IWDFLSB (Novel) Chapter 12



I suppressed the relieved sigh that rose in my throat and maintained a relaxed attitude.

"Go to Liena and report what I say."

After hearing my further instructions, Tara frowned.

"Is it really okay?"

"Yes, it won't really harm Liena, so it's not an unreasonable request, is it?"

She nodded hesitantly.

"I'll know if you did what I said or not by observing your mistress's future actions, so it's better not to deceive me."

"I'll keep that in mind. But when will I get the information?"

"Two months from now. Exactly two months from now, you can see Chiléan again."

It was a very sweet condition for Tara, who had been waiting for years for Liena to fulfill her promise without a specific date.

She seemed dissatisfied, but she finally convinced herself and disappeared from the Wandering Forest.


I consoled my heart belatedly.

Why is she so terrifying? She could kill someone with just her eyes.

And my conscience is slightly bitter because I'm trying to create a rift between Liena and Tara.

In fact, Liena didn't intentionally hide information about Chiléan from Tara. It's really impossible at this point.

Why? Because that wasn't even mentioned in the newspaper she read before returning.

Chiléan periodically changed his name and residence to avoid creditors and authorities.

Would the newspaper have covered all those false identities when it wasn't actually important information?

The information Liena knows about Chiléan is his last disguised identity. In other words, it was the name and residence he used when he was killed by Tara.

I know the disguised identity Chiléan has been using during this time.

Here's a fairly complicated story, and in Liena's second life, Tara accidentally encounters her enemy.

A chain reaction of butterfly effects occurred when Liena changed her fate.

Something happened that had never happened before her regression.

Tara, who lost her mind, followed Chiléan and tried to kill him, but failed, and the story that unfolded was a touching episode in its own way.

"In this sense, transmigration is better than regression."

Liena, a regressee, only knows her first life, but I can read the second diligently.

Let's see, the episode in question came right after the Emperor's Birthday episode...

There are about three months and fifteen days left from now.

"A month's notice should be enough."

By then, Terence will have already entered the imperial palace, so there's no need to silence Tara.

"Sorry, but until I get divorced, feel free to doubt your master, Tara."

If their relationship is as strong as in the novel, my divorce will be difficult.

Liena won't let me divorce even for the sake of the mine.

"Did you finish the conversation?"

Suddenly a voice dropped from above my head.

"I was surprised!"

Terence had a mischievous smile on his face.

"I thought you had forgotten I existed. I was bored earlier, so I was collecting acorns."

Then he put two acorns in my hand.

"Acorns?" I stored the acorns in my pocket and smiled.

"Did you hear what we were talking about?"

"Despite this, I respect my employer's privacy. Don't worry, I was paying attention the whole time."

Lie. I saw Tara raise her dagger when she threatened me loudly.

This means that although he couldn't hear the exact content of the conversation, he was attentive to our mood the whole time.

I unexpectedly grabbed the sleeve of a surprisingly honest bodyguard and guided him.

"Let's go back quickly and have a late lunch together."

After that, I planned to give him a taste of the special medicinal tea I had prepared.

**Mansion of Cassius.**

"Miss, I'm back."

When Tara entered the luxurious living room, Liena, who was changing her clothes, greeted her cheerfully.

"Welcome back, Tara! Did you do your errand well?"


"Then, girls, go."

Regret spread among the maids who helped her get dressed.

"Miss, can you change your clothes again?"

"Yes! This light green cape dress is prettier than the one she's wearing now."

"Hey, what are you talking about? My lady says she likes pink better."

"No, no. Blue is the best!"

"Is that so? I'll wear everything later."

Liena felt embarrassed watching the maids argue, but as if she had made a decision, she clasped her hands and placed them under her chin.

"Please. Because there's something I want to talk to Tara about."

And she winked.

"Please, leave for a moment."

She said in a reassuring voice.

There were many groans here and there.

"It's very cute!"

"I feel like my heart will stop!"

"She's so cute, my lady!"


Normally, Tara would have climbed into the carriage and said something, but today she was so confused that she kept her mouth shut.

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