IWDFLSB (Novel) Chapter 2



When I first realized that I had transmigrated into a novel character, I thought I was lucky.

When I thought I would die in a car accident, I was given another chance.

Furthermore, the work I possessed was the novel "Return and Walk Only on a Path of Flowers," which I enjoyed reading.

The story of Liena, an orphan who died after a miserable life, goes back in time and is adopted by a duke.

After that, Liena grew up with a lot of love from the members of the Duchy: her father and her two older brothers.

A terrifying father who only cares about his daughter, as well as two older brothers who become friendly whenever they see their younger sister.

The three men in the duke's family who once shook the world only raised their hands in front of the little rabbit.

Their scene of causing a commotion, teasing, and consoling Liena is one of the greatest pleasures of the novel.

I also really like the childhood plot.

"Just by reading the book..."

So here's the problem!

What is my role in this world?

A villain destined for destruction? A secondary character destined to die?

Both assumptions are wrong.

I was Ethel Wallace, Liena's sister-in-law and the wife of her first brother, Leandro.

In fact, it was only after transmigrating that I knew the owner of the body was Ethel. In addition to the fact that she has light pink hair and jade-colored eyes.

Leandro's wife was a minor role mentioned only occasionally in the novel.

Leandro decided to marry her solely for the benefit of his family. Like most nobles, it was an arranged and loveless marriage.

That's why Ethel doesn't appear much in the scene where the Cassius family gathers, and although she appears like a bean in a drought, she doesn't attract any attention at all. Unlike Leandro, who often seems to meet his younger sister even after marriage.

However, I was quite satisfied with this obscure character.

"Because I am the wife of my favorite character!"

The young duke, Leandro Cassius, with hair brighter than the sun and eyes bluer than a deep lake.

A perfect man who resembles his father, the duke, from his skills to his appearance.

His charm is that he is diligent, serious, and cold in every way, but he only melts in front of Liena.

Although that doesn't mean I love him...

Why? Because I don't have deep feelings for a novel character.

My long-standing theory is that a married couple can work well as long as there is trust and respect.

Furthermore, Ethel is less likely to get involved in troublesome affairs due to her small number of appearances, although she is also a member of the Cassius family, which will surely thrive from generation to generation.

Is there a better seat in the audience to witness the development of the novel?

It's a decent life considering that I have fallen into an unknown world.

Let's take a look at the path of flowers that the female protagonist will walk!

... Looking back, at that time, I was too optimistic.

It didn't take long for my hopes and expectations for my second life to begin to weaken.


"What did you just say?"

In response to Leandro's question, my awareness returned to the present.

Oh no. I got carried away for a moment.

In the moment I said I would end this relationship, I only looked to the past.

"Wife, answer me."

I faced the man who asked me with a restrained voice.

He seemed angry and surprised.

Except for matters related to his younger sister, Leandro never expresses his emotions above a certain level.

A man like that looks at me and shows an attitude as if he can't control his emotions.

A man who strangely avoided me after marriage and never had any rational contact with me.

I deliberately uttered the following words again and again.

"I said we have to divorce."

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