IBAWWMB (Novel) Chapter 27



... Why is he so meddlesome?

Isidor shortened his steps to match my pace, returning the words I had said to him in the first place.

As we passed through a deserted and quiet side street and reached the spot where the carriage was, behind the main building, a servant who was sitting in a corner doing something else hurried over to me.

The servant tried to help me steady myself, but Isidor, naturally, passed him by and carried me to the carriage door.

When his body, which held me firmly, was withdrawn, the fresh scent that lingered at the tip of my nose also faded away.

Feeling empty for no apparent reason, my body suddenly floated, and my bottom gently landed on the carriage seat.

He lifted my body at his discretion and seated me in the carriage.

—Get home safely.

Isidor held onto the carriage door and said calmly, as if nothing had happened.

Where do knights learn to lift someone who lets their guard down?

As my heart pounded, I opened my mouth.

I owe you.

Princess Deborah, only give thanks in a situation like this.

He joked, stretching his pretty lips.

... Thank you, Sir Isidor.

I said slowly as I looked into his eyes, curved like a crescent moon.

To be honest, if Isidor hadn't been meddlesome, no, chivalrous, I would have embarrassingly collapsed in front of Philap and Mia.


However, he, whom I thought would laugh it off, looked at me with a strange expression. I felt uncomfortable looking into his wide-open emerald eyes.

Huh? Right now, I guess I wasn't too wicked.

Y-you must be surprised to hear me thank you. It's extremely rare, like a bean sprouting in the middle of a drought. Because I'm definitely not the type of person who easily gives thanks.

I added an explanation that didn't sound like gibberish.

It's an honor. Please go now and rest.

Isidor, laughing absurdly, closed the carriage door and suddenly opened it again. I shivered as he stretched his beautiful face inside the carriage.

What, what is it?

Oh, it would be nice if the princess had better taste in men.


The carriage door closed without hesitation.

The carriage began to move slowly, and I failed to realize how stunned I was because I thought I had just heard some nonsense.

... Ah!

I grabbed my hair tightly as I was slow to be hit by reality.

If Philap were my type, he wouldn't have overwhelmed me like that.

I don't want such a hot-tempered type of guy.

I'm not even the only one who dislikes him. Philap has always been at the bottom of the popularity vote among the girls.

Why does Deborah have different preferences in men from mine and make me suffer like this?

Why is her crap my problem?

I trembled with resentment and kicked the air high all night.


Meanwhile, Deborah wasn't the only one who couldn't sleep that day.

Thank you, Sir Isidor.

Isidor, unknowingly, closed his eyes at the voice that lingered in his ears.

Her voice, which contained his name for the first time, had a sweetness to it somewhere.

Recalling her eyes, curved like a cat's and as red as rubies, the strange feeling in his stomach grew stronger.

As they had only met in the dim office of Blanchia, those red eyes looked even more vivid.

Isidor, who was constantly tossing and turning in bed as he unconsciously recalled that moment, suddenly frowned.

Lady Deborah's pure love for Sir Philap has a very long history.

It was because Miguel's words came to mind.

What do you mean by pure love? She simply has bad taste in men.

Honestly, I'm more handsome.

In the end, Isidor couldn't fall asleep and got up from bed, heading to the training room with his sword.

"Damn it."

Philap couldn't sleep either and was also killing time in the training room.

When he remembered the situation where Isidor easily defeated him using his words, he jumped up from his sleep.

That's not all.

Why the hell did that damn idiot intervene? She stubbornly insisted that it wasn't, but it was obviously Deborah's fault.

I've already told you twice that I'm not lying. Are you so stupid that I have to say it a hundred times for you to understand?

What was that dry and cold look coming from someone who had been around him for almost 6 years?

As if he was surely wrong about something.

"Are you trying to get my attention in a new way now? Well, I appreciate your honesty."

He was so in a bad mood and felt so annoyed that he could even forget about Mia for a moment.

Philap walked out of the training room, panting.


I heard that Mr. Philap carried the injured Lady Mia like a princess. Did you hear?

I saw it myself. But, what the hell happened?

What do you think? It must have been because of Princess Deborah. It can't be denied that she's been quiet this year. Sir Philap must be tired.

Philap, crossing the academy campus while carrying Mia, who had a knee injury, like a princess, was a hot topic among the aristocrats.

Lately, there hasn't been much fun in the social world.

And Madame Ophelia, quite satisfied with the situation, praised Mia.

For a light to shine even brighter, it needs a moderate amount of darkness around it. If there's a good main character, of course, there must also be a villain. That's why you shine more, Miss Mia.

As she looked at Mia's bloodied knees, she said as if reciting a poem.

Mia looked out the window, saying nothing. White flowers were already in full bloom on the bare branch where only one flower had pitifully blossomed.

As expected, the impact is different with Seymour. It's much better in terms of conversation topics than walking in dirty places and using divine powers in a thousand things.

When the crimson liquid that Ophelia had seeped into Mia's knee, the wound began to turn black.

Always keep in mind that nobles are very interested in gossip like this, Miss Mia.

Instead of responding, Mia laughed timidly.

Anyway, Lady Deborah's harassment will get worse from now on.

I'm not so sure.

Ophelia said that Deborah Seymour, blinded by jealousy, would do all sorts of terrible things and make Mia a hot topic in the social world.

So, Mia had prepared herself to anticipate severe harassment.

However, contrary to Madame's expectations, that woman had been too quiet.

In the end, she had to separate from Philap for a while and fall right in front of her to get her attention, putting on a show that wasn't even entertaining.

What if that woman doesn't bother me? She's been quiet for a while.

Ophelia laughed heartily at Mia's question.

Hoho, that can't be! She's a woman who has been obsessed with Sir Philap for 6 years. I'm sure she holds a deep grudge against Miss Mia. She must have been planning something, that's why she's been so quiet.

Mia pursed her lips and nodded.

Madame Ophelia's words have never been wrong.

She was better informed than anyone.

She knew every important figure in the social world well.

A good performance will be prepared soon. The only option for Lady Deborah, who has no capability, dignity, reputation, or anything, is to join Omicron, which values one's lineage.


Since Sir Philap feels indebted for not successfully bidding for the pink diamond, he will actively recommend Miss Mia to join Omicron.

It means she'll be in constant contact with Deborah Seymour.

Mia immediately understood what Ophelia meant.

I understand what you're saying.

Social clubs are important, but above all, you must receive the most attention during the upcoming spring festival and be the "Flower of the Year."

The wound that had turned black slowly disappeared.

Ophelia spoke, pouring the crimson liquid from the glass bottle onto the wound on the other knee.

Then... For the remaining time, you must focus on increasing the purity of your divine power. Miss Mia.


Ophelia inflicted a deep wound on Mia's white calf with a knife.

As the crimson liquid, flowing like blood, seeped into the deep wound, Mia's blue eyes blinked deeply with a black gleam.

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