IWDFLSB (Novel) Chapter 33



A quiet morning with the soft sunlight gently shining on everything.

"How about this?" I asked the person sitting across from me as I sat at the table on the terrace.

"That's how it should taste," Terence, who had his eyes closed, savoring the tea like a statue, nodded.

"My mind and body feel relaxed. I don't know why the tea I make doesn't taste like this."

"If you keep challenging yourself, you'll succeed."

"Well, I guess I don't have the talent for making tea."

I had some suspicion.

"He doesn't drink tea because he doesn't have talent?"

All you have to do is add the specified ingredients and cook them in the right order. However, Terence, who received the recipe from me, failed to make the proper medicinal tea several times. He says that even when he drinks the medicinal tea he prepares, his headaches don't go away.

Once, I sat beside him and observed and meddled in the process, but when I tasted the finished tea, he always shook his head.

"It felt the same to me, but I guess it's because it doesn't affect me."

Anyway, because of that, I ended up preparing the medicinal tea for him every morning and evening.

Then, as a natural progression, we ended up drinking tea together each time.

It might be a bother, but it was a pleasure for me.

It was because I felt like I had something to do after receiving such good treatment at his villa.

They could treat me like a temporary guest, but the people working at Terence's secret villa were very kind. To the point that it felt a bit heavy.

"You chose your staff quite well."

Except for the person named Jack, they all seemed to have no idea of the mansion owner's identity, but they weren't curious and quietly did their work even when a guest suddenly appeared.

Thanks to this, not even Cassius found out that I was staying here. Terence told me that the people from the duchy were looking for where I was staying in the capital.

"Are you very anxious? Keep searching for the contents of your heart."

Due to Cassius's unusual movements, many people seemed convinced that we were the noble couple rumored to be in danger of divorce.

Less than a week remains until the trial begins. Laura quickly adapted to the new environment and confirmed that the head maid's words were well recorded on the recorder brought from the Cassius mansion.

Everything is going smoothly.

There was no news about the butler, but since it was a matter I couldn't do anything about, I remained calm.

Terence asked, "Are you going out soon?"

These days, I went to Sharon's office every day to prepare for the trial.

"Unfortunately, I have work to do today, so I won't be able to accompany you."

"Oh, that's fine."

Terence was also busy. He was someone who would officially become the prince of this country at any moment.

A lot of preparation was needed to counter the forces of the empress who would oppose Terence's enlistment.

"I'm more than grateful for your cooperation so far."

"It was nothing. I did it because I wanted to."

Terence's tone changed slightly.

"Now that things have come to this point, I have someone to introduce to you today."

Who does he want to introduce me to?




"Oh, is this your new escort?" Attorney Sharon asked when she saw the new face next to me.

"My name is Vinetta, and I'm temporarily serving as Lady Ethel's escort."

A woman with short gray hair introduced herself straightforwardly. A sword at her waist indicated that she was a knight.

I had just arrived at Sharon's office with my new companion, whom Terence had introduced to me.


The servant who handled various tasks served snacks in a familiar manner.

In the meantime, I thought as I looked at the clean, spacious, and well-lit interior, "The money spent was worth it. Although it's not my money."

Sharon moved her office using the blank check given to her by Terence.

"Honestly, it looks like it's going to collapse at any moment."

Terence convinced Sharon, who had been insisting that she couldn't spend that much money, with a single sentence.

Thanks to this, Sharon and the defense team she gathered were able to prepare for the trial in a comfortable environment without worrying about costs.

Sharon, who was sitting in front of us to take a break from her work, showed curiosity towards Vinetta.

"Are you from the Academy?"

"Yes, but how did you know?"

"I also went to the academy. I felt like I had seen you before."

"Is that so? I'm sorry, I don't remember well..."

"It's okay. The law faculty and the fencing department have completely different study buildings. My memory is quite good."

I also joined the conversation.

"Well, Sharon had so much talent that she was selected as a scholarship student at the academy."

During that time, I got to know Sharon quite well as I came and went from the office.

"Oh, that's not a big deal. Among my juniors, there was an uncommon genius who specialized in law, economics, mathematics, and military sciences all at once."

"Ah, Elliot Rude?"

"Ethel knows him too. Now that I think about it, Elliot Rude said he receives support from the Cassius family."

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