LWTG (Novel) Chapter 300



A gigantic tsunami converged at a point.

With one hand holding the trident and the other clenched tightly, sweat ran down Poseidon's forehead as he controlled the tsunami with the tip of his fingers.


He squeezed so tightly that his hands trembled.

Within the tsunami, surrounded layer after layer.

YuWon's figure reflected transparently.

'I will only do enough to keep you from dying.'

After all, he needed YuWon to set him free.

So, he wouldn't kill him.

But that didn't mean he would simply let him go.

As much as his pride had suffered while locked in Asgard's prison, he wanted to make that guy suffer.

"Ignorant brat, to tell me, the proud God of the Sea, to teach you..."

But at that moment...


The tsunami split apart.

He knew YuWon was smart. It was something he could tell from seeing that incredible Zeus playing on the chessboard he had created.

But no matter how ingenious he was in strategy, he would inevitably be powerless against overwhelming power.

But why?


The tsunami split to the sides. YuWon's figure, who had divided the tsunami with his sword, became clear.


Their gazes met.

At some point, YuWon was staring at him.

"It's not that I needed any teaching."

YuWon's gaze turned towards the tsunami surrounding him.

"I just needed to see."

"To see?"

What the hell did that mean?

Poseidon tensed again. The feeling that had been so light when he had decided to fight YuWon suddenly became heavy.

He had to be on guard.

If he lost here, he wouldn't be able to see the faces of the two people watching him from there.

'This shame is unacceptable.'


The hand holding the Trident strengthened. He increased his Arcane Power and added more pressure to the tsunami. However, strangely, the tsunami remained unmoved.

What kind of magic was he using?

Poseidon's tsunami didn't come any closer to YuWon.

Something invisible was pushing Poseidon's tsunami back.

'It must be because of that.'


The gleaming gloves on YuWon's hand.

The Uranus Heart.

It was an object with the added power of the Stone of the Sea God. Right now, the Stone of the Sea God alone had the ability to control the power of the sea.

However, that object had been strengthened by combining it with the other Divine Stones. The strength of that power couldn't even be estimated.


Envy and jealousy easily blind people.

Veins bulged on Poseidon's forehead, and his teeth ground together.

"Using the power of an object to fight..."

Originally, the object should have been in his own hands.

No wonder he was greedy. And greed always led to anger.

"There are still a thousand years before you possess it!"


As the waves parted, Poseidon aimed his spear at YuWon.

Space narrowed in an instant.

The tip of Poseidon's spear reflected in YuWon's eyes.

And at that moment...



A jet-black lance blocked Poseidon's trident.


"If I wanted a spear fight, I wouldn't have called you."


YuWon's arm swelled.

An enormous amount of Arcane Power gathered. Poseidon's pupils dilated, and his hand on the trident trembled.

[The power of a Giant fills your arm]


The ability that made Heracles, the Giant Slayer, what he is today.

YuWon's spear pushed back Poseidon's trident. In a contest of sheer strength and power, Poseidon was pushed back.

'How is this possible?'

This was ridiculous.

He had been overpowered.

Although there might be advantages due to the object, with himself holding a spear in a direct confrontation, even making an excuse was difficult.

He was literally being pushed back by the force in front of him.



Poseidon, who was sent flying backward, stopped in mid-air as he swept away the flowing water.

With a snap, his teeth ground together once again.

Looking at YuWon holding the spear, Poseidon raised his voice.

"If only it weren't for Gigantification!"

"Exactly, if it weren't for that."

The voice was small but clear.

"That's why you're like this, you have so much to say."

The pitiful look in his eyes left Poseidon speechless. The flow of this fight was so different from what he had planned and expected.

"You're not even a ranker yet, how dare you..."

"Your rank is around 80."


The waves roared violently.


And purple flames blocked them.

"No. Some have disappeared ahead, so now you'll be in the 70s range."

"...What do you mean by that?"

"It seems you still don't understand the world well."

Frustration began to choke him.

The fire pushed against the waves. Overwhelmed by YuWon's gaze, Poseidon unconsciously took a step back.

"Who sent those few who disappeared?"

The traces of those who disappeared from the Ranking.

Surt, Indra, and the Jade Emperor...

The names of the High-Rankers who used to cause a stir in the Tower had disappeared.

Poseidon was not aware of the recent changes in the Tower.

Of course, he knew that significant events had occurred, but he hadn't delved into the details.

But now, YuWon was talking about them.

"Who pushed them down from above?"

"Are you... talking about yourself?"

In an instant, the Destruction of Olympus came to his mind.

Hades, Poseidon, Zeus.

The three Gods had gathered in one place.

It was YuWon who created that scenario. And it was the magnificent Zeus who fell and was imprisoned in Asgard's prison.

It wasn't an unreal story.

But could it be possible?


"When fire and water collide..."

There was an interaction between magical abilities.

Water overcomes Fire.

And Lightning overcomes Water.

And in this case, YuWon was invoking a magical ability that was unfavorable against both elements.


"It will evaporate."


The steam rose to the sky, blurring the view. Poseidon watched as the water he had created disappeared and slowly opened his mouth that he had kept shut.

And just like him, YuWon was also watching him.

"Water is overcome by a greater fire. That's common sense."


A flame rose from the steam to the sky. Poseidon showed an expression of disbelief as he saw the gigantic flame.

"Common sense, you say?"

Fire requires much more strength than water to overcome it.

At this moment, YuWon's fire was proving that.

He was dominating Poseidon.

"There is no such common sense. A player who isn't even a High-Ranker..."

"When you have time later..."


The flames rose to the sky, forming the figure of a giant. Although it wasn't clear, Poseidon could clearly distinguish what it was and who it was.


The High-Ranker who wields the strongest fire in this Tower.

A monster who can easily eliminate multiple Guilds with his power alone.

He, now, had appeared here, amidst YuWon's fire.

And at that moment...

"Verify what rank I am."

Seeing the fire sword descending, Poseidon murmured.


The Rank.

Surely YuWon hadn't climbed the entire Tower yet, how could he have a Rank?

The questions hadn't been resolved yet. Before those thoughts could finish, the fire sword fell upon Poseidon's head.



The fire sword cut through the sea. With the vapor floating in the air, Poseidon's body fell downward.


The tsunami, which had been teetering precariously, collapsed downward. The briefly appeared figure of Surt also faded away unable to sustain itself.


YuWon, who had been enveloped in flames, let out a long sigh.

Sweat dripped from his forehead, sliding down his cheeks. The sudden use of an enormous amount of fire had left his vision blurry.

"Was it too much?"

He looked at the altered terrain and the burning trees. But he couldn't help it.

"If I don't press him once more, he will show his fangs again."

Poseidon's goal was to avenge himself and obtain the Uranus Heart. And for the most part, those of his kind didn't let go of their prey so easily if they believed they were weaker.

That's why YuWon had to conclusively crush Poseidon in this fight.

Fortunately, unlike when he destroyed Olympus, he now had enough strength to crush Poseidon.

Of course, that was also due to his confidence, and that's why he summoned Poseidon.

At that moment...


A presence loomed directly over him.

YuWon raised his head. His eyes were dazzling, as if the sun floated directly above him.

"More than teaching, this feels like stealing."

"Are you next?"

"Do you want to continue or take a rest?"

"I can go a little longer."


Fwizz, fadeaway-.

The figure of Zeus descending from the sky looked truly divine at first glance.

Even compared to Zeus a moment ago, it was a completely different sensation.

Whether it was compared to his splendor when he held the Lightning Bolt or compared to Zeus from just now, the current version looked much more superior.

It was like watching a volcano on the verge of erupting at any moment.

The Golden Lightning wrapped around his body occasionally mingled with Blue Lightning.

In that moment, he was both Zeus and Indra at the same time.

"By looking at the mana molecules reflected in your Golden Cinder Eyes, you can see the nature of attributes, was your intention to copy us?"

"More or less."

Taking several short breaths, YuWon hurried to recover his health and mana.

The Golden Cinder Eyes were capable of penetrating everything, from things seen with the eyes to abilities, even the short-term future.

Through his eyes, YuWon understood the magic that Poseidon wielded. He wanted to know how to properly handle water elemental magic, which was the magic he controlled the least.

Of course.

The battle was too short for that.

"Although it became more difficult because of your older brother."

"From the beginning, he was the most incompetent of the three. He only has a strong sense of pride and nothing more."

"I understand."

"What I'm saying is that you regain your senses."

With a sharp response, Zeus raised his hand.

"Do you want to know how to handle Lightning?"

Crackle, crack-.

The volcano began to tremble.

Zeus displayed his presence to the fullest, signaling that he would soon explode.

YuWon could feel the mana of the Dragons through him. It was the mana he obtained from Indra.

[The 'Golden Cinder Eyes' grasp the essence]

From now on, even a blink was a matter of caution.

Regardless of changes in his mood, Zeus decided to help him grow. It was different from Poseidon, who couldn't contain his anger and swung his spear a moment ago.

Perhaps after this moment, YuWon felt that he might be able to rise to greater heights.


That dazzling Lightning that would cover the world.

What would happen if the Uranus Heart ended up in Zeus's hands?

Just by imagining it, his heart began to race. Perhaps with that alone, Zeus could have enough strength to threaten Odin.

But now, the Uranus Heart was in his own hands.

He had no intention of handing it over.

If the Uranus Heart ended up in Zeus's hands, he would surely gain tremendous power, but YuWon was looking towards an even higher place.

"Let's begin."



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