LWTG (Novel) Chapter 313



Uranus's body was torn apart.

It definitely looked that way.


Uranus, transformed into a golden lightning, extended his hand.

The situation became increasingly eerie, as if his head was about to separate from his body. In an instant, Odin stepped back under Uranus's overwhelming force.

And at that moment...


Uranus's eyes turned in another direction.


Odin, who retreated while retrieving the spear he had thrown, looked at Uranus.

A brief hesitation.

It wasn't the first time. Although it was a short fight, Uranus was aware of different directions several times.

And it wasn't hard to know which direction he had focused on.

"Is it him?"

Kim YuWon.

It was the first time he saw him today. He suddenly appeared and predicted Ponto's death, then confirmed Uranus's whereabouts.

At first, he had doubts.

He wondered if it was one of Uranus's tricks.

But now those doubts quickly vanished.

"There were several dangerous moments."

This was the first case.

Since he began climbing the Tower and became a High-Ranker, Odin had barely found his match.

He founded Asgard and became the king of a country.

Until now, he had never faced such a high wall.

"You've truly become a monster."

Odin thought he was just prey for Uranus.

He felt like a weakling standing in front of a fierce beast. No, he definitely couldn't get close to Uranus.

Nevertheless, the fight was intense.

It was due to Uranus's vigilance towards the other direction.

"If attention is diverted elsewhere-."

Hum, hum, hum.

The interior of Tartarus momentarily lit up.

Uranus's gaze, which had turned away to another side, finally returned to its original position.

But now his surroundings were filled with dozens of magic symbols.

"It's only natural that the field of vision narrows."


Uranus's body twisted in response to Odin's gesture.

Along with space, his body began to distort.

The magic Odin had prepared since the beginning of the fight was an ability that distorted space and shattered the opponent's body.

No matter who the opponent was, no matter how strong.

That didn't matter.

"There's no organism that can split into a hundred or a thousand pieces and still survive."

Crack, crack, crack.

The distortion in Uranus's body became increasingly intense.

Trapped in his restricted movements, Uranus resisted the force contained in the dozens of magic symbols solely with the power of his body.

And at that moment...


Uranus's gaze turned once again to YuWon.

"You still dare..."

He knew his opponent was strong.

But even though that was the case, he couldn't bear being so ignored.


Odin rushed towards Uranus, holding his spear upside down.

The spear imbued with Arcane Power struck Uranus's head.

Uranus, whose body writhed under the power of the numerous magic symbols, couldn't change shape quickly as he did before and escape.

This time, finally.

That was the moment when Odin had full confidence.


Uranus tightly gripped Odin's spear.

His body defied gravity and moved freely.

A knee entered Odin's line of sight.



Uranus's knee struck Odin's face, sending him flying. At that moment, Odin stopped, not understanding what had happened.


Odin, who had been thrown, quickly regained his balance.

He fixed his twisted nose with his hand. Uranus, once again, was looking in another direction.

"Why do you keep looking at that?"

"The real danger is over there."


Yu Won, with his eyes ablaze, was standing. Instead of at Uranus, he was looking at the Giants in the cage.

Odin realized from his response what Uranus was suspicious of.

"Is he worried that the Giants will be freed?"

But how?

He had his doubts, but the visible circumstances were clear.

Uranus was convinced that YuWon could free the Giants. That's why, while fighting against Odin, he was also keeping an eye on YuWon.

"If that's really the case..."

He had to change his way of fighting.

-Why are you standing still?

Odin's voice resonated in YuWon's mind.

The Transmission of Sound of the Murim World ability. Odin surpassed even magic and was unrivaled in the martial arts of the Murim.

And YuWon was no different.

"I can't see any openings."


"Don't you see it?"

YuWon's gaze moved.

An empty space with nothing in it.

To the naked eye, it seemed like YuWon was looking at the bars.


'It can't be...'

Odin concentrated his Arcane Power in his eyes and looked at the bars where the Giants were trapped.

Then, what wasn't clearly visible during the fight became visible.


Zsuh, Zsuh, Zsuh-

A dense black net enveloped the bars.

It was as if it didn't allow anything to approach, twisting as if denying access.

Odin hadn't discovered its existence at any moment.

'Is it thanks to those eyes?'


Odin looked at the two bright pupils of YuWon's eyes.

They were eyes that radiated a strange and suspicious energy. As it was the first time he felt the flow of that energy, he simply considered it as some special ability and overlooked it.

But it wasn't as simple as that.

'He can see even more than I can.'

Uranus's body turned toward YuWon.

At that instant...


-I know.

Odin sent a Transmission of Sound, and Chronos received it.

Wung, wung, wung-.

A huge magic symbol floated up, illuminating Tartarus.

An uncontrollable flow of magic. Uranus raised his head.


Juk, chaaah-.

The net that spread across the bars was revealed.

As they became clearer, all of them began to emit a threatening aura.


Uranus's initial target was YuWon.

In an instant, the nets tightened from all directions toward YuWon.

Odin didn't stop the operation of the magic symbol.

It was Chronos who made the move.


The nets stretching forward came to a halt.

It wasn't like something was pulling them back; instead, they seemed to have frozen in place as if they were in a photograph.

It was Chronos's ability, which held time in place.


It was at that moment that Odin's magic symbol began to function...


Odin, with his entire body bathed in blue lightning, adopted a throwing posture.

Huge energy accumulated at the tip of the spear. This time, Uranus couldn't ignore Odin.

And while Odin contained Uranus in that manner...

"Now is the time."

YuWon, who was looking for an opportunity, began to move.

He looked through the spaces in the stopped nets. Although they were stopped, the nets were so dense that it seemed impossible to pass through.


[The 'Golden Cinder Eyes' read the path]

Without a doubt, there was a path anywhere.

Even if it was a skill created by Uranus, it didn't matter. There was nothing that couldn't be seen with the Golden Cinder Eyes, and it wasn't difficult to find a path.

'Here it is.'

Among the tightly spaced net, the weakest point.

He couldn't simply pass through it, but at least it was weak enough to break through.


[The 'Heart of Fire' is activated]

[The 'Heart of Fire' awakens the 'Holy Fire']

The heart began to beat strongly.

The engine roared with power. The flames emanating from the heart gathered in the palm of the hand.

Tartarus began to shine brightly.

With all his strength. He swung to tear through the net.


The Fire Sword cut through the net Uranus had created. Once a hole appeared, the net lost its strength and disintegrated rapidly.


"You shall not pass."

Odin stood in Uranus's path as he lunged toward YuWon.

A golden lightning erupted from Uranus's fist. His fist extended toward Odin's chest.



Odin's body was pushed back.

But Odin's defense did not collapse with that single blow.


A blue magical armor surrounded him.

And on that armor, there were dozens of runes (symbols) engraved.

The armor's defenses were bolstered by a series of enchantments. Odin crossed his arms, molding his body into a solid shield.

It was a determination not to allow anyone to pass.


Then, the sound of a clock was heard near Uranus's ear.


His feet took a step backward on their own accord. It wasn't as if his body was being controlled, but rather as if the steps he had taken forward were being reversed.

He didn't have to think about who had done it.

[Time Reversal]

The ability to invert time within a certain space.

It was an ability that only Chronos could use, which could do anything except bring the dead back to life.


Another step.

Uranus's body barely moved. Although Chronos could turn a person into a baby in an instant if he wished, time wasn't fair to everyone.

Uranus's time had an even greater power. Chronos was exerting a considerable amount of Arcane Power to reverse a single step of Uranus.

And amidst that...


YuWon's hand reached the bars.

["The King of the Dead meets the wall"]

["The King of the Dead rejects the wall"]

["The King of the Dead..."]

The title kept resounding.

It was as if it had its own will, urging YuWon to break the bars in front of him.

'It's not just a simple title.'

The King of the Dead.

At first, he thought it was just one of the many titles known in the world, a name that referred to a title.

But since he arrived in Tartarus and stood in front of the bars, he knew it wasn't like that.


It was a position and title held by someone.

The King of the Dead was not just one of the many titles known in the world; it was the title with which 'someone' had been called in life. In other words, that person definitely existed and had been alive.

And it continued speaking.

Telling him to break the wall in front of him.

To destroy it and free his poor and wretched people trapped inside.

'This title has the power to do it.'

Now that he had grasped the bars of the cage containing the Olympos Traitors.

YuWon felt as if everything in the world, except himself, had stopped.

The King of the Dead whispered.

Destroy this wall quickly.

He already had it in mind. It was not appropriate for them to fight each other while facing a monster like Uranus.


The energy forming the bars began to disperse.

As the wall, as strong as steel and never breaking, began to crumble, the Giants who watched the scene in awe shouted for joy.

-The bars are breaking!

-Now we can get out!

-Keep going, Human!

It was a deafening cheer from Giants who had long yearned for the outside world, but it didn't reach YuWon's ears.

At that moment...

YuWon was in a completely different world from theirs.

'I wondered why it kept reacting like this...'

The moment YuWon grasped the bars, he realized.

Why the King of the Dead had been reacting since he arrived in Tartarus.

Why the souls of Tartarus worshipped him like a king from the start.

It wasn't merely because of the title's effects.

The King of the Dead had the power to rule over the dead, but the dead worshipped YuWon solely of their own volition.

There was a reason.

The reason was one.

The owner of this title.


YuWon's hand holding the bars filled with strength.

Now he could be certain.

King of the Dead.

What was the name of that king?



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