mia, is quite unusual. She seems to volunteer here and there to help. She must have a strong divine power if she can handle it, right?"

"Wouldn't Mia Binoche's divine power be properly revealed soon? Before the Spring Flower Festival, the high-ranking official priest will call the students to measure the purity and size of their divine power."

"By the way. It's almost time for the Spring Flower Festival. Time passes quickly."

The Spring Flower Festival was a popular event held on a large scale in the Empire after Thanksgiving Festival.

That's why everyone wanted to know what kind of clothes to wear at the Spring Flower Festival, as they were thinking ahead about who to associate with.

"Who should I partner with at this dance...?"

"Come on, everyone remembers the purpose of today's meeting, right?"

Isidor, who had been silent, called to the table and reminded them of the purpose of the meeting.

"I almost forgot because the game was so much fun."

"We're here to talk about new recruits."

"But, Sir Isidor. Has Lady Siril been spreading rumors that our club won't be getting a new recruit this year?"

In response to someone's question, the committee member who had been focused on the game, Thierry Orge, suddenly chuckled.

Thierry Orge.

He was the third son of the Duke of Orge, a master swordsman, and a founding family of the Empire, and the younger brother of Diery Orge, who was called the Holy Sword.

Unlike Diery, who had a straight personality, Thierry was on the light and frivolous side.

"He couldn't even tell Lady Siril to her face that she's out, with no intention of receiving a lecture, our kind leader told her that and dismissed her. Did you really believe her right away?"

"The situation simply changed. Now that we have members who left suddenly, we had no choice but to talk about recruitment," Sir Thierry said.

Isidor countered Thierry with a bright smile. "Left? They were rather kicked out..."

Miguel, who was picking up a piece of cake from the snack bar in the corner of the hall, looked at Isidor, who had a friendly smile, astonished.

Isidor had recently threatened one of the Epsilon members to leave the club, under the pretext of having copied a classmate's thesis. It was obvious why he had driven that member away. Miguel knew it wasn't because the Lord disliked that member's behavior; rather, it was to create a vacancy and attract Lady Deborah to Epsilon.

By the way, lately, the Lord had been spending too much time with Princess Deborah. The requests from the princess and the heir to the throne, doing both things at the same time, wouldn't leave enough time even if the Lord had ten bodies.

"Well, although Princess Deborah's personality is a bit agreeable."

The request made to the Lord about him... Miguel, who was suppressing his laughter, clenched his mouth tightly and pinched his thigh.

"First, I want to emphasize the part where I'm handsome. It's not easy to pick a vocabulary to express my appearance."

Every time Miguel saw the Lord constantly checking research data about himself with a serious face, Miguel had to make an extreme effort to contain his laughter.

"If you have someone talented in mind, speak up now."

As soon as Isidor said that, one of the members raised their hand.

"Sir Isidor, why don't we vote for the person recommended by the one with the best hand here? It just so happens that there are four members gathered here, including yourself, so it's already a majority."

Everyone agreed as it was an interesting proposal.

"Then, who will start?"

"I'll recommend first."

Tufeir showed the members his recommendation, the son of the Marquess's family from the northern region. After that, the cards were revealed one after another.

"I think my recommendation will become the new member of Epsilon."

Thierry confidently revealed his cards.

*Full House.

A murmur swept through because it was a high combination. There was also a lot at stake, and it was a great opportunity for even the closest acquaintances to join Epsilon. Everyone looked at Thierry with jealous eyes; Thierry proudly puffed out his chest, enjoying the attention to the fullest.

"I recommend Lady Seirin Belluge. She is extraordinarily talented with excellent mana sensitivity. Isn't she a great match for our club, which values capability?"


"She's not here at the moment, but Seirin Belluge is also a talented person who is liked by the Fifth Princess."

The Fifth Princess was the only sister of the Crown Prince; she was responsible for the main axis of the Sisterhood, a group of Epsilon women. Isidor banged the table as the members nodded, thinking it was a good recommendation.

"There's still someone who hasn't revealed their cards yet."

He turned over the card in front of him at a slow pace.

Royal Flush.

Everyone was shocked when the best combination, with a 1 in 65,000 probability of appearing, came out.

"Is this for real? I can't believe it even if I see it with my own eyes."

"Wow! It's the first time in my life I've seen this combination."

"Is it possible? No way!"

Even with a Full House, Thierry, who lost the game, was surprised and almost tore his head off.

"I guess it's my turn," Isidor said cheerfully, pointing at the cards with his chin.

Of course, it was a scam. Given that the male members of Epsilon particularly enjoyed gambling and games of chance, Isidor had initially taken this into account and replaced all the cards with mobile magic.

No one would ever imagine he would resort to such a low trick, as everyone considered Isidor a gentleman with a strong and kind mind. It was thanks to his skillful management of his usual image.

"Don't pretend to be cool. So, who the hell is your recommendation?" Thierry asked with an angry expression.

"Unfortunately, I don't have a recommendation yet. Of course, I have a great talent in mind, but that person hasn't agreed yet."

"Isidor, is there any lady or gentleman in the world who would reject your request?"


"Why are you being nosy?"

Isidor smiled vaguely and opened his mouth, recalling Princess Deborah, who had been looking at him with cold eyes.

"For now, in exchange for winning the game, I'll take you to visit this place."

Isidor jotted down the location and time on a sheet of paper.

"What's this? A truth-seeking meeting?"

"I've heard about this! The case where William Raymont has been causing a stir in a bubble recently. It seems that Princess Deborah had another accident."

"Well, Princess Deborah is quite impressive."

"Always the same."

"No wonder Seymour is a mess."

"One of them does service without reward with her divine power, and the other messes up and gets into an accident. Both of Philap's women are quite different in comparison."

A cold smile formed on Isidor's lips as he listened to those rumors.

"Don't say anything. No one knows what kind of hand it is until you open it, right?"

His emerald eyes shone with coldness.


Today, at 5 pm, a truth-seeking meeting would take place in the auditorium of the Academy's Department of Magic, which had been requested by the Dean.

Originally scheduled to be held in a classroom for a math theory class, William Raymont personally designated the location, so it was moved to the Grand Auditorium of the Department of Magic.

William had chosen an open space to prevent any cheating.

Certainly, to humiliate her.

That idiot was convinced that Professor Kyle was taking bribes and secretly providing answers.

"But it seems that the crowd is much larger than I thought..."

Not only did the dean and the vice-dean appear, but also four professors from the Department of Magic, including Professor Kyle, and a large number of students gathered after hearing Raymont's announcement.

Furthermore... why?

In an unexpected situation, a cold sweat formed in my palms.

The moment they appeared, the interior became noisy.

"It's Sir Isidor!"

"It's my first time seeing him. He's even more handsome than the rumors say. His appearance is as unreal as ever."

"By the way, why on earth did Sir Isidor, who should be with the Knights, come to the Department of Magical Mathematics?"

"Oh my goodness! Sir Thierry is with him!"

"The House of Orge came too!?"

"Excuse me, isn't the last person to enter the Fifth Princess?"

"Oh my goodness. T-the royal family..."

"Now that I think about it, aren't those all Epsilon members' faces?"

"Why did all these busy people appear here together?"

"That's what I'm saying." Why the hell did they appear?

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