IWDFLSB (Novel) Chapter 21



Terence is extremely alert and cautious. A life full of assassination threats made him that way.

Also, being close to me as Tay and being close to Terence Friheiden are completely different cases.

Unlike what happened when he overthrew the City Hall through the emperor, he now must actively cooperate with me.

"Yes, find out everything you want about me and then judge."

I will show him how seriously I take the divorce and how petty I am with no other goal than the divorce!

Terence probably distrusts if I have any other political purpose for now, but he will soon realize my true nature.

"Please respond slowly and carefully."

I turned in the opposite direction from where he was going.

"From now on, I plan to stay at a hotel called Crystal Branch, which is a bit far from here. Feel free to contact the hotel's reception anytime..."

"I really don't know what you mean."

"Yes? But you have to give me an answer, whether positive or negative..."

"No, that's not what I meant."

Terence approached.

"Where are you going alone, leaving your escort here?"


Is he going to continue acting as an escort even though his identity has been revealed...?

"How dare I have the Marquess as an escort?"

The man's eyebrows raised when I asked a reasonable question.

"It's sad. Was our relationship really just this?"

Am I wrong?

"But doesn't the Marquess need time to think alone...?"

"I can think whatever I want while protecting you."


"An offer is an offer, an escort is an escort. They are two separate things."

"...Is that so?"



Terence, this guy. He's much more difficult to understand than I expected.

"I don't know what you're thinking."

As much as he was pursued for being an illegitimate child, would he want to continue having me as his employer when he had lived his whole life being attended to by others?

If it had been another man, I would have doubted that he had any rational interest in me. However, the opponent was Terence Friheiden.

In the novel, it was a dark secret that didn't fall into Liena's hands until the end, who made prisoners of almost everyone, regardless of age or gender.

The book clearly states that Terence's purpose in approaching Liena was for a headache.

The blessing of the goddess, which attracts the affection of others, didn't work for him at all. Consistently before and after the "darkening."

He was described as someone who felt no affection for others.

"Mmm. Just thinking about this..."

There is no way a man like him would be attracted to a married woman whose appearance is dull except for the color of her hair.

So there is only one answer left. The intention is to find out what kind of person I am.

To be honest, I thought that he would first order an intelligence guild or something to investigate my background. In the novel, he used to thoroughly discover other people's personal information through a secret information guild and then devise cunning plans.

Since the novel mainly focuses on Terence after his "darkening," there will be a significant difference with him now.

"Well, it's a good thing for me."

It may be different from what I know, but it would be easier to deal with a person of common sense rather than a dark villain.

"What will be our next destination?"

He asked, looking to see if any carriages were passing by.

"Calle Williams, Marquess. I'm thinking of going to see a lawyer. Fortunately, there is some time left before the business hours end."

But he shook his head.

What? Can't I see a lawyer?



"You should call me Tay."

It seemed like the Marquess enjoyed his role more than I expected.


Back alley of Calle Williams. On the 3rd floor of a rundown building.

"Here, you can help yourself."

"Oh, thank you."

Without hesitation, I tried the snacks personally served by the lawyer Sharon.

The taste of the tea made from inexpensive black tea leaves was mediocre, but the cheese bun that accompanied it was very tasty.

"This bun is delicious."

"It was brought as a gift by a client I represented before. It looks rough, but it's quite edible."

Her face reflected both relief and pride in the fact that I, a noble, had praised the snacks she provided.

"What about your escort?"

"Yes, thank you."

Terence, sitting next to me, also took the bun at Sharon's insistence.

"Eats much better than I expected."

I heard that you also have experience sleeping outdoors, so I guess this is easy.

Indeed, Terence frowned when he saw the exterior of the building before entering the room.

Are you really willing to entrust your defense to a place like this?

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