SYS (Novel) Chapter 302

C302 - Vacation (3)

The next morning, early, a group of swordsmen dressed in robes crossed the courtyard of the Garden of Swords. Their eyes were sharp and focused. They seemed to have a very important agenda.

They were elders.

There were about twenty in the group. It was very rare to see the elders of Runcandel walking together.

The servants dared not lift their heads from a bow. Meanwhile, all the guardian knights greeted them warmly with each step.

Everyone was curious about where the elders were headed, but they didn't dare to ask.

"Eh? It's the elders."

The Tona twins had just woken up. They rubbed their eyes and looked out the window.

"Where are they going? Uncle Jed is with the group too. For some reason, it looks like they're heading to Jin's room."

The Tona twins were right. The elders were heading to Jin's room.

"Elder Jed, are you sure about this?"

"Please, don't tell me you have trust issues! How many times do I have to tell you? I showed you the evolved form of the final move, the Petal Cascade, didn't I? I'm telling you, I couldn't have done it alone."

This was why the elders had come to see Jin.

It was the final move.

After Jed improved the Petal Cascade, he requested a review from the council of elders. As the elders were unaware of how it had come about, they naturally congratulated Jed and suggested that his name be added to the new version of the Petal Cascade.

However, Jed insisted that Jin's name be added to the move instead, as he had contributed significantly to improving the technique.

"But I just don't get it. How could you discover the key to improving the final move from a kid who just became a flagbearer?"

"In fact, it was only a few days ago that you taught him the Petal Cascade, Elder Jed."

"Curse it. Are you saying I'm lying for the sake of the twelfth flagbearer? Your suspicions never end. If you're going to keep acting like this, you'd better stop following me!"

"Alright, alright. You know that's not what I'm trying to say. Why don't we calm down a bit? I admit it. It's my fault."

"Yeah, yeah. It was your fault. Elder Jed is not one to lie. Besides, do you remember the strange thing the fourth flagbearer told us last night?"

One elder scolded the other while giving Jed a shoulder massage.

"He said that the twelfth flagbearer executed a sword move during the mission that was superior to the sixth final move, Lightning. Maybe the twelfth flagbearer is a figure who can provide crucial clues to improving Runcandel clan's final moves, just as Elder Jed said."

Dyfus deliberately leaked information about the Legends Master Move Jin used in the mission, the Thunder Blade, to the elders. He knew Jin would never tell him even if he asked, so he chose to use the elders. It was undoubtedly a wise decision.

"And the fourth flagbearer is not one to lie either. That's why we're all gathered here to confirm it for ourselves, aren't we? We're almost there, so bear your curiosity a little longer."

All the elders pretended to cough as they closely watched Jed's reaction.

They finally arrived at Jin's room.

"Old sacks. I can already imagine you drooling over Jin's sword skill. How dare you doubt my words?"

Jed gritted his teeth and knocked on the door.

"Answer the call of the council of elders! Twelfth flagbearer, Jin Runcandel. Respond to the door immediately!" Jed shouted with a firm and resonant voice.

But there was no response.

"Jin! Come out immediately."

There was no response to his second call either, so Jed forcefully opened the door. The lock broke as the door swung open, but there was no one in the room.

"Eh? The boy. Why isn't he here? Uhm, uhm!"

This time it was Jed's turn to observe the elders' reactions.

They all shrugged, as if to say, "I knew it."

"It's a shame, Elder Jed. We all took our precious time to come here, and yet..."

"Wait, it doesn't matter that Jin isn't here. Why do you all look disappointed? Don't you trust me?"

"Come on. You know that's not it, Elder Jed. We believe you, of course. I'm sure the twelfth flagbearer has his reasons for his absence, haha. For now, let's go back."

The elders immediately turned around and left, leaving Jed resenting Jin.

"That brat, where is he? Does he have any idea that his uncle was humiliated?"


Jin, on the other hand, was sipping a cocktail at a beachside tavern where seagulls serenaded. Gilly was feeding nearby birds, dressed in a light-colored dress.

"Two more cocktails, please, just like the last order. By the way, isn't it about time they arrive, young master?"

"Yes. And look, there they come."

Jin pointed to the sky. Seagulls hastily took flight.

A dragon was descending rapidly towards them. It was Murakan. Jin's companions in Tikan were also on his back.

"Oh, my lord! You have no idea how much I've missed you. Yes, sir! Jet definitely did it!"

"Uwoo! Lord Jin!"

Jetu and Enya were the first to run to him.

They were delighted, like puppies reuniting with their lost master.

"Hello, Jet and Enya. How have you been?"

"Oh, I've been well, my lord. My life is always filled with happiness, thanks to you. Oh, you've had so many troubles for so long. We heard your life has been tumultuous since you returned to the Garden of Swords."

"Oh, wait. I guess we should address him as 'Sir' now and not 'Lord,' right? Nevertheless, you look as handsome as ever! Why don't we start with you giving me an autograph? Make sure to write 'Twelfth Flagbearer of Runcandel' there too. Right here, on my back."

Enya thumped her chest like an excited primate to show her joy, as she always did.

"Wow, indeed. Enya. You must be thrilled to get an autograph, right? Yes, I'm sure you are. Good to see you, Jin."

"How have you been, Quikantel-nim?"

"I've been well. Apart from Enya, Euria, and Pinte whining about missing you every day, of course."

Quikantel no longer asked Enya to maintain her Olta contractor class.

"Sir Jin. You've always been a very mature person, but now, you truly feel like an adult."

"Alisa, please, call me as always. The same goes for you, Enya."

"Should I then?"

Alisa gave Jin a slight hug after a handshake.

"This reminds me of the first day I met you, Lord Jin."

Kashimir followed her and met Jin.

"Mr. Kashmir."

"My daughter, whom you saved, is doing very well. She's nine years old now."

"Time really flies. She was only five when we first met."

It had been four years since Jin had started building relationships with the people of Tikan.

They felt more like family than Jin's siblings, and Tikan felt more like home than the Garden of Swords.

"Euria and Latrie couldn't join us. The confectionery is too busy. And Beris has been helping out too. Kuzan and Yulian are still busy with the mission you assigned them, Lord Jin."

It was quite surprising to hear that Beris was working in the confectionery, especially with her personality.

Kashimir handed him a basket. It was filled with cookies. The tastiest and crunchiest Rietla cookies, the signature of the Rietla confectionery.

However, the cookies weren't for Jin. Jin only opened the basket to look at the cookies and then closed the lid again.

"I hope he likes them."

"I'm sure he will. According to the agents' findings, Olmango's contractor is dying to eat them."

Jin and Kashimir burst into laughter.

The Seven-Colored Peacock had pinpointed Olmango's contractor's exact location centuries ago. They had confirmed it even before Jin gave the order.

As a result, they learned that Olmango's contractor had a kind of obsession with Rietla cookies.

The cookies began to gain worldwide fame for their delicate taste and fragrance sometime last year. They became so popular that even renowned figures from all over the world had to queue up to order these cookies.

Articles and reviews about them appeared in all sorts of magazines and newsletters. For anyone with knowledge of pastries, Rietla cookies were a dream.

The anticipation was such that there were even troubadours singing songs about the need to visit the Tikan Free City at least once in a lifetime to taste Rietla cookies.

However, only nobles and the wealthy, who had both the money and time for such things, could visit the Tikan Free City to sample the cookies.

Unfortunately, Olmango's contractor belonged to neither category.

"Anyway, to begin with," Jin looked at his companions and continued, "Let's enjoy a few days of rest. We won't have many opportunities to be together like this."

From that moment on, they left all work and worries behind and enjoyed themselves on the beach.

They shared stories, invited city musicians to enjoy their songs, cooked for them, swam in the sea, and fished in the ocean.

The four days of relaxation passed in the blink of an eye, as fast as a crab hiding its eyes. Jin and his companions had forgotten how enjoyable it was to simply relax and have fun for a long time.

"It looks like you're all very close, sir. Thanks to your party, I think the tavern will set a new record for sales, sir." A tavern waiter addressed Jin. He had the youthful face of a man who had just turned twenty, with a face and skin that seemed unusually moist for some reason.

He didn't know who Jin and his companions were. If he had known, he wouldn't have been so eager to strike up a conversation.


The waiter was surprised at the abrupt mention of his name, especially since he hadn't mentioned his name to Jin or any of his companions.

"Yes? How can I assist you, sir?"

Jin placed the basket of Rietla cookies on the table.

"I'm Jin Runcandel, the twelfth flagbearer of the Runcandel clan and the contractor of Solderet. This is a gift for you."

There was a reason why Jin and his companions spent their few days off in this particular beachside tavern. It was because Clamwell, Olmango's contractor, worked here.

Clamwell stood still. He tried to speak, but no sound came from his mouth.

He opened the box with trembling hands, releasing a fragrant and delicious cookie aroma into the air.

"I've come because there's something I'm looking for from your god. If it's not too much trouble, could you call Olmango for me?"

Clamwell looked very surprised.

It wasn't due to Jin's identity either. It was the basket full of cookies that was boggling his mind.

"Are these... really all for me?"

"Of course."

"Do you think I could have some while we talk about this?"

Jin nodded. Clamwell lifted a cookie with trembling hands. He took a bite. His face immediately turned red, and then he rolled his eyes.

The cookie had a quite shocking taste too, but it was actually due to the manifestation of his god. It was quite similar to how Picon had manifested in Fin Blanche.

"This is amazing! Yes, indeed. I'm fed up with seafood!"


"Wait a little, Solderet's Contractor. Let me finish this first before I grant you what you seek."

Olmango stuck his head into the basket and started devouring the cookies. Class and dignity as a God were clearly something he did not possess.

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